How to Polity Decline a Job Offer

It is a coincidence in everybody’s life that when opportunity from all corners knocks on the doors at the same time and it gets challenging to choose and move ahead with the right decision. However, one has to make a decision particularly when it is related to job offers and accept the most suited one and decline the others.

Even rejecting a job offer needs to be done in a style so that the doors of the company are not permanently closed for you and you can approach them again in future for better prospects or a change due to other reasons. One should tactfully decline the job offers sighting proper and genuine reasons, and the declining should be done humbly. There may be many angles of declining a job offer and each need to be addressed accordingly.

decline a job offer

So, here through this article, we are providing you the smartest ways to decline a job offer due to salary, decline a job offer after acceptance, decline a job offer over the phone and decline a job offer while keeping the doors open for the future. You can face any of these situations in the near future so site comfortably and give this article a good read.

The Art of Declining A Job Offer Due To Salary

Many times it happens that the company is good but the salary offered to you is below your expectations and the experience. It is best to write to the organization about your inability to accept and join due to low salary. Many times it opens up the doors for salary negotiations and the organization may provide you with the needed pay.

However, if the salary negotiation fails, it is best to send a communication that although you were excited to share your experiences the low level of salary is the bottleneck and compelling you to decline the offer. Thank the organization for thinking of you as an eligible candidate.

Declining a Job Offer After Acceptance

In many cases, it happens that no sooner you have accepted a job offer; you have received another better offer. The second job might be as per your job profile and terms and conditions, and you are getting a higher salary, perks, and designation.  In this type of situations, it is best to write the first company about your inability to join them in spite of accepting their offer as you had got a better opportunity in some other company.

how to decline a job offer

One should write a letter and express the inability with regret and thank the interview team for spending their precious time and selecting you after the interview session. Write them that you expect that the organization will get another performer very soon. The communications should always be polite and in a soft tone so that the doors for future opportunity remain open for you. No one can say when you need a change. You may even say that the scope of the skills you feel to employ or the responsibility you want to take or your goals that you want to reach is missing at present in the job description, and there was no other reason to decline the offer.

Decline A Job Offer Keeping The Doors Open For Future

As you apply for a job, you are interviewed, but it is not 100% guaranteed that you will be employed. Many times the employer rejects the candidate as the organization goals are not to be fulfilled recruiting the candidate. They often politely decline the candidature wishing good luck and stating that if there is any future need, then they will revert. The organization keeps the door open.

Similarly, if you want to decline a job offer but want to keep the doors open, state your inability for the same but show some interest or eagerness in the communication to share your experience at the right time if the need arises. Thank them and remain personally in touch with the top brass who have interviewed you. It ends a positive vibe that you are serious about your job affairs. Making friends and staying in touch keeps your doors open for the future.

Leaving Doors Open for Future

Declining A Job Offer Over The Phone

With the opening of the internet highways, these days’ job offers and job declines are mostly done through emails. As you decline the job offer over email, it is always one step better to communicate the same to the concerned person about your inability to accept the offer. Thank the person for the time and energy spent while interviewing you and it is always better to say that you were honored to be selected, but some other constraints are forcing you to turn down the offer.

A phone call after sending emails works as wonders and creates a bonding of emotion and sympathy. Also, tell the concerned person on the other side of the phone that you will be in touch with them or they may feel free to contact you anytime if there is any requirement in the future. This way friendship begins. After all, you are declining a job offer and not declaring war. So polite and humble words over phone work as bonding and one never knows when or how the paths might again meet. You can even suggest some of your friend’s name giving them references for recruitment if they deem fit.

decline job offer on phone


Whatever may be the consequences of declining an offer for the job, it should always be communicated to the prospective employer without just ignoring the offer and sitting silently. Nobody knows where and when you will again meet each other. The doors should always be kept open. Your ignorance in declining the job offer only projects your arrogance. One should always humbly and gracefully decline any job offer in writing and if possible followed by verbal communication over phone expressing the gratitude for selecting you for the job role and your inability to accept the offer.

Turning down a job offer is not a great deal when you have alternatives in your pocket, but you should always feel that when there were no alternatives, the job offer you are rejecting was precious. The explanation of the reason for rejecting the job offer should be brief, but the decline letter and communication should highlight your professionalism thanking the organization for thinking of you as a right candidate for the post and the job. Job offer rejection should always be done in a humble & graceful way.

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