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Netflix serves the highest quality videos of latest movies and TV shows. Due to its premium quality, any latest movie or TV show is available to watch within just 24 hours and. Even old movies, TV shows and the oldest ones, regional, documentaries are also available at 720p, 1080p and 4K quality to watch anytime you like. All you need is NetFlix subscription and fast internet and you’ll be able to watch your favorite movie or TV show on Desktop, Smartphone, Kindle Fire TV, and many other devices.

However, not every person has the luxury of fast internet connection every time and not everyone is willing to pay the monthly subscription fee Netflix charge. If you are any of these people and want a way to save Netflix video offline to watch them anytime without fast internet connection or active subscription then FlixGrab is the NetFlix video downloader that you’re looking for.

FixGrab NetFlix Downloader

Developed by FreeGrabApp who have released YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Twitch, Vimeo etc. video downloaders earlier and helped thousands of Internet users to download their favorite videos from these platforms, FlixGrab NetFlix Downloader might be their latest addition to the list but the software is already gaining so much popularity which proves that people always wanted to download NetFlix videos but they never any option available before.

FlixGrab NetFlix Video Downloader is a small software available for Windows operating system which provides NetFlix users the easiest way to download any desired NetFlix video in full HD for free. The software lets you download any or many Netflix videos by following 3 simple steps.

Steps to Download Netflix Videos using FlixGrab

Obviously, to use FlixGrab, you need to download its setup and install in your Windows PC. Now, open the app and it will open the home screen is appearing on the above-provided screenshot. The home screen itself says that you need to follow these 3 steps to download any NetFlix video –

  1. Copy a video link from your browser to the clipboard
  2. Click “Paste”
  3. Click “Download”

And, the task is only just that if you want to go with all the default settings to download any Netflix video but before you can follow these steps, login to your NetFlix account inside FlixGrab app and now you’re good to go.

If you want to change video quality, add subtitles, change audio quality, add multiple downloads, etc. then FlixGrab provides you all necessary settings and tools to customize them. Read below to know all the cool features and tools FlixGrab NetFlix video downloader is providing which gives you more control over downloading NetFlix videos.

Features of FlixGrab NetFlix Video Downloader

FlixGrab NetFlix Video Downloader comes with default settings which are good for most of the users but, I recommend you to personalize the app according to your own comfort to get the best out of the software. View FlixGrab features to know how to make most out of it

Multiple Video Downloads

FlixGrab allows you to download multiple NetFlix videos simultaneously. Copy and Paste as many Netflix video’s URL as you want to download and they will start downloading in one go. However, if you want, you can pause a video download, or change download priority to allow the software to download the Netflix video first which you want to want quickly.

Manage NetFlix Video Quality

For every NetFlix video that you’ve added to FlixGrab, the software allows you to change both its audio and video quality. You can choose whether you want a NetFlix video to download in 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, 4K, 3D, etc. and whether it should have audio quality of 64kbps, 256kbps, Dolby 5.1 Audio or any other quality. Hence, you have total control over any NetFlix video that you are downloading through FlixGrab.

Download with Subtitles

You can also download NetFlix subtitles. The software supports subtitles in all languages available on Netflix. However, for your convenience, FlixGrab lets you choose the default subtitles language through its Settings. Choose the subtitles language here in which you want to download subtitles of any desired Netflix video.

Now, for any Netflix video, you will have the option to choose its Subtitles language. Set any desired subtitle for the Netflix video and it will be downloaded in TTML format which is supported by all media players.

Subtitles Downloaded

Enjoy watching Netflix video more easily through the subtitles.

FlixGrab Tools

At the top-right corner, the “Tools” option that you see very important especially for those who want to bulk-download NetFlix videos. Click on it and it will reveal features like “Save List”, “Load List” which are handy. The Save List option saves URL of all added NetFlix video in FlixGrab and Load List allows you to load multiple NetFlix videos from the URLs you’ve kept on a TXT file, all of them will be processed automatically by the software.

FlixGrab Settings

From “Settings” available in the top-right corner, you can browse the output folder, change download threads to increase or decrease video downloading speed, set default video quality, audio quality, audio language, subtitles language so you don’t need to set them manually for each NetFlix video you add to the software.

FlixGrab provides all necessary features that you need to download any NetFlix video. All the NetFlix videos being downloaded through the software are available in your PC, you can watch them using any popular media player transfer to your smartphone and other devices to watch offline without any internet connection or active NetFlix subscription.

FlixGrab is an essential software to have if you want to enjoy NetFlix videos with full freedom. So, download FlixGrab and start using it to save NetFlix videos offline.

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