Are Cordyceps Safe for Humans to Eat?


For most people, mushrooms are simply a food best served either as a side dish or as a meat substitute. Many people are not aware that there are several rare mushrooms that can also be used as a health supplement.

Cordyceps mushrooms are one of these rare mushrooms that are better used for health purposes than as part of a delicious meal. Cordyceps mushrooms do not taste or look anything like the mushrooms we are used to seeing on our plates.

Rather than eating Cordyceps mushrooms to experience their many health benefits, they are more commonly consumed in supplement form. A popular option is Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules, as this provides all of the fungus benefits without having to deal with its unique taste.

So, what exactly are Cordyceps mushrooms, and are they really safe to eat?

What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

Cordyceps mushrooms have been used throughout history and can be traced back to East Asian cultures. Mainly found in the Himalayan Mountains of Western China and Tibet, Cordyceps mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years for improving digestion and general health.

In modern society, Cordyceps mushrooms are largely known as a functional food and are considered an excellent source of nutrition. Cordyceps mushrooms are packed with protein and can be used to support a healthy immune system.

In the last few decades, Cordyceps mushrooms have caught the attention of health and wellness enthusiasts outside of East Asia. The mushrooms’ sudden popularity has resulted in them being over-harvested. Cordyceps mushrooms are now considered rare to find in the wild and are primarily grown in commercial facilities for markets worldwide.

Why Are Cordyceps Mushrooms Considered to Be Different From Other Fungi?

Many people are put off of trying Cordyceps mushrooms at first due to their less than traditional appearance. Cordyceps mushrooms have a worm-like appearance causing people to misidentify them.

The reason for the fungi’s strange appearance is the result of their unusual growth pattern. The mushroom reproduces by taking over the body of larvae and then turning them into a caterpillar-fungus hybrid.

Cordyceps mushrooms that are ready to be picked have an orange-brown color. After being harvested and dried, Cordyceps mushrooms take on a darker brown color and a more complex texture. This process helps them to look a little more like edible food.

Are Cordyceps Mushrooms Safe to Eat?

One of the main questions people ask when first told about using Cordyceps mushrooms is, are they safe? Part of this is due to the mushroom’s unusual appearance and the result of the hesitancy that often surrounds mushrooms in general.

Research into the full range of health benefits and potential side effects of regularly eating Cordyceps mushrooms is still a relatively new area of interest. Despite the lack of research, the current theory is that Cordyceps is entirely safe to eat when consumed in sensible portions.

Research suggests that Cordyceps have many potential health benefits that are still being discovered. One study concluded that Cordyceps contains a novel bio-metabolite that has very potent anti-cancer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

Research also focuses on the fact that Cordyceps mushrooms have been used throughout history and have been found to have numerous positive effects. In East Asian cultures, Cordyceps is believed to have both pharmacological and therapeutic benefits.

Of course, these benefits occur when Cordyceps are consumed in sensible amounts. It is still unclear whether eating large quantities of the mushroom could prove to be problematic.

Best Way to Safely Consume Cordyceps Mushrooms

Despite being considered a safe mushroom to eat, many people are still hesitant about Cordyceps. The good news is that there are many ways to enjoy the health benefits linked to Cordyceps mushrooms without actually having to eat them as part of a meal.

Products like Cordyceps mushroom capsules and pills are usually sold in health food stores and provide the same benefits as eating the mushroom. Cordyceps capsules allow for the mushroom’s benefits to be experienced without having to be worked into a meal each day.

When choosing a cordyceps capsule product, always make sure that it has undergone safety checks and testing.

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