Ace a Phone Interview with these 15 Extremely Powerful Tips

It is quite common to feel nervous when one is about to go on for a face-to-face interview round. Most of the people tend to make silly mistakes in their interview because of the fact that they are nervous. Interviews nowadays, take place both over the phone or face-to-face depending on the company. However, interviews over the phone are considered to be more challenging as a person might have less chances of impressing the interviewer.

Phone Interview

Most people tend to think that just because they are not in front of the interviewer so they can forget their interview etiquettes. This is a very wrong thinking and a misconception that people tend to have. The fact that phone interviews have become more common these days makes it even more necessary for a person to prepare themselves for the same.

Before one appears for a phone interview it is important that they prepare themselves accordingly. Let us look into some of the most effective tips that can help one crack their telephonic interview round with ease and less effort.

15 Powerful Tips to Ace a Phone Interview

  1. Preparing Oneself- One is expected to prepare themselves the night before the interview. A person needs to evaluate their past roles and activities that they have performed. It is common to forget some of the activities that one may have performed in the past as they head towards the future. This is why a revaluating session is considered to be extremely important and vital.
  2. Giving Telephonic InteriewBe Reasonable- One needs to be very clear about their reasons to leave their present job. Along with it a person also needs to be very clear in their intention of joining the new organization. The reason should be a strong one or else you may lose out on points there.
  3. Sound Energetic- One also needs to sound energetic while getting interviewed over the phone. This is the number one thing that is noticed by the interviewer that whether the person is high or low in energy. Most of the people tend to fail in their second round because of showing low energy and losing their composure over the phone.
  4. Make Preparations- Simply due to the fact that you are being interviewed over the phone doesn’t mean that one shall not prepare themselves for the same. If you wish to reach the second round then you are required to prepare yourself. Go through the important interview questions over the phone in order to get an idea.
  5. Practice- Practice your pitch before you actually make an appearance for the phone interview. You need to sound confident over the phone. Even if the interviewer cannot see you he/she may very well figure out that whether you are confident or not. Confidence is the key to crack through an interview.
  6. Make your impression right- One needs to remember that the first impression is supposed to be the last impression in most cases. Even if one is over the phone they need to provide a good impression on the interviewer. However, one should not overdo it in any way.
  7. Body Language does count- One may think that they are not visible to the interviewer which is why their body language doesn’t count. However, according to a study it has been found that the tone of one’s voice is very much dependent on their body language. If a person fails to maintain the right body language, then they may sound odd over the phone which can easily be detected by an experienced interviewer. Therefore, there is every need for a person to maintain their body language, even while interviewing over the phone.
  8. A smile is a must- Another important thing that one needs to keep in mind is to smile during the conversation. One cannot sound too serious or rude over the phone, therefore, a bit of smiling is always appreciated.
  9. Calm Your Mind- Before you sit for the interview round you need to make sure that you are calm enough to take the interview. Take a few deep breaths in order to calm your mind. This will help you to better focus on your interview and thus, you will be able to answer the questions sensibly.get comfortable
  10. Research about the company- One needs to do a thorough research about the company before they sit for the interview. There are 90% chances that the interviewer will ask questions about the company. Therefore, one needs to be prepared for it. This shows the interest of the person in the company and in the job.
  11. Maintaining your manners- One also needs to maintain their manners while talking to the interviewer over the phone. One needs to portray themselves as properly mannered to the interviewer.
  12. Ask questions- One also needs to ask questions in return to the interviewer. This shows one’s confidence and interaction skills. However, the questions should be related to the job and nothing personal.
  13. Pick the right location- One also needs to pick the right location in order to sit for the phone interview. A person needs to select a location where there is no disturbances or noise that will interrupt the interview.Best Phone Interview Location
  14. Get comfortable- If a person is not comfortable then it can be difficult for them to talk to the interviewer over the phone. Therefore, one needs to first make sure to get themselves comfortable before taking the interview call.
  15. Say thank you- One should also keep in mind to say a thank you and be polite at the end of the interview. This is a part of good manners which one needs to show to the interviewer. All this is actually taken into account by the interviewer and thus, it will help a person to increase their chances of getting the second round.

When sitting for a phone interview a person needs to be less nervous. Nervousness can completely ruin the entire interview for a person and therefore, a person needs to be more confident and less nervous while sitting for a telephonic interview round.

With the tips mentioned above, one can easily crack through their phone interview round provides that they follow all the tips properly.

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