Add Powerful Forms to WordPress Site using RegistrationMagic

WordPress provides the easiest platform to develop website. If you are even a little technical, you don’t need any web developer to create a website using WordPress. Not only this, it has more far more features, plugins & support forms to help you out with anything you want to implement in your website. That’s why 60% of the total websites use WordPress.

If you have a business website which is on WordPress, then with all the essential tools you are using for content, SEO, sliders, design & security, you also need a powerful plugin for WordPress forms. Most of the website’s conversion are tracked by forms whether it is for login/signup, newsletter subscription, service plan or any other thing. So, it is essential to have a powerful WordPress forms in order to properly track your business growth and for this, you won’t find any better form builder than RegistrationMagic. RegistrationMagic lets you create any WordPress Registration Forms with full flexibility and analytics.

RegistrationMagic WordPress Forms

RegistrationMagic Forms for WordPress

RegistrationMagic allows you to create unlimited forms in your WordPress account and in every form, you can add unique unlimited forms according to your requirements. Whether you want to add text input fields, number input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menu, slider, payments, file upload button or any other elements to your form, RegistrationMagic lets you add anything through its simple drag and drop interface.

Each form can be totally unique or if you want, you can copy a form also whether to use it directly for any other purpose or extend it according to your new requirements. Analytics is essential and RegistrationMagic has put special focus in analytics & reporting for its service. You can track analytics of all forms you’ve ever created using RegistrationMagic.

Form Analytics

You can know success rate, failure rate of the form, view stats of choices users have frequently used, compare your services, plans according to user’s choice and satisfaction level which is very important as it allows you to make decision about your service. You can view reports from any form in simple table format, pie charts, graph, and export them in CSV/Excel file if you want.

Check out WordPress Registration Form for full step-by-step tutorial on how to create WordPress Forms using RegistrationMagic.

Handling WordPress Users with RegistrationMagic

WordPress provides very general form for signup but thanks to RegistrationMagic because the service is not only capable to handle WordPress user registration but it also lets you add new fields to your WordPress registration form to suit the need of your business. Whether you want to make your user registration form more stylish or whether you want to get more details from users at the time of registration, you can do both.

Login Form Builder

The capability of RegistrationMagic doesn’t just end here, it manages your WordPress users too and hence, lets you view entered details or a user, edit its profile details, manage privileges and even deactivate a user without deleting directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Whether you run a WooCommerce store, business website, BuddyPress social network, forum or just a normal WordPress Blog, RegistrationMagic makes task of handling orders, submissions and  signups way too easy for through the simple WordPress user registration plugin which is even available at WordPress repository to download for free.

Wrapping it Up

The only plugin you need to handle users, orders and payments is RegistrationMagic. Most of the features which this form builder is offering are nowhere to found in WordPress built-in form or any other plugin. So, if you haven’t used it till now, install it and start using highly flexible, fully customized form with total user control, observe their stats to plan your strategy. With lesser efforts, you will be able to get more results for online business performance and I’m sure your business will get a strong boost once you start using all features of RegistrationMagic form builder effectively.

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