[Infographic] Barack Obama Résumé: Would You Hire This Unemployed US President?

So, Barack Obama has finally retired from his prestigious job of being US President for 8 years (20 January 2009 – January 20, 2017). He said goodbye to the glorious White House, Donald Trump comes in. And, now what? The former US President is unemployed. When Mr. Barack Obama was at his post of being the most powerful person in the world and even before these 8 years of presidency when he was at some different job, Obama did many unique and impressive jobs.

Some of them worth mentioning are: Elimination of Osama bin Laden, passing Health Care Reform, finally putting an end of war in Iraq. Barack Obama has impressive personality, skills and nature. He has good level of education in both Law and Politics. He has wrote two very popular books and won many awards. The reason I am telling you all these details is that, as the person is unemployed now, will you hire him?

Will you hire former US President Barack Obama? Okay, now this gets really serious. Though it is nothing more than a fantasy that Mr. Obama will come to your industry taking his résumé asking for a job or vacancy. BUT, it’s obviously not about president Obama. It’s about you, your assessment skills.

Below I am sharing infographic résumé created by Kickresume.com of former US President Barack Obama and I want you to go through it very carefully and tell whether you will hire Mr. Barack Obama in your company. Please tell also which post is best suited for Mr. President because this is internet and who knows if Mr. Barack Obama randomly bump to this article while browsing web? As this website has always a bad habit to rank high in search engines. 😉 So, you see, it will only be help or rather delightful for him to know.

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