The relationship between Online Casino and Video Games 

Although online casinos and video games belong to different branches of the entertainment industry, they are often mixed together due to the evolving similarities. Ever since video games evolved to the online world, casinos and consoles also decided to explore that same world.

Nowadays, they’re closer than ever as they are even being mistaken for each other. Their future of potential partnership seems bright. In this article, we will be talking about how gamers are exploring the online gambling world.

Generation Clash

Online and land-based casinos are always bound to have a section or area dedicated solely to slot games. Most of the efforts taken on the games are focused around mobile gaming and browser-based, and they have been relatively successful among gamers.

video game

The addition of console, took it a step forward in a way to expand into a new market. However, the mobile and browser-based options were still the most popular, as the branch of online gaming has stable and increasing popularity across the world.

James Murren, a common visitor of predicted a future of land-based casinos without the use of slot machines. Well, at least without an entire floor being dedicated to it. Many of these brick and mortar establishments are already repurposing the spaces where the machines were previously installed as they are now including the table games and restaurants.

Over the years, slot games have transformed as they feature top-quality graphics and rocking chairs. They were able to generate a huge amount of revenues. Slot machines in casinos could generate over $500 million in revenue annually.

Consoles, Casinos and the Virtual Reality

Land based and Instadebit casinos were previously two different worlds. Now, with video games being able to navigate the online world, it is already enough to play online casino games from it. Online gamblers are now discovering the interesting world of Virtual Reality (VR), a tool that was known among gamers.

It is more likely for VR technology to expand to the gambling world. It can already be found for games available for mobile devices. While the consoles are already enjoying the thrill of this new technology, it is only a matter of time before it stretches its hands to the gambling world

The Future of Online Casinos

James Murren went on to predict that slot machines will be taking the retirement path in the next decade. Casino floors of the future will offer more space for table games, e-sports, and lots of VR games. And with your VR headset, you can easily play games from your couch while taking a thrilling experience like never before. You’ll be able to walk around, virtually, an online casino directly from your home.

The VR headsets will be more accessible just as the smartphones came to be. People will be able to play with them at free casinos. While only 17% of the world’s population takes part in online gambling, it is expected to increase with the aid and advancement of technology over the years.


The excitement that comes with gambling has always been a fascinating feeling that lure in players for many years. Casinos, on the other hand, were able to adopt and adapt to new technologies without affecting the thrill that comes with playing their games. Moving into the video gaming world seems like the right move to take.

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