How to Gain Followers on Twitch

The business of internet content is expanding globally like wildfire with every passing day, with the increase in internet users and platforms. One such online content streaming platform is Twitch, famous around the world.

Statistics show that there are more than 2 million users around the globe who stream content regularly on Twitch every month. So if you’re out there planning to begin creating content on Twitch. Or if you’ve been doing it for some time already but don’t seem to have gained much success, this article is meant for you.

Here we’ll be discussing an effective strategy and tactics to gain followers on twitch so that you make the most out of your content. Before we begin, let’s get a better understanding of Twitch, and how it works.

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What Is Twitch?

As we mentioned earlier, Twitch is one of the most popular online streaming platforms. Twitch caters to content consumers of a particular genre- Video Games. Using twitch, you can have access to many video game contents that are shared continuously in real time. Apart from the live streaming, Twitch also lets users and artists exhibit their strategy and work to other users in its ‘Creative’ section.

Like most social media platforms, Twitch’s algorithm analyzes the kind of content you consume and then connects you with more of similar material, as well as a broad community of other users who are using the same content. Like any other content-based platform, success on Twitch is also just a game of numbers. The number of views you get on your content, the number of uploads and live streams you do, and most importantly, the number of followers you have.

The higher these numbers go, the more you can earn from your Twitch content. Your followers can donate your money through the donate button that you can enable your content.

Tips To Increase Your Twitch Followers:

1) A right Social Media Strategy:

Connectivity is an essential factor to success in the content game. And the more connected you are, the easier it will be. Strategize an excellent social media marketing plan to expand your twitch content’s exposure to users over the world.

There are tonnes of Twitch users who promote their twitch content on favorite social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Through posts, shout-outs, promotions, giveaways, and other methods. This draws users’ attention towards their twitch content, and their follower base expands vigorously in no time. So you can also buy twitch followers.

Develop an excellent social media promotion plan; let your followers know about upcoming content, listen to their queries, conduct Q&A sessions, let them in on some secret strategies you use in your games, and before you know it your viewership will start expanding dramatically.

2) Offline Twitch Events

Apart from online promotion through social media and other platforms, word of mouth publicity is the best publicity. There are numerous Twitch events conducted offline throughout tue world every day. Events like Meetings, gatherings, workshops, tournaments, and what not. Attend these events, make your presence felt, and connect with as many users as you can.

Try collaborating with fellow content creators, which will drive their followers to you, and yours to them. Some notable events that you should not miss if you’re planning to gain exposure on Twitch are Twitch Con, MineCon, Supanova, and PAX.

3) Observe other Twitch users

No matter what kind of content you are planning to share on twitch, there are always people who have been doing it successfully for some time. Take some time out of your schedule to observe the kind of content they create and share, the methods they use, the ways they interact with their followers and try your best to connect with them by being responsive and active in chats. This way, they’ll soon become aware of you, and you can join with them to learn the strategies they use and share their follower base.

4) Invest in Appearance:

Always remember, the First impression is the last impression. Like we said earlier, twitch’s algorithms direct users to content that is similar to the kind of material they have been exploring.

So that means some users consume content identical to yours and are being directed to your content on a daily basis. So you must play games as soon as they are released. If you don’t have that much budget then, You may use Torrents sites. Most of them are banned but you can use Kickass proxy to access them easily. But you don’t just want them to visit your work. You want them to stay, to follow you, and to become regular customers of your content. And if you have a good layout on your twitch page. That will leave a great impression on them, and make them more likely to follow you. So invest in excellent graphics, layouts, and high-quality content as much as you can, because eventually, it will pay.

5) Work Smart, Play hard.

Before you start creating content, make sure that it’s not on something that’s extremely popular or extremely unknown. Because it will be tough to gain a large viewership in both cases. Instead, smartly observe recently growing trends. Create content that is on a game. And that is on the verge of popularity soon, because trends on the internet spread very fast. And if you have been creating content for a while on a pattern that recently broke the internet. Your account will be followed by tonnes of trend-following users.


So this was our tested and working strategy on expanding the number of followers on Twitch. The above approaches are well used. These are also recommended by not only us but also many leading Twitch streamers who have millions of followers on Twitch. So take a look at them, analyze the trends, devise your strategy while keeping in mind these tactics, and soon you’ll have a plethora of followers on Twitch.

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