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Internet was supposed to be boundless so that any user can access any type of information, view & download any stuff he/she may be interested in. It was meant to provide free flow of information without any restriction but that ideal internet connection is just available in the pages of some old networking book.

Whether you’re from America, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, India or any other country, you’ll find many websites blocked in your region. Some of them might be restricted by website owners but most of them are banned by country’s government and your ISP. They don’t want you to visit those websites even if you are paying for a full internet access. Movie Streaming, Torrent, Gaming, Sports, Dating, Adult and sometimes many important research & news websites are also blocked from your region even if they are available worldwide.

You cannot always fight against the government or big telecom companies who have restricted your internet usage. Instead,  you can play smart and use DefenceVPN which will let you access any blocked website, app and service while making your internet ultra-secure from hackers, ISP and government who are tracking your web browsing activities.

Defence VPN

What is DefenceVPN & How it Works?

DefenceVPN is a top-notch Virtual Private Network (VPN) service which tunnels your internet connection through a secure passage that makes it fully anonymous, ultra-safe & 100% untraceable. It lets you unblock any website or app that are otherwise restricted by your ISP or the service owners themselves. To do this, DefenceVPN hides your original IP address and changes it to the IP address of any of 20+ DefenceVPN servers available worldwide. In this way, you can choose the country’s IP where the blocked service is available while faking your geographic location at the same time too.

This way, you can enjoy US Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Skype, Video & Music Streaming Services, Radio, Chatrooms, Games, etc. which are otherwise restricted to use by only United States users or users of any specific country/region from anywhere around the world my shifting to that country’s IP using DefenceVPN servers.

Though it appears quite complicated to achieve but DefenceVPN has made it a piece of cake by providing you apps for both desktop and mobile platforms which lets you shift to DefenceVPN ultra-secure connection in just one click and browse any blocked website, app or service instantly. I will show you how easy is it to use DefenceVPN in order to enjoy unrestricted web browsing within a moment but before that let’s check out some of the most amazing features of DefenceVPN which clearly makes this service stand from other similar services.

Top Features of DefenceVPN

When it comes to fast speed and security, Defence VPN consists of some high-end features that you can only expect from a military grade software. There might be different subscription plans of the service but all of them come equipped with at least these features.

Defence VPN Features

Double Data Encryption

All other VPNs available in the market provide a medium level security which provides one level of data encryption but Defence VPN goes as far to provide the double data encryption to every single bit of data you send or receive on the internet. No matter how much attackers or government try to track you down or steal your information, they won’t be able to come even close to this aim.

Blazing Fast Servers

DefenceVPN has 22 secure servers around the world. All of these servers are equipped with the best resources and fastest speed. So, whether you want to change your IP to that of USA or Singapore, you will still be able to access the internet at blazing fast speed as you normally would but this time, your internet is secure, your identity is hidden and you have faked your IP address to look mimicking the user from different country and hence, you’ll be able to gain access to all the websites, apps, services, videos, etc. which are blocked in your region.

Hands-Free Setup

DefenceVPN supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems. So, it is available to install on all your devices. Installation is also made very easy. You can directly search DefenceVPN in Android or iOS app stores and install the respective apps for your devices. For Windows or Mac operating system and also Android/iOS, you can visit DefenceVPN download page and grab DefenceVPN for your device.

Open the downloaded file and proceed to installation which prompts download location, user agreements, etc. informative windows. Click Next and finally “Install” and DefenceVPN will be installed in your system.

Now, all you need is to open the installed DefenceVPN app and log in to it using your account credentials and, you’re ready to use DefenceVPN to its full potential.

Features of DefenceVPN

Other important features

  • No Logging – Unlike other VPN providers, Defence VPN doesn’t keep any log about user browsing data on its server. So, Your privacy is always protected. Neither your web browsing behavior nor personal credentials are saved anywhere.
  • Automatic Kill Switch – If you are online through Defence VPN and for any reason, if its secure server went down, that doesn’t remove your protection, using the Automatic Kill Switch, you can shut down the internet connection automatically so that you won’t get exposed to the unsecured internet.
  • P2P Friendly – Other VPN services limit P2P connections and hence you might feel slow downloading, streaming in torrent clients but not with Defence VPN. Defence VPN doesn’t limit P2P connections so, you will still be able to download the content at the fastest speed possible with full security.

Pricing & Availability

The price of DefenceVPN service is very reasonable. DefenceVPN monthly plan is available at just $9.99 per month but if you purchase its half yearly plan, it will cost you $6.65 per month and if you go for the yearly plan then it will cost you $4.99 per month only. So, under $5 per month, you can not only secure your internet connection with double encryption to protect your privacy but also unblock websites, apps, services, content and videos blocked in your area.

DefenceVPN Pricing

Wrapping it Up

A good VPN is identified by the level of protection and number of servers it is providing to its users. In both these factors, DefenceVPN surpasses other popular VPN services available in the market. Any VPN rarely provides double-encryption but DefenceVPN is providing it for all its customers at a very reasonable rate. Moreover, the speed of servers is just incredible and the team is adding more and more servers to provide you with more countries & IP address to shift on. I am myself using DefenceVPN and I never feel and browsing, streaming or downloading speed issue with DefenceVPN.

So, if you are in need of a good VPN, go ahead with purchasing DefenceVPN as it will give you the best value of your money. Setup is easy, you can use it in all your devices with a single account and if you ever face any issue, the DefenceVPN support team is available 24/7 to help you out with your problems.

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