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On June 4, 2018
Last modified:October 1, 2018


Let’s face the reality. With each coming year, life is becoming more expensive and making a living is harder than ever. Everyone is struggling to save some money and time for their family. In this lifestyle, we don’t have the luxury to visit theatres every week and watch all our favorite movies with the family.

However, thanks to the internet because it at least saves our time of visiting to the movie hall in order to watch a movie but if you really want to watch the recent movie in high quality then you need to pay for it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple iTunes, etc. They definitely provide latest movies & tv shows in crystal clear audio and video quality but if you are a person who loves to watch lots of movies or TV shows, then these premium streaming services can add hefty expenses to your lifestyle.

But, do you know you can save this money and still watch any latest movie or TV episode in high quality online? Yes, EasyAccessCinema is launched with the sole purpose of providing free movies & TV shows streaming to any person around the world. And, you can visit the website anytime to watch unlimited movies and TV episodes without paying a cent.

I discovered the website while searching for a quality site to watch clips of Deadpool 2 movie which was released just last month. This website said that it’s providing Deadpool 2 Full Movie for Free Online which I didn’t believe at first glance but I hoped at least I will be able to watch some cool clips from the movie while clicking its link from Google Search. When I landed on the website, I was surprised to see that EasyAccessCinema has put full HD version of Deadpool 2 online and they are letting anyone watch it by just double-clicking the media play provided on the movie page without asking for signup or completion of a survey. I watched the full movie then and the audio-video quality was premium just that you don’t have to pay any money.

Not only Deadpool 2, all the latest movies, blockbusters which are going housefull on theatres, TV shows and Cartoons are available to watch in 720p HD and 1080p Full HD for free.

EasyAccessCinemas.NET – Free Movies & TV Shows Streaming

I stumbled upon EasyAccessCinemas just last week but it appears like millions of smart internet users are already using this free streaming website to watch their favorite movies for free. Now, I am joining the force because whenever I or my family want to watch movies, we don’t have to go to the theatre and spend so much money and time, neither do I need to pay any premium subscription fees but still I will be able to watch unlimited movies, TV shows and cartoon through EasyAccessCinemas.NET.

If you’re also thinking to use this smart way, let me tell you in advance that you don’t need any technical knowledge to use the website. Read below to know how to use EasyAccessCinemas.NET to watch your favorite movie, TV show or cartoon for free in full HD.

Visit EasyMovieAccess.NET and at the homepage, there are sections featuring New movies in 720p, TV Series in 720p, Top-rated Cartoons, Must See Movies and special movies recommended by EasyMovieAccess staff. You’ll find almost all of the trending movies & tv shows through these sections. View their thumbnails which tell Movie/TV Show Title, Rating, Quality, Release Year and Upload quality.

Click on any of them that you would like to watch right away. As soon as you click on the thumbnail of a movie or TV show, you’ll be redirected to its webpage that is showcasing all important information that you might require to know. You can see the movie genre, running time, producers, releasing country and full movie plot along with the obvious details such as movie title, release year, upload quality, etc.

These details will give you more info about the selected movie or TV show and you can decide whether you should watch the movie or not. If you want to watch the movie, scroll down and you’ll see a media player available on the movie page to let you the movie. Before you click its Play button, you can see the movie preview in the screenshot mosaic of the movie appearing in the media player. If you’re satisfied with the quality just hit the Play button and within 1 or 2 minutes, your desired movie will start streaming at full speed and playing at the best quality.

For your convenience, EasyAccessCinemas.NET Provides two media player: Streamango Player & Omega Play, both loading movies from different servers. This ensures availability of movies all the time from one or both players, just in case if one server is down or providing slow streaming.

EasyAccessCinemas also allows users to download the movie or TV show for free. You don’t need to complete any task or survey but you at least need to register yourself for free and create an account on the site. I highly recommend you to create your account on EasyAccessCinemas.NET because not only will it unlock one of the most desired feature of downloading any movie, TV show or cartoon in full HD for free but also other cool features such as rate the movie, add comments or take part in the discussion, request movies, etc.

Finding Any Movie Quickly

EasyAccessCinemas itself puts the best and trending movies in front of you but if you have made your mind to watch any specific movie that you can’t locate through the homepage then also through the left sidebar you can click “Movie by genre” or “Movie by Year” to browse movies by movie category or year of release.

EasyAccessMovie keeps movies of every interesting movie genre that is there. You can find lots of movies in Action, Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance and other genres. It has movies from year 1996 to 2018 in its movie database. So, whether you are interested in a specific genre or year, choose them from the left sidebar and you can find all top movies from that genre or year on the website.

If you have a movie’s name then you can type it in the Search box available here and hit Enter, EasyAccessCinema will take your search query, find the movie name from its movie database and put it in front of you.

Similarly, you can use “TV Series” or “Cartoon” section to browse shows in these categories. The website’s interface is so simple and straight-forward that even your Grandma will be able to watch any desired movie or TV show without asking you for help.

Wrapping it Up

EasyAccessCinema.NET is an awesome free streaming website which lets you watch new or old movies and TV shows for free. The site is very frequently updated and almost daily you can see at least one new movie and many TV episodes available to watch. The website owners keep on verifying, removing any replacing dead links, broken URLs and low-quality movies with their better versions as soon as available. Unlike other movie streaming sites, EasyAccessCinema doesn’t bug you with obtrusive ads or malicious scripts.

So, this one is the perfect streaming site that you should bookmark in your browser and visit whenever you want to watch a movie or TV show online for free.

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