All the Information You Need About LED Strip Lights

The LED Strip Lights are also referred to as the LED ribbon or LED tape lights. These are a circuit board that is embedded with surface mounted light-emitting diodes. This is abbreviated as the SMD LED. There are other components on the strip as well. These have an adhesive backing. LED Strip Lights are mainly used in decorative electrical appliances, task lighting, backlighting, and accent lighting.

However, the current LED Strip lights have increased luminous efficiency. This is a result of the high-powered surface-mounted diodes. This feature is utilized by using the LED Strip Lights for a variety of purposes. These include fluorescent fixture replacements, halogen replacements, ultraviolet inspections used in certain manufacturing processes, costume and set designs, and more.

LED Strip Lights

Types of LED Strip Lights

There are broadly four types of LED Strip Lights that are used on a large scale. Depending on the requirement, one needs to switch from one type to another when purchasing and using the LED Strip Lights. The four types of LED Strip Lights have been briefly described below:-

  • AC LED Flex Strip – This type of LED Strip Lights are flexible strip lights laid out straight from the outlet. These are simple plug-in lights and are, therefore, easy to use.
  • High Output LED Strips – These are the LED Strip Lights that are mounted on the rigid strips onboard drivers. Circuitry from Luxeon, Nichia, and Cree are also embedded and mounted on the strips.
  • DC LED Flex Strips – These are the 12v LED strip lights that have adhesive backings. This makes the mounting process easy, and one can cut these to measure two inches. These LED Strip Lights are available as 30 LEDs/M or 60 LEDs/ M and are usually waterproof.
  • LED Rope Light – The LED rope lights are Omni-directional and encased in the standard category’s rope light packaging.

LED Strip Colours

The LED Strip Lights are available in numerous colors. They are also available in RGB or multi-color strips. The most common LED Strip Lights are available in one fixed color. LED Strip Lights are available in green, yellow, red, neutral white, warm white, cool white, blue, and ultraviolet (UV).

The RGB strips are usually color-changing LED strips. These strips change colors in the Red-Green-Blue combination. The changes can be in the form of flashes or set to any one of the colors. This is done by remote control.

Another important concept related to the colors of the LED Strip Lights is the color temperature. The color temperature helps differentiate between the types of white colors that the LED Strip lights are capable of producing. These temperatures are indicative of how cool or warm will the LED lights appear.

The temperature is measured in Kelvin. The cool colors are seen in the form of a bluish hue and are representative of high temperatures. A yellowish light, similar to that of a bulb, represents warmer colors with lower temperatures.

Advantages of LED Strip Lights

The LED Strip Lights have numerous advantages that make it one of the smartest lighting options. The most common LED Strip Lights are the 12v LED strip lights. Some advantages are as follows:-

  • The majority of LED Strip Lights come with adhesive in the back. This makes it very easy to install. One can peel and stick the lights at the desired location.
  • The LED Strip Lights are extremely efficient and save a lot of energy. These use 75% less energy than other halogen and fluorescent lights. The energy consumption is 50% less when compared with the CFL. Therefore, these are a superior source of light.
  • The LED Strip Lights are eco-friendly and do not contain harmful toxins. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as mercury. Thus, there is no serious health risk and does not have any special requirement for disposal. Most of the LED Strip Lights can be recycled as well.
  • These LED lights are flexible to use and can be attached and installed to any desired surface and molded into any desired shape.
  • The durability of the LED Strip Lights is one of the most noteworthy features or advantages. They are built with durable material that can withstand harsh conditions, external impacts, and heavy vibrations.
  • The LED Strip Lights are initially more expensive than other lighting sources. However, they are still more cost-effective than the others. This is because they are highly durable and have a longer lifespan.
  • LED Strip Lights are available in ribbons or tubes that are waterproof. Therefore, these can also be used in vehicles, outdoor spaces, and fish tanks.

How to Install LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights Home Ideas

LED Strip Lights are very easy to install. These are ready to use in a few simple steps that are enlisted below:-

  1. One must ensure that the surface on which it has to be installed is clean and dry.
  2. The LED Strip Lights come in rolls. They must be carefully unrolled and then cut if needed.
  3. Once the above steps are followed, the adhesive can be peeled, and the lights can be stuck to the surface.

There are a few detailed technical steps that one must follow as well. The packaging also has specific directions of use for the ease and convenience of the users.

Lepro LED Strip Lights

Lepro is an online platform that has a variety of LED strip lighting to choose from. One can get simple single-colored LED lights as well as RGB LED Strip Lights. Lepro also has a variety of smart LED Strip Lights.

These have voice-control features and can be controlled through Google Home and Alexa. The wattage ranges from 0-4 to 40-69. Lepro offers strips starting from 6ft in length and goes up to 65ft. One can find dimmable and non-dimmable strip lights, and most LED Strip Lights are waterproof.

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