iTop Screen Recorder – The Lightest Screen Recorder for Windows

Screen recorder is one of the most important software for many professionals such as computer operators, technical support staff, YouTubers, twitch vloggers, online tutors, presenters, video editors, and even casual tech geeks who want to help their friends out in solving a PC problem. Everyone loves a good video guide for his problem, it’s easier to follow than a step-by-step guide article or on-call support.

If you use the computer a lot, chances are, you need to follow screen-recorded videos or record your own screen for work/life process. So, having good screen recording software is essential. I am sure, most of you already feel that. However, the main issue that arises in selecting a good screen recording software because most of them are heavy resource hogs. If you use those software to record your screen even at the low quality settings, they consume so much resources that you will start seeing serious lag when you run some heavy software together such as Photoshop & Zbrush, Unity & Unreal Engine, Adobe Premier Pro & iMovie, etc.

My work demands me to use screen recording software on a very regular basis and so, over the year, I have tried & tested all the most hyped screen recorders for Windows. But do you know which of them I find the smartest one? The iTop Screen Recorder. And, there are very good reasons why you’re gonna like this screen recorder.

iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is a very lightweight screen recording software for windows PC which takes pride in being a low very resource consumption application but still has the potential to deliver all the cool features of a powerful screen recorder as well as more. The iTop screen recorder allows you to capture full screen, and record screen in predefined aspect ratios or in custom size. It lets you record your screen as well as webcam simultaneously and that too in quad HD video quality with no watermarks or time limit.

iTop Record

Apart from essential screen recording tools such as mouse cursor tracking, annotations, multiple audio inputs, etc. it also has inbuilt full fledged video editor to edit your recordings as per your needs. Let’s read about all of them in details below –

Record All Type of Content

iTop Screen Recorder is capable of recording every type of content. If you are attending a video conference, you won’t need the panic that you will miss the flow of meetings while taking notes. Simply, record the video conference in your desired length and format and you can watch it later to study what’s happened in the video conference properly.

You can also record online movies and courses in as high quality as it appears on your screen with crisp, clear sound. And, of course, make full interactive video tutorials with annotations, captions & comments using the screen recorders provided tools.

Fully Customizable Recording

iTop Screen Recorder provides you full control over your screen recordings. You can record videos in 720p HD, 1080p Full HD as well as high-quality 4K HD with no lag and time limits. You can choose from popular video formats like MP4, MKV, FLV, TS, AVI, MOV, etc, set framerate as well as bitrate of the video. Similarly, you can define audio quality, bitrate & format.

It allows you to set hotkeys for important functions of the software such as play & pause screen recording, enable/disable webcam, let you configure webcam’s audio/video quality & format, set mouse, and personalize the software according to your workflow.

Very User-Friendly Interface

You have seen how complex other screen recording software is but when you use iTop Screen Recorder, you’ll find that it likes to keep things simple. It provides all the obvious functions in its overlay screen and arranges tons of its features in proper categories which makes it smooth to access the common functions and make those functions even smoother which you need to use only once in a while.

With a single click to a dedicated button, you can set the software’s configurations to recommended settings if you’ve messed up anything and if you got confused anywhere, a user guide link is always available in the overlay toolbar to guide you properly with steps & tips about what you want to achieve with the software.

iTop Screen Recorder

Built-in Video Editor

iTop Screen Recorder features a built-in but very capable video editor. This feature was not compulsory for the company to include but they still added it to help you from start to finish in creating a full-fledged video tutorial without using any additional tools. It lets you add multiple videos & audios; cut, trim & transform a part of the selected video; split and combine videos; add texts, annotations, stickers & subtitles; insert video effects, and transition animations, change speed, add watermarks, change video quality as well as the format and to everything you need in post-production of your recorded video.

You can of course enjoy the features of this video editor for your other videos and not just for the ones recorded by the software.

Efficient in Speed & Resources

I have recorded a 2 hours 4K video and rendered it by adding some external audio, inserting effects and captions all while using my Zbrush to create a 3D model and what I found that throughout the process, iTop Screen Recorder used even fewer resources than my Chrome browser with 5 tabs running.

The render speed is surprisingly fast too. It has saved me almost half the time in workflow. So, whether you have a low-end PC or resources demanding software running, iTop Screen Recorder will be able to maintain smooth operations without asking to make it a priority.

record movies online

Addon Settings & Tools

iTop Screen Recorded is equipped with some simple tools & addons which become very powerful when the need arises. It lets you capture screenshot while you record the content from its screen recorder. It lets you record only the audio of the playing video. So, you can have offline versions of even those songs which aren’t yet released in audio-only formats.

It lets you save your edits in the middle to come back later, the denoise tool available in the software uses AI to automatically remove noise from your recorded video.

Final Words

This screen recorder from iTop is a wise choice to record videos in full clarity. It has both free & paid versions available. So, you can test iTop Screen Recorder before spending any money to verify its effectiveness. I highly recommend you to check it out and if you find it helpful then buy its PRO version because for the capability the PRO version provides, it’s gonna worth every penny you invested for your screen recording needs.

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