Popular Games on Smartphones

The top smartphone companies are fighting over specs when it comes to the new generation of smartphone technology. They compete in getting the best cameras, software, specs, and design of the smartphone. In recent years, we have seen a great improvement in the smartphone gaming industry, as smartphones get better and better with time. The cellphone companies are designing phones that are ideal for gaming with the everyday features they come along. Now you see smartphones with better displays, crisper refresh rates, and long batteries to support hours of uninterrupted gaming.

No matter what smartphone you have, you need high-speed internet. Lag-free internet is the need of every gamer. Luckily, many internet providers in the US provide high-speed internet for endless gaming. CenturyLink is one of those providers. The provider has both DSL and fiber services. Nevertheless, CenturyLink’s internet speed is ideal for online gaming and you can get the best performance out of your smartphone.

If you are a gaming aficionado, we came up with a list of all the popular games to play on smartphones. Without further ado, let’s begin:



It is safe to say that PUBG has defined an era of gaming. It was one of the very first games, to totally dominate the survival, first-person shooting, and battle royal genre. It exploded soon after its release and became a big stakeholder in the battle royal category.

The graphics are brilliant. You can play it with your friends or family. There are many different game modes available. If you are up for quick action, you can play the shorter maps against limited opponents. Your friends can join too and even if you die, you respawn immediately. The person with the most kills at the end of the match wins.

However, the most played mode is the battle royal. 100 people jump on a map. The map keeps on shrinking. All you have to do is to survive until the end by killing all the enemies. The last man or team standing wins.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty has marked a generation of first-person shooting with its exciting titles and storylines. It used to be a title specifically for consoles and computers but the developer studio created it for smartphones as well after realizing the potential of smartphone gaming. Call of Duty has similar mods as PUBG.

However, it gives you a sense of nostalgia with match modes like team deathmatch, capture the flag, and domination. It is something we all have grown up playing on our Xboxes and PlayStations.

You can download it on your Android and Apple devices for free. However, there are in-game purchases as well. You can buy skins and battle passes to give your all the cool guns and equipment.


Just like PUBG, Asphalt is one of those games to revolutionize its respective genre. We don’t think there is a better racing game on a smartphone than Asphalt. The modes are sick, the graphics are smooth, and the gameplay is perfect. All these features coupled with the adrenaline of high-speed racing make Asphalt really a great game for racing aficionados.

Asphalt has many different parts. The latest one is Asphalt 9: Legends. You can download it on your android and apple devices for free. However, there are in-game purchases as well.

Among the US

The graphics in this game are simple. There isn’t something flashy or striking. Among us gained massive popularity in the pandemic. Although it was launched in 2018, it became massively popular in 2020. Among us is a part of pop culture. The objective is simple.

You are either innocent or the imposter. If you are a housemate, your job is to finish all the tasks and point out who is the imposter. If you are an imposter, your job is to make sure that the tasks are left unattended and all the housemates are killed.

Candy Crush

This is one of the games you play when you have nothing to do. At a dentist appointment, waiting for a takeaway, just unlock your smartphone and crush candy.

Temple Run

Temple Run can now be called a timeless classic. You may never get over it. It’s a great game to kill time when there is no other alternative.

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