Best 10 Sites For Outsource Job Search

We are currently living in a time when more people choose jobs totally different from the traditional employer-employee model. More people are venturing into freelancing daily, and the figure is expected to rise with the years. It can be correctly described as a thing of the 21st century, people are no longer satisfied with answering to schedules that box them in and constrain them from doing tasks they rarely enjoy.

Most people who choose to freelance have a couple of options to choose from – they either go solo and choose from several online freelance jobs available on different platforms. Or they can still choose the pathway of agencies that recruit for other companies and get registered with them. These companies are called outsource, or recruitment agencies. The only thing you need to look at such a service is your resume. Therefore, it is better to turn to professional resume services. They get you prepared to freelance on a job by guiding you through all the necessary checks, composing a job-worthy resume and ensuring that the person is fully briefed on the job.

There are a lot of platforms suited for either of the options above. Hence, it is important to find the best freelancing sites that is sure of getting something tangible to do.

Job Search

Here are ten sites we feel have something worthy to offer freelancers:

1. Guru

Guru is the site for some of the most unique services found in the online world. With a densely rich job database and a base of more than 1.5 million members, it’s among the sites you would want to consider as a full-time freelancer.

2. Demand Media

Content matters. Good content is a necessity. And it is what Demand Media seeks to promote, by employing all types of writers including those who have years of experience working with different writing services. All the writers are required to undergo compulsory checks, thereby ensuring that employers don’t get stressed trying to find out if the freelancer they hired is competent or not.

3. Damongo

Damongo can be said to be an upgraded alternative to Fiverr, especially when considering the price. This is because while Fiverr operates with $5 jobs, Damongo allows posting of jobs that offer more than $5 in pay, up to $100. This site is also a good place to start for website designers.

4.   Upwork

From writing scripts for Hollywood movies to transcribing audios of conferences, and interviews – Upwork has that and more. One of the most popular freelance hubs worldwide, Upwork is also a diverse market where freelancers can market their talents and get spotted by worthy employers.

5. Behance

Graphic designers, get in here! Behance is considered to be the world’s leading design platform online because it incorporates into itself all levels of graphic designers from entry level to super advanced. Also, designers on this site are known to create outstanding masterpieces that beat the original idea given to them by employers.

6. Zirtual

For those looking to expand their skills as virtual assistants, this is the platform to go. Zirtual serves as the perfect connection between busy CEOs seeking an extra pair of hands and the job seekers able to carry out the job for ‘those hands’. It’s a fresh breath of air for busy managers, and everyone is settled – the VA gets payment, and the employer gets an organized schedule.

7. Fiverr

Although a fixed price of $5 might not be what people expect, Fiverr is still a great place to begin for an upcoming resume expert, web developer, graphic designer and a host of other professions.

8. Toptotal

For a selection of the best web developers, code-savvy experts, and designers, Toptotal is a platform worth checking out. The website provides employers with access to the best opportunities. As an advanced professional who has the skills needed to design a website that hosts movies online, Toptotal is the perfect place to pitch your talent and get paid at your convenience.

9. 99designs

The leading site for getting logos to represent any brand. If this is your expertise, with 99designs you have a chance to submit your logo entries into a number of contests at the end of which the best one meeting the set requirements is rewarded. The platform is valued by designers for its flexibility.

10. iWriter

Writers are having a field day in freelancing opportunities, and this site gives many of such chances. You should check this site out as a stay-at-home writer – there are some good deals and offers that are sure to give your earnings a boost as the time goes by.

Charu decided to unite her Honors Degree in New Media and lifetime of geekiness to pursue a career in tech and gaming journalism. You can usually find her writing about a variety of topics and drooling over new gadgets and games.