5 Top-Listed Expense Tracking Apps for Your Business

Did you guys noticed! What is the reason behind of shutting down business at the initial level? The most common reason that comes to know is more expenses than earning. This is such an alarming condition for any startup. Who wants this sort of epic fails at the initial level! Obvious no one. Sitting on luxury chairs is definitely not the key to success. You have to wander on the streets if your goal is to lead a successful business. Millions of businessman hit the road on the daily basis, for the sake of promotion, awareness or advertising the product. Dealing with customers or salespeople and offering them coffee or lunch, these sort of traveling or entertainment expenses are very hard to track. To overcome these business problems many apps are developed nowadays to keep track of these business activities. This concept is taken from parental control apps that are designed to track naughty brats e.g. mspy reviews. So let’s have a look at the expense tracking apps, how they can help us to track the financial activities.

expense tracking


This pragmatic app helps you to capture and review expenses rapidly, incurred during business operations. Business receipts can be reviewed and can be approved or disapproved.


The unique feature of this expense tracking app is to capture business cards and then transforming into accessible digital records. Moreover, you can categorize business expenses and can analyze the activities that become the cause of loss. This app is perfect for the sales reps for keeping records.


Here is a good news for peeps who just hate making graphs and charts. This app does not support any dashboard and facilitates you to view financial data through chat. There is no need to create spreadsheets, graphs or charts even no formalities of logging in. This is a friendly platform allows you to trace expenses that are linked to the accounts automatically.

Personal capital

If you are looking for an app that helps you as an investor then it’s perfect. It is very tough to look each and every transaction keenly periodically or sometimes it becomes the headache for financial managers. It works like an investor manager but seriously free of cost. It automatically generates a chart of your transaction that are linked with plastic money (credit or debit card). After a specific period, most probably a month, you can review the cash flow. Unlike Penny, it does support dashboard with a lot of features.


All the above mentioned apps has their own worth but cannot beat the features of mint. It is highly recommended because it supports many bankers and borrowers and lenders. This app comes from well-known and credible financial software i.e. intuit. As this app was launched in 2009, but with the passage of time working on its maintenance was very slow and create a mess while managing the expenses.

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