How to Better Organize Your Future

A lot of people have a tough time organizing their lives, which is nothing unusual. With all the work and other obligations one person might have, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to think about what you’re going to do next week, let alone next month or a year. But nobody is born organized. You have to work on it and perfect it, like any other skill.

The future starts today, and unless you want to try a psychic reading, you’ll have to tailor it by yourself. Below are some tips on how to organize your life better so you can expect a brighter future.

Welcome to Future

Start Small

If your life is a total mess, you can’t exactly fix it up in a jiffy. You can start small by arranging your fridge magnets, for example. Sort out the files on your computer, which will save you a lot of effort next time you’re doing something on it. Organize your wardrobe and don’t let clothes get scattered around in your apartment. All of this will take less than an hour to do, and you surely have time for it.

Make Lists

One way to better plan your near future is by putting the stuff you want to do on a piece of paper. Approximate how much time you need for every task so that you don’t put too much stuff for a single day. Making a list of this kind is the easy part. Sticking by it is what most people have a hard time with. You might start by fulfilling your tasks in the first few days but lose interest afterward. Be persistent and do not let this happen to you.

Don’t Dwell on Your Past Dreams

If you wanted to become an astronaut when you were a kid, you should’ve probably given up on that dream by now, and that’s okay. We all had big goals when we were younger, at the time when we didn’t even know what life was really like. Just because you wanted to be a famous actress when you were growing up doesn’t mean that you’re an underachiever and that you should feel sorry for betraying your younger self. See things from a different perspective and make more realistic goals from now on.

Keep Your Free Time Under Control

We know how watching TV shows and movies can last until the sun rises, and that can mess up your whole day ahead. Don’t procrastinate too much. Allow yourself some lazy time once in a while but keep it to a minimum. Use your free time to fulfill a hobby instead. If you don’t have anything smarter to do, clean your house or wash the dishes. It won’t clean itself, you know.

Stick by Your Career of Choice

Many people choose to keep their jobs because it provides them with financial security, although they are not happy doing it. It’s not easy to quit from your work and start all over again, but your future self might thank you for it. If you’re not down for going into a loop, doing the same 9-to-5 routine and eating pizza after pizza just so you can afford a new TV, a couch, or a piece of clothing you really like and lie to yourself by saying “I’m doing just fine”, will not truly satisfy you. Work on something that you actually enjoy, even if it means eating canned food for a while so that you can survive.

Find the Right Person

Being a bachelor or a bachelorette for a while can be fun. You are open to experiencing new relationships and exploring your sexuality. But this can’t go on forever. Sooner or later, you need to start settling down with someone, and while this may sound like your mom and dad speaking, it’s the hard truth. Growing old alone is not what anyone should wish for, and that’s why finding the right person is so important. You need to have someone who understands you and whom you can openly share your feelings with. We know, not everyone is lucky to be with the love of their life, but there’s certainly someone out there who is willing to spend their entire future with you.


All the stuff we wrote above might be what you have already known by yourself. However, this doesn’t change the fact that your future is going to be what you make it. So, get off your butt, stop reading this, and fight to have a better and happier tomorrow.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.