15+ Free IPA Store Sites to Download IPA Files for iPhone & iPad

IPA stores have always been extremely popular among iPhone and iPad users. For years, they helped Apple iOS device users to download several premium iOS apps for free, old versions of an app and any iPhone/iPad app that has been discontinued or banned from the Apple app store. They are essential services that many Apple users use on a regular basis. However recently, Apple has taken a much stricter attitude towards these websites so, most of the mainstream IPA stores are either deleted or blocked.

But that doesn’t mean that we will start paying expensive subscription fees or prices for premium iOS apps, right? That’s why I have carefully created this huge list of 15 most popular, comprehensive and safe IPA store websites that you can browse to download any iPhone/iPad app for free in .IPA file extension.

Before we start, I just find out that with iOSVizor.com, iPhone enthusiasts like you are getting the paid app of their choice for free and those who aren’t they are finding tons of cool alternatives. So, don’t forget to take a look to this IPA apps library.

1. IPA Library

IPA Library is very simple to access & use third-party app store for iPhone/iPad that will provide you .IPA files of your favorite iOS apps. You can download premium app store apps for free from here. Whether you are looking for Cydia tweaked apps, hacked games, jailbreaking tools, emulators, or cool tweaks & customization for your iOS device that none of your friends have. Browse IPA library, it has something for everyone.

This IPA store has hundreds of popular paid iOS apps, it doesn’t only keep adding more and more apps to its library but also keeps updating the currently available apps to the latest version so that you will always stay up to date with the latest features of your favorite apps.

Visit IPA Library Website

IPA Library

2. Panda Helper

Panda Helper takes pride in being the safest and coolest 3rd-party app store for iOS devices. This IPA store provides tweak apps, game hacks, premium iOS apps for free, and much more that you’ll be able to enjoy without jailbreaking your iPhone or entering your Apple ID. Normal iPhone/iPad users who are looking to free download paid iOS apps can of course browse this IPA store to download the latest version of their apps but if you’re a power user, you’ll have a lot more to explore.

Panda Helper provides Game Speed tweaks, resigning app facility, auto-clicker, auto touch, game cheats, app cloner, save & load features, and much more that is going to be extremely useful for social media & dating apps, gaming, etc. Panda Helper is available both for iOS & Android devices offering tweaked apps, hacked games, and premium apps for free to the whole mobile community.

Visit Panda Helper Website

Panda Helper IPA Store

3. IPA App Store

IPAapp.store website looks very simple but don’t let its simple interface fool you because this website has the most comprehensive library out of all IPA stores. So, whether you are looking for paid iOS apps, IPA signers, iPhone/iPad VPN apps, tweaked apps, hacked games, iOS streaming apps, iPhone recording apps, emulators, jailbreaking apps, entertainment or utility apps, you’ll find the app you’re looking for here and, for free.

This IPA store has kept everything pretty organized. So, you can either jump to your favorite category by clicking big purple buttons at the top of the homepage or scroll down to find the top apps in each category. This site is used by millions of Apple devices users from all over the world and you’ll be surprised to find even those premium iOS apps free to download that you never thought you’d find.

Visit IPA App Store Website

IPA App Store

4. IPABox

IPABox is another great 3rd party iOS app store which you can of course browse either from your desktop or iPhone/iPad but it also provides IPABox app that you can install on your iOS device using which you can explore this IPA store and find your desired app in a faster & smoother way. This IPA store app has a very clean and simple interface. Just like any other good IPA store, IPABox offers hundreds of tweaked apps, hacked games, emulators, cydia apps, jailbreaking tools, modded applications, and much more but it offers everything in a very easy-to-navigate style.

After installing, open the IPABox app and go to categories, you will find the main categories – Tweaked Apps, Jailbreak, Cydia Apps, Emulators, Screen Recorders, Paid Apps, etc. These main categories will give you the best clue about which one to explore to find a specific app or group of apps that you are looking for. Moreover, all the apps available in IPABox keep updating to their latest versions when they are made available. You will find app suggestions of featured apps, related apps and you’ll also be able to directly search any app name through a search button provided at the bottom of the IPABox app.

Visit IPABox Website


5. IPASpot

IPASpot is basically a web version of the IPABox IPA store. If you prefer browsing the IPA store through a web browser of your computer or smartphone, you can use this website to explore all the apps of IPABox in a different interface, navigation & representation style that you might be more comfortable with.

