Droid4X – The Most Robost Android Gaming Emulator for Windows PC

Droid4X is a key player in the market of Android emulators. This is probably the best Android emulator available on the internet and holds much importance. It’s best not because it is free, but because it offers much more than just being free. Android emulators have made it practically possible to run and use Android applications on cross platforms. One such emulator is Droid4X which is a great choice and offers a robust atmosphere for Android games and apps on Windows 10. You can use apps like Kitchen Stories, Tubemate, Subway Surfers, or Clash of Clans without any app crash or nagging with this full-featured Android emulator.

Droid4X provides Android 4.2.2 and lets you access almost all applications from the Android Play Store. This version of Android is familiar to everyone and is used by Droid4X to make it convenient to perform actions within the app. You can install and setup this Android emulator following simple steps after which you will be able to download your favorite Android apps and games on your PC. Droid4X is officially available for free of cost. You can download unlimited Android apps directly to the Droid4X, record screen while playing games, do GPS simulation, and configure different gamepads according to your preferences. Available customizations provide comfort to use the Android emulator any way user want to use it.

Features of DroidX Android Gaming Emulator for Windows PC

Droid4X is a powerful and straightforward Android emulator which works smoothly compared to other Android emulators available on the web. Compatible with Windows desktop PCs and laptops, Droid4X provides a seamless environment to do all your Android stuff. There are many amazing features of Droid4X which you would want to know about what makes it one of the robust Android emulators. Read below about the features of Droid4X:

  • Droid4X offers a simple to use interface which is good for everyone. Users can simply enjoy seamless Android experience on their Windows PC with Droid4X.
  • You get to use true Android atmosphere on your PC which is itself a great feature as it has nothing to do with slow booting of the app, or any app crashes.
  • You can also switch in between Android and Windows OS simultaneously as and whenever needed.
  • The Droid4X is adaptable to the touchscreen of a laptop. If you have a laptop with a touchscreen, you can control operations in Droid4X with a touchscreen as well as it is done with a smartphone.
  • Gamepad configuration is another amazing feature of this Android emulator app. You can customize controls in your Gamepads, keyboard, and mouse. It is possible to set this up within a minute and it starts working with any game you chose to play. This makes it convenient to play Android games on a bigger screen.
  • Do unlimited downloads from the Android Play Store. No restrictions. Also, direct downloads to Droid4X library saves time.
  • You can also make videos of Droid4X screen anytime it is a moment to document. The third-party tool may lag or cause issues, so you get an in-app tool to record the screen while playing a game or using an app.

Its features establish itself as one of the powerful and suitable Android emulators for games. You can do as you want while playing your favorite games. You can choose to play with your mouse or can choose to map any part of your Droid4X screen with virtual controls on the keyboard. The functionality and aesthetics prove this Android emulator a great choice for people into gaming.


Steps to download and install Droid4X on your computer?

It is not a hectic process to download and install Droid4X on your Windows PC. This Android emulator works with the newest releases of Windows and will continue to as it specially made for Windows users. Just follow this simple step-guide to setup Droid4X on your Windows PC or laptop. Here you go:

  • Go to the official website of Droid4X or search for Droid4x.cc in Google.
  • You will then be prompted with search results. Select the result with a relevant query. It will take you to the homepage of Droid4X official website.
  • Now, you must locate the download button. It will be seen if you scroll downwards. Click on ‘Download Droid4X’.
  • You must save this file on a local file location on your PC. After the file is downloaded, you much begin the installation process.
  • Droid4X will be installed online once you double click the downloaded file. After successful installation, you can launch Droid4X from where it has been installed in.
  • You will be taken through an app-tour with a quick user guide. This information will help in the setup control settings as required.
  • The default setup of Droid4X screen is a 1280×720 resolution. You can always change it to preferred style among the available options.
  • Log in with your Google account username and password. This step will grant you access to the Play Store within Droid4X. Once you’re logged in, you are all set to start downloading your favorite games and apps to the Droid4X.

We hope you like this information about Droid4X. This step-guide is curated to help users in setting up Droid4X rightly on their Windows PC. You can start downloading and enjoying your favorite Android games and socializing applications on your PCs big screen once Droid4X is successfully installed.

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