A Brief Historical Background of Biker Jewelry

What can you say about a biker image? Well, those bearded dudes like tattoos, leather outfits, gigantic chains, and, of course, they are crazy about motorcycles. One more well-known fact about motorcyclists is that they love jewelry. No avid rider can do without silver rings, necklaces, or bracelets. It has already been said a lot about biker jewelry, and I want to put my two cents’ worth, too.

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How Come that Bikers Wear So Much Jewelry?

The image of the very first bikers was a little different to what we know today. They didn’t wear too much jewelry (if any at all). Instead, they tended to put some symbols on their clothes to communicate certain ideas. As many of the first motorcycle club members were former American soldiers, they had some military insignia as well as war trophies. One of the most popular trophies were medals of enemy soldiers (such as the infamous Iron Cross). Bikers flaunted those to show their contempt to the processes going on in the society. By and large, military trophies became the first biker accessories.

In the 1960s, Hollywood started churning out a large number of movies about bikers. In the films, they were shown as motorcycle-riding mobsters (which was true to some extent). Those movie bikers rocked burly wallet chains and huge rings (apparently, to create a more intimidating image). Motorcyclists actually liked the image portrayed by cinematographers, so it was only a matter of time when love for ornaments swept the motorcycle community.

The Very Fist Biker Jewelry

More than 50 years ago, bikers didn’t have as much jewelry as we have today. Strictly saying, the most common items at that time were men’s watches and wedding rings. Bikers had to craft rings or bracelets matching their style basically on their own. It all changed when motorcyclists discovered Mexican rings.

Those were large, heavy, masculine, and cost around 5 bucks. Bikers loved that those pieces attracted attentions. In a fistfight, they could replace a brass knuckle, this is how tough and heavy those rings were. Besides impressive sizes, Mexican rings featured quirky symbols such as Aztec warriors, horseshoes, skulls, eagles, etc. Many of those symbols remained in the biker culture for good.

The Range Of Biker Jewelry Available Today

Today, there are many jewelry brands specializing in biker accessories. It won’t be a pain in the neck to unearth, let’s say, skull bracelets or eagle rings you are dreaming of. Even though it has been over 50 years since bikers discovered perfect rings and signets, their look remained more or less the same. Burly shapes, solid weight, and controversial symbolism are still highly appreciated by motorcycle riders. The only aspect that did change is jewelry color. While Mexican rings were yellow (because the alloy they were made of contained brass and bronze), modern riders prefer white metals (mostly steel and silver).

Besides rings, bikers are suckers for burly metal necklaces, leather or steel bracelets, cool-looking earrings, practical and durable wallet chains, and badass belt buckles. Many accessory brands even offer biker-themed lighters and money clips for a complete biker look.

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