IPASpot has six main categories – Tweaked Apps, Cydia Apps, Jailbreak Utilities, Paid iOS Apps, Paid iPhone/iPad games, Hacked Games. Everything is available to download for free. Browse any category, go to your app, and click download, the IPA file of your favorite app will get downloaded to your device. Install and enjoy it and when you need its update, just browse the same app page and you will find its new/updated version with version details & description.

If you can’t find your favorite app on this IPA store, the website allows you to request a specific app by sending an email to the team, and by records, 93% of the requests got approved. So, all your expectations from a 3rd party iOS app store are being taken care of.

Visit IPASpot Website


6. IPA Mob

MOB.ORG has been a big name in providing free iPhone & Android games for years. The website is especially popular among iPhone/iPad users due to the size of its library of not only big iPhone games but also the number of iOS apps available in all important categories such as productivity, photography, photo editing, video editing, antivirus, VPN, education, screen recording, password management and much more.

On the MOB IPA Library, you can browse games by categories such as Racing, RPG, Arcade, Action, Adventure, etc., or their features list of top games, most popular games, newly added, etc. In the similar fashion, you can browse other apps. Each app has a dedicated app page with its description, screenshots, video, and reviews as well as similar app suggestions to help you decide better. On this IPA Store, you’ll be able to directly download IPA files of all paid iOS apps and games including their additional data, updates, and latest features. Apart from iOS Games and Apps, you can also explore thousands of the latest ringtones & wallpapers on MOB.ORG and download your favorite ones without any limits.

Visit IPA Mob Website

Mob IPA Store

7. AppPure IPA Store

AppPure is a very simple and fast IPA store that you can of course browse from the desktop but you’ll like it easier to navigate when you browse it from your iPhone or iPad. AppPure works as a good alternative to your App Store and in some ways, it’s even better. AppPure provides premium iPhone apps, premium iOS games, and other tools for free and on this IPA store, you’ll find lots of cool iOS apps that are not even available on your official Apple app store. Why? Some developers prefer either launching their app exclusively on AppPure or at least putting it there as a pre-release until their app gets approved for the app store.

AppPure makes it very easy and straightforward to explore the apps by categorizing them in Editor’s Choice, Hot Apps Alternatives, Top Free iOS Games, Top Free iOS Apps, Top Paid iOS Games, Top Paid iOS Apps, etc. For any paid iOS app, you’ll find a good free alternative on this IPA store and as I mentioned already, you might find some cool little gems that aren’t even available on the Apple App Store yet.

Visit AppPure IPA Store Website

AppPure IPA Store

8. vShare IPA Store

If you’ve been aware of 3rd party app stores or IPA stores then you might know vShare app. vShare is a cool app store that you can install on your iPhone/iPad and it gives you access to thousands of unique games, apps, and tools to enjoy on your iPhone. You’ll find paid iOS apps & games for free but you’ll also find streaming apps, VPNs, and free alternatives to many paid apps that are available on the app store.

The vShare desktop version works as your phone manager and it facilitates backup & restore of photos, videos, contacts, SMS, documents and if you choose to download the VIP version, it will even let you jailbreak and un-jailbreak your device.

Visit vShare IPA Store Website

vShare for iOS

9. App DB iOS Store

App DB is one of the oldest unofficial Apple app stores that has been online since 2012. The website is a huge repository of original iOS apps, tweaked iOS apps and games, game cheat engines, emulators, jailbreaking apps, books, and much more.

App DB offers free iOS as well as MacOS apps, old versions of new iPhone apps, unique apps & games that you can nowhere find on your official app store, and all of it is managed by an extremely professional and dedicated group of developers who keep maintaining the apps so that you’ll always have access to the latest updates. If you already know what you want, you can search app name on the search box but if you don’t then you can browse the App DB list of new iOS apps and Top24, new iPhone games and Top 24, etc. to quickly see what’s trending in the category of your interest.

Visit App DB iOS Store Website

AppDB IPA Store

10. 51iPA Store

5iiPA is a Chinese 3rd party app store for iOS devices but being Chinese doesn’t put any hurdle in accessibility. If you see this IPA store’s webpage in Chinese language, you can convert it automatically to English using your browser’s translator. 5iiPA app store contains the latest and coolest iOS apps in the categories of Education, Entertainment, Games, Office, and System Apps. Each of these categories has many free apps as well as free alternatives to premium iOS apps. You will also find many premium iOS apps and games available here for free.

This IPA app store is made in a gaming blog format which has details of any newly added app or its latest update in a very interactive format. On the app description page, you can find app details, screenshots, added date, reviews, ratings as well as other related apps that you might find useful.

