Unlock Any Android or iOS Device in 3 just steps using dr. fone Unlock

Have you ever stuck in a situation where you are locked out of your own phone because you don’t know the new pin lock you just set yesterday or your kid changed the phone’s pattern lock or some scar in your finger made your fingerprint lock invalid? In the latest case which got viral, you might have heard about the mommy who gets locked out of her iPhone for 47 years (or 25,114,984 minutes) because her 2-years old toddler entered the wrong passcode too many times.

Every week hundreds of such threads flood the internet Q&A forums asking for help on “how to unlock iPhone”, “how to unlock Android phone”, “how to unlock my smartphone”, “how to bypass pattern lock”, “how to bypass fingerprint lock”, etc. All such threads end up with only one solution – formatting the device. Either they do it yourself or people at service center do it for them. And in both cases, they end up losing precious data available on their smartphone.

If you’ve been in this situation, my deepest condolences are with you but the process of just unlocking your smartphone shouldn’t be that cruel. I don’t know when will smartphone companies start understanding it but thanks to Wondershare, it has developed such cool software which has made unlocking Android smartphones and iPhone a piece of cake. With Wondershare unlock toolkits, anyone can unlock any smartphone in just a few minutes without losing any data.

How to Unlock iPhone

iPhones are made very secure. Whether you own the latest iPhone X, the oldest iPhone 5 or any other iPhone each one of them has very secure locks. Not only this, Apple has put strict restrictions to discourage intruder who tries to get into your phone. These restrictions become penalty if you yourself forget your iPhone’s lock or you want to unlock the second-hand iPhone you’ve purchased online.

Apple support staff might not be very helpful in these cases but you don’t need them if you own Wondershare dr.fone Unlock (iOS). Part of the dr.fone Toolkit, the software allows you to unlock any locked iPhone within just 5 minutes without losing any data or deleting any settings.

Available for both MAC and Windows, the software lets you unlock any iPhone by simple-click through steps. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you will still be able to use it without any problem.

Steps on How to Unlock iPhone

Let me illustrate how to unlock iPhone using dr.fone Unlock (iOS). View the steps below and you’ll be confident to unlock any iPhone even before opening the software because, with dr.fone iOS lock removal tool, it takes only 3 simple steps to unlock an iPhone. Before moving ahead, make sure you have installed the software, iPhone and its USB cable is in your hands.

Step 1:  Connect your iOS Device

Whether it is an iPhone or iPad that you want to unlock, first connect it to your PC using the USB Cable. Now, open the iOS lock removal tool by double clicking on it. This screen will open up in front of you:

As you can see, there are tools to Recover, Transfer, Repair OS, Switch phone, Erase Data Permanently and Backup/Restore data but we are currently interested in bypassing iPhone lock screen so click “Unlock” button here. It will take you to the lock removal wizard. Click Start to start the wizard.

Step 2: Boot your iPhone/iPad in DFU Mode

Follow the instructions provided on the screen to boot your iOS device in DFU mode where the main process to unlock your device starts.

Step 3: Confirm iOS Device Info

Once your device is in DFU mode, dr.fone will display the step where you need to enter the device information. Choose your iOS device’s information such as phone generation, iOS version, Model Number. Double-check it with your iOS device’s user manual because if wrong information is selected here, your device can be bricked.

Once entered, click “Download“. Now the software will match entered details and download recovery package for the iPhone or iPad. Once the details are matched correctly, dr.fone will prompt the message with “Unlock Now” button. Click it and your iPhone will be unlocked just within few seconds.

Now reboot your iOS device and you’ll be able to use it without entering the passcode or fingerprint lock.

How to Unlock Android Phone

Android phones come with lots of ways to secure your smartphone – Passcode, Pattern lock, PIN, Fingerprint Lock, Facial recognition, Retina Scan, etc. and each of them is complicated and unique in their own way. And, it’s good that they can’t be tricked or easily guessed but you wish it so bad when you forget your smartphone’s lock or you want to unlock the second-hand smartphone you just purchased.

In these or any similar problems, the perfect solution is to keep Wondershare dr.fone Unlock(Android). This Android lock screen removal allows you to unlock any Android smartphone within just 5 minutes. Whether the phone is locked by passcode, pattern, pin or fingerprint lock, dr.fone Unlock (Android) can unlock it easily without losing any data or changing any other settings inside your phone.

It is an essential software to keep installed on your computer if you are an Android enthusiast or developer, you manage multiple Android phones, you have kids in the home, you own a mobile shop or many people access your phone. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, the software is made so simple that anyone can use it. Read the below guide to know how much it is easy to unlock your Android using this dr.fone Android lock screen removal tool.

Steps on How to Unlock Android phone

This guide assumes that you have already installed dr.fone Unlock (Android) on your Windows PC, you have the smartphone in your hand and a USB cable as it is required to connect your smartphone with the PC and eventually to the software.

Step 1: Connect your Android Device 

Connect your Android smartphone or TAB to the PC using USB cable and run the software by double-clicking its icon on your PC’s desktop. You will be prompted with the following screen having tools to Recover data, Transfer Files, Repair OS, Switch Phone, Unlock device, Backup & Restore data and Root the device.

From all these tools, click “Unlock” and dr.fone Android lock removal tool will start the wizard to unlock the connected Android phone. Click “Start” button here.

Step 2: Select the exact device model

This step is very important. You need to select the exact Brand, Device Name and Device Model number from drop-down menus provided with each of these fields. If you don’t know this, consult your smartphone’s manual or search online. Once done, tick I agree with the warning and I am ready to proceed and then click “Next“.

Wrong details selected here can brick your device. Given the risk, a popup will be prompted asking you to type confirm in the popup box. Type the word confirm and click the Confirm button also in order to proceed.

Step 3:  Proceed to Download Mode

Follow the instruction as being told on the screen to get into recovery mode and press Start button.

Now, the recovery package will be downloaded and automatically loaded to your smartphone by the software. You’ll be able to view the status through dr.fone Android lock removal tool’s windows. As soon as the recovery package is loaded, dr.fone Unlock (Android) will automatically remove lock screen from the connected Android smartphone.

Now, check your phone, the lock screen has been removed without formatting anything or deleting any data available in the device.


dr.fone Toolkit to unlock Android phone or iPhone works like a charm. Without requiring any technical knowledge, it allows you to unlock your device safely. In this modern & hi-tech world where most of our data resides on smartphones, with these devices the lock problem is so frequent and most importantly apart from using dr.fone lock screen removal tool, there is not any other safest way to bypass lock or Android phone or iPhone, it only makes sense to download dr.fone Lock screen removal tool.

With this software installed on your PC, you don’t ever have to search “how to unlock Android phone” or “how to unlock iPhone”. Even, you can help your colleagues, friends, relatives to get over this annoying problem. So don’t wait for anything bad to happen first, visit Wondershare and download dr.fone lock screen removal tool for Android or iPhone right not.

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