Why You Should Prefer Offshore Web Hosting for your Business

Web Hosting companies are available in every country. So, whether you are launching your website on England, America, China or Japan, you will definitely find a national web hosting company and based to your geography, you might be seeing more advertisements (both online and offline) about a particular web hosting company than any other web hosting companies and so you might think that company is better than others.

But this is not always the case. Most of the times, purchasing an offshore web hosting service is far better than local web hosting companies. Offshore web hosting comes with several advantages which can definitely boost your online visibility and business by up to 2000%. In contrast, local web hosting comes with very limited benefits and provide advantages to very rare & specific businesses.

With the help of this article, we are going to discuss all the major benefits that come with Offshore Web Hosting. All of these advantages are coming from personal experience as I have tried both local and offshore web hosting and hence, I’ve practically noticed the changes that I have noted down written below. We will also discuss some issues/problems you might face when you buy offshore web hosting for your website.

So, if you’re searching for a good blog hosting then this article is important because once you’ve purchased a web hosting, it’s difficult to shift to another one. Read this article till the end in order to make a better decision in choosing a suitable web hosting for your business.

Advantages of Offshore Web Hosting

As understood by the term itself, an offshore web hosting is a kind of web hosting where your website, data or application is being hosted far-off from the place of origin. Due to this change of location, websites & online businesses enjoy lots of benefits:

Better Hosting Service

In most of the countries, the local web hosting companies do not provide good quality as far as resource quality, server uptime and support is concerned. Many of them are even reselling local or offshore web hosting by adding their own commission which means, you’ll not only be paying extra for same quality or service but slow support as you’re not in direct contact with the web hosting company.

Better Plans

As offshore web hosting companies are international and they provide their service all around the world, they have more resources, unlike local web hosts who have very limited resources. They are able to provide more bandwidth, more disk space, more RAM, better CPU, uptime and better support. The price of offshore web hosting plans is very reasonable and due to more reach & business expansion, you’ll be able to find coupons, discount offers to buy these plans for even lower prices.

Boost in Search Engine Visibility

It has been observed that the websites that target customers from the country where it is being hosted get significant SEO boost in Google. So, if you want to attract US customers to your website and your website is being hosted on US located servers than you’ll get significant advantages against the website which are being hosted in some other countries. That means higher ranking on Google, more visibility and hence more customers to your website.

More Freedom

Offshore web hosting gives more freedom because they are usually located in such countries where internet laws are less strict. That means if any strong business idea is banned in your country or demands a high tax, more regulations then you can evade local laws and keep your business protected from all these issues by hosting your website on an Offshore web host. For example, in many countries, launching a music streaming, video hosting website requires lots of permissions and the imposed limitations and fine on violations compel these website owners to host their websites through Offshore web hosting.

More Anonymity and Privacy

Offshore web hosting companies value their customers’ privacy too much and they don’t give up their personal details at any cost. Many of these Offshore web hosting companies ignore DMCA requests. So, if your website has chances for DMCA takedowns and you want to prevent it as well as privacy then a safe way is to choose an Offshore web hosting. You can run torrent websites, movie streaming websites, image hosting websites, gambling sites, adult sites, etc. on their server smoothly without caring about being caught or your business being affected by DMCA notices.

More Flexibility

Offshore web hosting companies support more services, unlike your local web host which might be supporting only mainstream hosting services. On Offshore web hosting, you can host data, application, run software, run services like streaming, P2P File Sharing, perform security analysis or hacking by choosing the hosting plan which supports them.

Cons of Offshore Web Hosting

While choosing an Offshore Web Hosting, you need to be a little wiser. Don’t go recklessly and choose any Offshore Web hosting. Research properly, compare plans, check customer reviews and check users view on interested web host in web forums because if you end up in choosing wrong Offshore Web hosting, it will give you more problems than advantages.

Unlike local web hosting, offshore web hosting doesn’t spoon-feed you so, do your own research in learning how to shift web hosting, how to change nameservers, how to add domains, etc. because even if your web hosting plan demands manual attempt, you can make it because in any way it will be worth it to shift to an Offshore Web Hosting provided all the awesome advantages I have listed above.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.