Visit 51iPA Store Website

51 IPA Store

11. iOS Ninja IPA Library

iOS Ninja is the most trending IPA library among iPhone/iPad users looking for 3rd party app store. iOS Ninja is very active in terms of adding new iOS apps, updating the current ones as well as following the requests of its users. You will find this IPA store extremely easy to browse, the app categories of Emulators, Games, Screen Recorders, Social Network, Tweaks, and Jailbreak will let you jump to the app that you like. iOS Ninja provides very unique version to social networks, messaging apps, and much more that you can’t find anywhere else, and of course, you can download premium iOS apps for free from here.

Moreover, iOS Ninja also provides firmware software for iPhone & iPad from iOS 6 to iOS 15 and newer versions are being made available as they are launched. Not only that, you can download firmware for Apple TV, download corrupted/missing DLL files, and jailbreaking tools to fix your app or device.

Visit iOS Ninja IPA Library Website

iOS Ninja IPA Store

12. Decrypt IPA Store

Decrypt is a new IPA store in which, you can paste app store link of any of your favorite app stores that you want to be made available for free. The website already has lots of apps available in its library but it’s better for when you can’t find your paid iOS app free to download anywhere.

Decrept IPA store lets you use Library connect with PlayCover so that you can directly download the application to your iPhone/iPad device. You can also create your own library to share with friends and family.

Visit Decrypt IPA Store Website

Decrypt IPA Store

13. App Addict IPA Store

App Addict is very similar in appearance to App DB. Most of their apps are also similar. So, I’ll recommend using this website only when App DB is not accessible to you. The website also provides paid apps for free for both iOS and MacOS and so, for all your Apple Devices – iPhone, iPad, and Macbooks, you will be able to download lots of cool apps & ebooks for free which will otherwise take all your pocket money if you go to official app store to buy them.

You have a feature to link your Apple device to the App Addict IPA store. When you do that, you can directly download & install this IPA Library’s app to your iPhone/iPad or Mac Devices.

Visit App Addict IPA Store Website

App Addict IPA Store

14. iEmulators IPA Library

If you’re a fan of Nintendo, Gameboy, PS, Xbox, Sega & DOS games and want them to run on your iPhone/iPad then iEmulator is the best device to find the emulator of any gaming platform to run their games on your iOS device. iEmulators is an IPA store that specializes in providing and maintaining emulator apps so if you can’t find your emulator in any other 3rd party app store, I am totally sure that you’ll find them on this iEmulators IPA Library.

Moreover, the website also has some cool iPhone screen recorders and multi-platform emulators that you’re gonna like.

Visit iEmulators IPA Library Website


15. IPA AppCake

AppCake is per IPA store for those looking for cracked iOS apps. This website provides direct download of premium/paid iOS apps for free. It also provides paid Mac, Apple TV, and Android apps for free. Moreover, most of the apps don’t require jailbreaking. So, you literally need to do nothing else than browse the app on the AppCake IPA store, download its IPA file, install it on your device and you’re good to go.

AppCake has its own iOS app which you can install on your device to save yourself from the hassle of manually visiting the website. On this app, you can browse cool, paid iOS games & apps via different categories and you’ll be surprised to find how many apps are totally unique & exclusive that you’ve never seen on the official app store.

Visit IPA AppCake Website

iPhone AppCake

16. 3uTools IPA Store

3uTool is an iPhone/iPad manager that you install on your PC to facilitate the backup/restore of your multimedia files, text messages, and important documents. But a lot of the users install this tool to use it as a 3rd party IPA store. 3uTools has thousands of apps that you can download for free which are otherwise available at very expensive prices on App Store. Moreover, you can explore and download the latest ringtones, wallpaper, flash or jailbreak your device and perform an overall makeover of your simple iOS device when you connect it to 3uTools Phone Manager and App Store.

Visit 3uTools IPA Store Website

3uTools IPA Store


These are all the best IPA stores available for your iPhone and iPad. All of them are totally free to browse. They offer paid iOS apps for free as well as provide lots of unique apps that small developers have uploaded exclusively on their platform which are never coming on your app store. A little inconvenience is sometimes obtrusive ads of these platforms but that’s acceptable because due to them, they are able to financially support their IPA store and staff to keep letting us download cool iPhone/iPad apps for free.

Bookmark this article so that you can always come back to it whenever you want to visit an IPA store and do share it with your friends on social media if it helped.

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