Save Money for Your Kids Future Wisely with U-Nest iPhone App

Every parent loves their kids unconditionally. Parents help their them, support them, guide them, and do everything in their potential to make their children’s’ present, as well as future, secure. If you are a responsible parent, then I am sure you are keeping your kid’s present safe by being available for them at all times. However, when it comes to the future, the best thing you can do for them is to save money for your kids’ education.

Education is quintessential since it opens opportunities and lays the road for your kids to travel to the future safely. But, higher education is costly – it’ll be a big burden when the expense comes and you don’t have any savings. The wise move is to start saving a small amount on a regular basis for your kids’ education as early as you can.

There are so many fields of education and so, if you are confused about what field your kids pick when they grow up or you don’t have any general idea about educational expenses, then U-Nest app is here! Not just to provide tips but also to offer a system in which you can plan and automatically save money for your kid’s education regularly.

U-Nest Feat

What is U-Nest?

U-Nest is a financial advisory and planning app to help you save money for your kids future. It’s an easy-to-use app which provides you with a tax-free savings option for your child’s education. Even if you don’t have any idea about education and its expenses, with U-Nest, you will not only be able to save money for kids but at a level that suits your wallet.

The tax advantages U-Nest provides are not known by the majority of parents so, without these tips, they miss the opportunity to save taxes and end up in only reducing their return. U-Nest puts your money in the correct places so you’ll never miss any opportunity that allows you to create tax-free savings for your children.

It is developed for parents of every income group making U-Nest an essential app for your iPhone.

How U-Nest Works?

The U-Nest app is just a 4-step process which will hardly take you 5 minutes. Firstly, you need to install the U-Nest app on your iPhone. So, search it in app store and install the app in your iPhone from there.

Now, you will be asked to signup/login. You can also calculate a monthly savings plan without signing up but I would recommend signing up straight away. You will be able to set a savings plan for your kid’s future according to the desired investment options, then connect your bank account to save money on a regular basis and manage it anytime.

u-nest features

So, signup or, if you’ve already done so, proceed with login to your U-Nest account.

Now, use the simple college savings calculator to establish a monthly contribution plan for your kid. Set your future goal and the contribution amount which is right for you.

Finally, just add your bank and you are all set. Your selected amount will securely be debited from your bank account and credited your kid’s U-Nest tax-free savings account. Now, you can see reports about your savings in U-Nest account monthly, expand the transaction, manage/change the contribution amount, and view report in graphs/chart and progress report.

Some cool features of U-Nest

U-Nest comes with a lot of features to make your savings secure and accurate. Read below to know some of many important features that U-Nest is offering you:

  • Firstly, the app provides a college savings calculator to give suggestions about the optimal amount that you should save regularly
  • It provides investment options according to university type: Public, Out of State, Private
  • U-Nest lets you save money in a tax-free way
  • It lets you connect U-Nest directly to your bank account for the automatic monthly contribution
  • Safe data protection for your financial information and secure transactions.
  • You can connect multiple accounts and start multiple savings inside a single U-Nest app.
  • A full report, selective transaction history, graphs to make your progress more insightful
  • Simple personal monthly advisory option also available.

Wrapping it Up

You can start saving as little as $25 per month for your kid’s education and future which makes U-Nest ideal for parents of every income group. And, with so many features, smart tricks, detailed reporting, flexibility, and management U-Nest is probably the most important app that every concerned parent should install in their iPhone.

So, if you haven’t, install U-Nest app and start saving money for your kids future smartly.

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