A Day in a Life of a Pro Gambler

Thanks to the growth and expansion of the internet, now you have more options to gamble on than before. Almost every casino and sportsbook site has some huge prizes and offers. It’s nothing too complex to understand why a career path at https://slotsfans.com/10-free-no-deposit-bonus/ is so alluring and enticing, given that mobile apps now enable you to play mobile slots to mobile poker anytime, anyplace.

Pro Gambler

Nevertheless, if you think that living the lifestyle of a pro gambler is simple, you should be aware that the truth is different.

  • As per the latest study report on gambling across the globe, around 26% of the world population partake.
  • UK-based research on demographic trends of gambling, around 17% of these people play casino games on the web and contribute to £5.3 billion in revenue for the digital marketplace alone.
  • Even though gambling may not be perceived as the ideal career choice after graduation, becoming a pro gambler is indeed a viable decision.
  • In fact, numerous individuals are beginning to walk on this career path with the aim of achieving success and fortune.

First things first, becoming a pro gambler means welcoming very high risks every day and requiring a significant amount of practice and training. So, if you think living a pro gambler’s life would do you well, you may be right to some extent.

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Read this blog till the end to know everything about a pro gambler’s life in the UK. Also, learn the tips to lead such a life. Let’s start.

The Most Ideal Casino Games for Pro Gamblers Who Make a Living Off of It

Pro gamblers have plenty of options to make a living off of it. Plus, numerous activities stand out as the best. Some ideal games include:

  • Virtual dog and horse racing;
  • Slot machines;
  • Bingo games;
  • Online casino games;
  • Online spread betting.

The Temptation to Make Gambling Your Full-Time Professional Job

Although the possibility of winning and getting a huge sum of money credited to your account can be the major reason behind becoming a full-time pro gambler, the fact that capital gains from online casino winnings are tax-free must be a prominent factor too. Pro gamblers in the UK can get offended when someone confronts them as job addicts, as there are different online casino habits in different countries. That’s because most pro gamblers consider themselves knowledgeable, expert casino industry insiders.

There are various types of pro gamblers you can see around the UK. For instance, one may wager only on sports, considering it as their 9-5 job, and use the earnings to live with their family comfortably. These people don’t jump into a big win, real money games. Meanwhile, there are gamblers who only play at the best payout online casino and make thousands of dollars out of a single poker game professionally.

Most skilled and expert gamblers make entrance into this career field out of a passion for their loved and chosen game. Take, for instance, – poker. Gamblers traditionally started off playing poker online just for fun with their pals before giving it a professional angle. Nevertheless, some gamblers only think and work on their winning chances and the potential to earn as much as possible. These gamblers show little to no passion for the game they play.

What Characterises Professional Gamers?

  • There’s a distinction that separates expert gamblers from sociable and obsessive gamblers, even if many individuals like gaming.
  • Pro gamblers in the UK or any part of the world never lose their seriousness and focus when it comes to wagers and decide the game to play in advance.
  • They always play at the best online casino, pre-plan the strategy to deploy, and determine the amount of real money they can put on stake and the amount of time they can devote to gambling for the day.
  • The true character trait of pro gamblers is that they methodically analyse every risk and use the same approach as above for gambling every other day. It’s wrong to say that they’re addicts.

Pro Gamblers – What Do They Do?

Most of the working day of a pro gambler goes by examining and evaluating forms or data, conducting research on their favourite preferred sport, watching games if they are into sports betting, and developing casino strategies for the best performance. Although you can find many pro gamblers to work traditionally from 9 to 5, clothes choose to play at the hours that fit into their daily life schedule. However, no pro gambler will spend their entire day gambling.

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Even though there’s no such thing as the average payscale of a pro gambler, the opportunities to rise and shine are unlimited based on your level of success in the online casino industry. Of course, gambling at real-world venues also works, but many pro gamblers now prefer online casino gambling to utilise the most out of time.

Here’s a predicted timetable of pro gamblers and what they do in their everyday life:

7:00 AM – 7:30 AM

● They take some refreshments like coffee and start working on the research.

● Most gamblers consider mornings to be the best time for studying lines, payouts, finding the best online casinos, and getting no deposit bonuses and other rewards.

7:30 AM – 8:30 AM

● Many pro gamblers utilise this time to get ready and sail off to their normal day-to-day 9-5 job.

