7 Ways to Have Fun in Canada

If you’re wondering what you can do for fun in Canada, you might want to change that to what can’t you do for fun in Canada! Whether you call Canada your country of residence or your next destination for a vacation, it has a million things for you to enjoy and savor, and you can be sure to never run out of things to do here.

Here are the 7 best ways to have fun in Canada:

Canada Skyline

A Day in the Distillery District of Toronto

The Distillery District is not only historic but a place that offers vitality, ways to have fun, and several ways to explore amazing architecture, neighborhoods, and do activities. Find yourself surrounded by Victorian-era buildings, art galleries, theatres, and dim restaurants that give you a one of a kind experience.

Hit the CN Tower

If you want to enjoy some of the best views of Canada, you should definitely go to the CN Tower, which is the top tower in Canada. Not only do you get the best views from the LookOut level, but you can also try out the EdgeWalk. If you’ve got a penchant for fun, and you’re a thrill-seeker at heart, you’d love to do a hands-free walk at the main pod of the tower, which is situated at a height of 116 stories from the ground level.

Have a fun gala day at High Park

High Park is Toronto’s largest park which has a wide range of activities for you to do, especially if you’re with friends or family. You can take lovely walks in the wilderness, jump into the outdoor public pool, skate in the ice rink, play baseball diamonds, or eat out at the Grenadier Restaurant situated within its premises. With its landscaped gardens and cherry blossoms, the park in itself is a treat to behold!

gala day high park

Party all night

Fun and partying are almost synonymous, and if you’re in one of the happening places in Canada, things cannot get any better! Some of the best clubs for you to have the night of your life include Rebel, The Thompson Hotel, or if you’re looking for cheap drinks, you’ve to go to Crocodile Rock, Bar 244 and the Office Pub.

Moreover, the best out there is Everleigh. A cross between a traditional hip hop club and a bar, it gives you the best of both worlds. There can be no better way to spend your Friday night rather than partying hard in Everleigh!

Play some online casino and win best prizes from your couch

Tired after partying hard and don’t want to get out? Well, we have you covered. Hit a casino from your couch! If you’re wondering how that’s possible, let us introduce you to an online casino for Canadian players. Play the live games here, have some unlimited fun, meet new people, and win exciting rewards and cash prizes from the comfort of your home, without having to move an inch from your favorite corner! Get the experience of being in a real casino, with real cash benefits and amazing prices, and have a great hungover weekend, making money!

playing online casino

Take a road trip through the Wine Country

If you’re a wine lover and you love going on road trips for your weekend, this sounds like a plan you cannot put off for another time! Get on a trip of driving and touring right away as you drive through Canada’s wine-producing country. Ontario is the home to more than 180 wineries, has an experience for you in-store.

Not only can you take tours to these wineries and do some good old tasting, but you can also take vineyard walks among lovely wilderness! Be sure to use Ontario’s Wine Route Planner to give you a good idea of where to begin and which major stops you should make.

Hop on a cruise

The Rideau Canal of Canada is historic as well as exotic. It is not only a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site, but also one of the oldest yet still operating canal systems of North America. Hop on a 10-day cruise down the Canal to the capital city of Ottawa and back. Nature Lovers Long Break cruises help you take shorter cruises, too, in case you’ve your week packed and cannot manage a long weekend vacay for yourself!

If you however have time and want to travel at your own place, with a more traditional and old charm feel, you might want to try out luxury boat rentals down the canal, offered by Le Boat. These often start from Smith Falls, and you can also stop anytime you want, to hike a trail, or do a picnic with your family or simply bird watch or go fishing! Doesn’t it sound fun? Well, that is because it is!

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