Review of the Top Free Keylogger Snoopza

Technology has brought some unforeseen challenges especially when it comes to parental control. Therefore, parents need to monitor the internet use of their children to ensure they utilize the internet productively and healthily.

This is because many kids are being exposed to inappropriate content and other dangerous interactions that are attributed to cyberbullying. Well, monitoring your child’s internet usage is a process that requires you to be committed.

Do you need to monitor children on the internet

However, how can a parent monitor internet usage for their children? Therefore, as a parent, you need to be connected. Ensure you have a bond with them by engaging them in some conversation and trying to get in touch with what is happening in their lives. Additionally, you should also try to limit screen time. You can do this by encouraging them to focus on some productive activities within the given time so that they don’t wander into other inappropriate sites.

Reasons to download a spy app

The following are some of the reasons why you need to download a spy app.

Children safety

Spy app is very essential when it comes to children safety. This is because children are predisposed to some inappropriate activities such as cyberbullying. Most children have undergone some psychological torture because of online predators that are usually found in public forums and social media platforms. Additionally, other websites contain inappropriate content which might lead to moral decay.

Therefore, parents should prioritize their children’s safety to ensure they can benefit from the internet. Children are getting access to Android devices and they get to interact with millions of people with different you need to be vigilant and responsible in the use of the internet.

Corporate safety

Employers are embracing the use of spy apps for corporate devices. This is to ensure that the employees are not wasting time on social media or any other entertainment platform. It is also important to understand that companies have some confidentiality. Information on smartphones, computers should never go out of hand. Therefore, the spy apps will be very essential in ensuring such information is secure.

Additionally, some businesses require to track the location of their employees at a particular time especially if they are doing deliveries. This is to ensure they maintain professionalism and incidence such as theft which can occur as a result of wrong routing.

Marriage security

There are lots of dating apps and platforms which are compromising with marriages. Therefore, spouses might require spy apps to limit access to such sites. It is also important when monitoring if your spouse is cheating or acting suspiciously. The spy app will help you to keep track of their location, calls, incoming and outgoing messages.

Why is it convenient to use free keylogger Snoopza

Free keylogger Snoopza is very convenient to use because it is reliable and easy to use. It is also very compatible with Android devices since most people use Android especially kids and teenagers. Therefore, parents can install it on the target device to allow them to monitor the activities and regulate access to ensure their kids are not exposed to inappropriate content. Parents can use it to access call logs, website history, location, chats.

Snoopza Keylogger Dashboard

What are the main features of free spy apps that will be useful to parents

Geolocation feature

Parents should know the location of their children at all times. Therefore, this feature allows them to know the current location of their kids. They can check it remotely using their devices to ensure their kids are safe.

Track internet history

The use of the internet is very sensitive to kids because there is inappropriate content that can lead to moral decay. Therefore, parents will be in a position to review the websites that the kid visited and limit access to websites that might be inappropriate or it contains some malicious malwàte than can destroy the Android device.

Manage SMS feature

This feature is very important when it comes to tracking both incoming and outgoing messages.

Track calls

Parents can utilize this feature because it allows them to access the call logs. This is essential in determining people who your kids talk to.

Spoonza Call Log

What are the paid features of Snoopza spy app

The following are some of the premium Features of Snoopza.

Viber spy

This feature helps in tracking the activities of your kids’ Viber account.

Detect Simcard replacement

This is yet another important feature that will alert you when the sim card is changed from the target device.

Track camera

This feature allows you to access the videos or images that were captured using the phone’s camera.

Stealth mode

This is a feature that makes the spy app to be invisible so that the user of the target device might not notice that you are spying on them

Spoonza Features

Snapchat spy

This feature helps in tracking activities on the Snapchat.

Record calls

This helps in tracking both the incoming and outgoing calls.

The pros and cons of Snoopza


  • It can be used for free
  • You can monitor the activities of the target device remotely
  • It is affordable and user-friendly


  • You should install it physically on the target device
  • It is compatible with Android devices only

Is the price-friendly

Snoopza is budget-friendly and it comes with affordable plans. The basic version is free but you can also access standard premium plan by paying a monthly fee of $9.95 or 99.95 annually. This will allow you to access the premium features that I had mentioned earlier for the specified period.


Snoopza is very useful especially for parents who want to monitor their children’s activities. The good thing is it you can sign up online then download it and install it in the target device to allow you to access it remotely using your phone.

By doing this, you will be in a good position to monitor all the activities. This helps you to protect your child from risks that are associated with the use of Android devices and internet access. You can always talk to their customer care support if you have any queries.

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