● Several pro gamblers rely on a stable income source to run their family and fulfil their monetary needs to gamble.

● This is one piece of evidence why calling pro gamblers addicts is wrong.

● However, those who don’t work somewhere else and solely rely on gambling for their income utilise this time to do some more research.

8:30 AM – 9:00 AM

● This time is usually spent commuting to travel to their workplace.
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ● Pro gamblers usually spend this time in their office doing whatever job they are in.

● Mostly, gamblers who need to partake in a tournament on that day utilise lunchtime to prepare some strategy.

● Meanwhile, gamblers who solely rely on this career for income use this time interval to watch videos and games, gamble tips, and prepare multiple strategies, all while doing other leisure activities.

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM ● During this time span, pro gamblers delve into mostly poker and online slots.

● They hunt down all the online free slots and free spins available and take part in making the most out of them.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

● Now, these pro gamblers move on to the big win and lucrative prize tournaments.

● This is the time when they utilise all their strategies prepared beforehand.

● They try out their analytic skills and strategy along with some luck to win significant cash prizes using casino bonuses.

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

● They turn off their devices, have dinner, chat with friends, scroll through social media and finally go to bed for sleep.

Tips for Aspiring Pro Gamblers to Find More Balance in Their Lives

There has been a surging growth in the popularity of the best online casino sites. Simultaneously, more pro gamblers are now shifting to online casino games. Let’s face it, where would you be getting free slot games, so many bonuses, promotions, rewards, and lucrative winning prizes, right?

Game of Uncertainty

However, many aspiring pro gamblers fail to generate wealth as much as they want and even disrupt their life routine. Thus, to be a pro gambler, you must know how to maintain a balanced life. Here are some tips for help.

Don’t Leave Everything on Luck

Several gamblers typically believe in the conventional saying that professional gambling is all about luck. No, it’s NOT! A skilled and pro gambler will never depend on their luck to win a game. If luck contributes to a 20% chance of your winning using a no deposit bonus, the rest 80% will depend on your casino knowledge and expertise. Plus, if you have greater education and training in combination with knowledge and experience, there’s no stopping you.

Most seasoned pro gamblers in the UK will take their time and carefully judge the situations to determine the most favourable outcomes. Consequently, they will never fail to triumph and keep acquiring more wealth over time.

Nothing Compares to a Sure Thing

You may have no doubts now that seasoned gamblers never rely on luck. In fact, nobody should depend on their luck! However, when playing the odds, casino experts like Doyle Brunson lower their luck to a small statistic and boost their winning chance. To explore more about how Doyle became an industry expert and earned real money as a pro gambler, read his biography.

For instance, you can fuel up the possibility of changing the odds in your favour by playing Blackjack correctly. You can lose numerous games in a single blow in this situation. However, if you persevere in the game for longer, you’ll get stabilised outcomes in your favour.

Keep Your Cool

Can you name someone who doesn’t enjoy winning? No, right? No one enjoys losing. When you achieve a winning streak and get success using no deposit bonuses, you strive hard to keep up with that. Earning some extra pounds is always pleasing. However, in certain situations, you will have to face losses.

  • Never be afraid of losing.
  • You must keep up your composure and wait for the outcome to become a successful pro gambler.
  • The more you keep your cool, the better the decisions you make.

Learn a Little About the Well-Known Gambling Professionals

Even though there aren’t many well-known professional gamblers, a few have made it big and are now household names. The most well-known of these is Billy Walters. He has had great success in all gambling-related fields. His professional life got underway in the 1980s when he was hired by the Computer Group, a pioneer in sports betting that employed algorithms to forecast results.

Walters now views himself more as a successful businessman than a gambler. He became a millionaire thanks to his aptitude for sports betting.

Sports Betting

He is so excellent, in fact, that he now needs runners to place bets on his behalf because the main sportsbooks in Las Vegas have strict rules for high rollers and have a history of closing down accounts for too much success. One of his primary tactics is to mix in some bets that are meant to lose with others that are meant to win in order to manipulate the odds in his favour.

This kind of analysis is what distinguishes the greatest level of gambling from the others. Although he is not the only professional gambler of his sort, he is undoubtedly among the wealthiest and most successful ever.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a serious gambler, you must achieve the right balance to improve your quality of life. Even though it might not be simple, it is possible. Therefore, these suggestions should ease your life as a professional gambler a little.

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