A New Era of Online Comments and Communities

Voice changes everything

Voice is changing the way we interact, think and work online. Speech recognition tech is better than ever, online searches are changing to accommodate voice queries and voice AI like Alexa and Siri are effectively running our diaries and lives for us. Voice is coming to the fore because it is powerful, personal and has major advantages compared to text, video and images. It’s fast, easy, fun and extremely convenient (which suits Millennials and Gen Z who are demanding a world of faster and more efficient connectedness). It’s also perfect for on-the-go interactions.

Meet Heyoya

One of the most exciting new innovations in voice tech is voice comments. While comments have always been essential to online publishing, blogs, and basically anyone who has any kind of website, the way we use them and the technologies they are based on have been rapidly evolving. This is where Heyoya comes in. Heyoya is a new voice comments platform that builds community and lets your readers be heard.

Heyoya aims to create a meaningful online conversation between publishers and site visitors. The internet is a red ocean crowded with communications. Voice offers a way to stand out and be something different. Heyoya’s voice comments platform makes for engaged readers because every interaction is personal. When that happens, website owners benefit from higher credibility, better user retention, improved content quality, SEO, and more conversions.

Voice is easy to use

Heyoya is first and foremost completely free and very easy to install (you just need to copy and paste one simple line of code). It also has a fast loading time, which won’t interfere with your site loading time, and in 2019 this is a must. Readers can simply and easily record and share voice comments with a click of a button (and these comments can even be shared on social media for a bigger and better conversion). High quality interactions are the building blocks of a powerful online community, and Heyoya is an essential tool to begin your community building.

Be authentic and personal

In a world where everyone is online and has something to say, what stands out most is two things – personalization, and authenticity. Voice allows for both, and Heyoya has some great features to make things even more personal. For starters, the platform is highly customizable, so fonts, colors and images can all be edited to reflect your brand. And if you are worried about choosing between voice and text – don’t be. You still have the options of text (alongside rich media like video, images and GIFs) and your readers can mix and match the modes they feel most comfortable with.

New revenue streams

As well as the community building aspect of Heyoya, it also has a number of options for monetizing a site and generating revenue, so if you are looking to add a hassle free revenue stream to your life this is a great way to do so. The main option is below-the-fold ads. These are based on content that readers have shown interest in and guarantee that all content will be personal, relevant, authentic, and never spam filled or unwanted.

Another option for monetization is Heyoya’s new notifications feature. By using this you can easily communicate with all site readers by sending out alerts that readers will be notified of. You can choose to send content or site messages or to use this channel to send out ads and special offers. The sky’s the limit with what you choose to do.

Amplify your site with Heyoya premium

There are additional customization features available with Heyoya’s Premium Amplify Plan. Opting in allows you to further customize the look and feel of the platform and gives you the opportunity to grow your community beyond your site.

Start today!

Adding voice to your site can help build your community and let your readers take an active part in what you are writing. Voice comments allow you to interact with your readers almost as you would face-to-face. This is ultimately much more meaningful (and much more fun) than sticking with the text comments most blogs and websites usually come with. The days of passively reading something and clicking away are officially over.

For more information on the new era of voice comments, click here.

Robyn Matthews started writing about technology when she was far too young and hasn't stopped. She spends most of his time obsessing over computer software and hardware, and loves talking about herself in third person.