How Long Do Apples Last in a Refrigerator? (+BEST Practices)

Apple is such a versatile fruit that we all have been a culprit of buying them in too much quantity. And, what comes after that is wondering how long can we store these apples safely in the fridge.

Here’s How Long Do Apples Last in the Refrigerator:

On average, store-bought, fresh, and unwashed apples can last up to 6 to 8 weeks (1.5 to 2 months) in a refrigerator if they are whole apples and kept in separate containers. If you’ve washed the apples, they won’t last past 2 weeks. Sliced apples can last for only 4-6 days in the fridge.

If you want your apples to last as long as possible without their outer skin getting soft or full of black patches, then read this article till the end. Here, we’ve told you the best practices to keep your apples in their fresh condition implementing very simple hacks.

apples in refrigerator

How to properly store apples in the refrigerator?

Apple boasts of being a quintessential autumnal fruit. According to a survey in the United States, this fruit has got abundant supply round the year. September and October are the peak season. However, if someone requires this fruit in February, he would get this as fresh like been picked up from the tree recently. It is possible through Controlled – atmosphere storage.

It is a time-tested process that slows down the ripening of the fruit by storing it inside a sealed room. The fruits remain in the same condition due to the low temperature, reduced oxygen, and boosted humidity and carbon dioxide level. The controlled atmospheric storage helps the fruit to stay fresh four times longer than usual. According to various research, the fruit stays fresh for almost two to three months. However, the CA storage helps to extend its freshness for almost a year long.

According to research, you may store the whole apple in a humid place within a temperature between 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to increase the humidity, you may keep them inside a plastic bag and pierce it to allow air to pass. You may also wrap them with a damp paper towel.

We would notice the cut apples turn brownish. Hence, to prevent the brownish color, you may use the below-mentioned techniques.

  •  Solution of Salt and water Soak the apple slice into two cups of water. Apply one-quarter tablespoon of salt and rinse the apples in the solution. This mixture would prevent pieces from browning and can be stored or served fresh.
  •  The mixture of Lemon You may serve the apple slices tossed with lemon juice. You may distribute it as a fruit platter or use it in sweet recipes like apple crisps and pies.
  •  Lemon-lime Soda The pieces of apple turn delicious and also prevent from browning in a lemon-lime Soda. You may keep the slices in 7-up or Sprite for almost ten minutes. It would help the apple stay fresh for a couple of days.
    The browning of an apple does not harm technically. However, the color appears because of the chemical reaction while being exposed to air

Can I keep apples without a refrigerator outside?

We may keep the apples inside a refrigerator. However, the refrigeration would break down the crispy texture of the fruit. Apples can stay fresh if you protect them properly. It is a recommendation to prevent storing apples with any citrus fruits. It would lead to the over ripen of the apples. Simultaneously, they should not be kept with bananas because the apples would overripe the bananas.

While storing apples, you should make sure the storage area is dry and has got ventilation. You can use plastic bags or easy washable Bins. Moreover, these bins or storage places should be visible and accessible. It would help in taking care of the fruits and see their condition. If any apples tend to bruise, then they should be included in the lunch menu.

If in case you find the apple is rotting, then immediately it should be thrown out. Search for the rotten piece when you see the food flies around. One more recommendation that needs to be in mind is not to store apples or any other fruits along with the veggies.

How to tell if an apple has gone bad (rotted)?

A fresh apple has got firmness in its shell. The skin stays bright and pleasant. They would smell good, and you won’t see any bruises, discoloration, or soft spots.

It would taste juicy, and You can feel its crispiness while you bite an apple. Below mentioned indicators would help you to identify the freshness of an apple.

  •  Bruising spots
  •  Crinkled skins
  •  Brownish color or discoloration
  •  potholes over the fruit
  •  droplets coming out
  •  Slushiness in its texture
  •  Pulverized or sandy taste

Moreover, the appearance of an apple matters a lot. The physical signs indicate its expiration. It is a recommendation to discard those apples when they turn soft. The moisture can affect the apple and leads to contamination.


The aging apples often turn to be dangerous. The molds that we see on apples are due to micro-organisms. At times, this may cause to allergy or create respiratory reactions. Some of the micro-organisms help to yield mycotoxins, and it may lead to various foodborne illnesses. These mycotoxins are also known as patulin. They create Penicillium expansum species. If someone consumes patulin in large amounts, then it may lead to nausea.

Moreover, the consumption of rotten apples may also cause bleeding ulcers and leads to cancer. These mycotoxins may create various illnesses and can harm the immune level at a higher risk. Therefore, once you notice the mold on an apple, you should discard them instantly. It would help the other apples to stay fresh and also help the immune system to stay active.

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