Become the Expert: Understanding Hemp Products


Hemp oil products are not new to the health and wellness world, but they have only recently become so widely used. The idea of using hemp extract and oils has existed throughout history but has never been considered the norm until the 21st century.

People across the world have become incredibly interested in hemp products and all of their potential health benefits. So many famous brands, like Premium Jane, offer a wide range of excellent hemp products making it super easy to work hemp into everyday life.

With so many different products and ways of using hemp, it can feel a little confusing at first. Understanding all of the potential benefits and choosing the best product for a particular purpose can take time.

To understand the world of hemp supplements a little better, we have put together a complete guide covering everything you need to get started.

What Is Hemp?

Hemp plants contain hundreds of different compounds, including cannabinoids. Most people have heard of the cannabinoid CBD, but this is just one of the many health cannabinoids found within cannabis sativa hemp plants.

These cannabinoids can be easily extracted from the plant and then used to create CBD products. The range of cannabinoids found within hemp products varies and depends on the filtration method.

There are two common types of hemp products. First are those that contain the full range cannabinoids, known as full-spectrum. Second, some products have just one cannabinoid, CBD, and are sold as isolate products.

Hemp products are often confused with hemp seed products. While both are derived from hemp, they originate from different parts of the plant. Hemp extract comes from the body of the plant, while hemp seed oil is found in the seeds, hence its name.

Health Benefits Linked to Regular Hemp Use

Using hemp products on a regular basis has been linked to a number of medical benefits. For example, many of the compounds found within hemp plants are thought to work together when consumed to support the immune system. For this reason, hemp products, and in particular hemp oils, are often used as dietary supplements, much like multivitamins.

Hemp oils have also been found to be effective when used to treat specific ailments. For example, hemp oil topicals are thought to be an effective method of managing external aches and pains. Equally, hemp oil gummies are becoming a popular option for managing conditions such as anxiety and insomnia.

Different Types of Hemp Products

The hemp oil industry is currently one of the fastest-growing markets. An increasing number of people are trying hemp oil products for the first time. As a result, many new brands are appearing, along with older brands expanding their product ranges to meet demand.

Hemp oil products can generally be broken down into four different categories, referring to the way in which they are consumed. Hemp oil drops can be purchased in the form of small glass tinctures. Hemp tinctures can be used both on their own and within recipes for a slightly more enjoyable way to consume hemp.

The second category of hemp oil products is edibles and includes all products that are consumed as food. Common hemp oil edibles include gummies, cookies, and energy drinks. The main advantage of hemp edibles is that they are easy to work into everyday life and can often be enjoyed in place of other snacks and drinks.

There are also hemp capsules; as the name suggests, these products provide a total dose of hemp oil in the form of a pill. Many people choose to consume hemp oil in this way because it is speedy and straightforward. Hemp capsules also tend to be discreet, meaning that they can be used in almost any situation.

The last category of hemp oil products is topicals. Covering everything from hemp creams to hemp bath salts, these products all share one feature: they are applied externally to the body. As a result, the effects of topicals can be felt quickly. Topicals also only affect the area of the body that they are applied to, unlike other products.

How to Make the Most of Hemp Products

In order to feel the full effects of hemp oil products, it is thought that they need to be used regularly. Benefits such as immune support and reduced inflammation occur with prolonged use of hemp products. It is therefore essential to find enjoyable products that you can easily use each day.

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