Sell Fridge At Best Price Online / Offline (Tips That Work!)

There are so many modern & advanced refrigerators available in the market that all of us have thought of selling our current refrigerator and buy a new one. But, we always took our step back because we’re afraid that we won’t get a good price by selling our second-hand fridge. 

However, that’s not the case always. If you know the correct tips, tricks, platform, and pitch to sell your old refrigerator, you can a very good amount.

Here’s How to Sell Your Fridge at Best Price:

In general, a refrigerator in its second year of usage sells at 50% of its original price. In each proceeding year, its value depreciates by an additional 10%. However, users are selling refrigerator at 70% of their original value by packaging them in housing deals to new homeowners, tenants, and sometimes to local property dealers if the fridge is in very good condition.

In this article, we’re telling the best places to sell your fridge quickly as well as some tips to really sell your refrigerator at the maximum price possible. Read on!

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How to Sell your Fridge Online?

There are classified sites, online forums, social media sites like Facebook groups, or the marketplace to buy or sell old items. Let us hover around some of the online sites to understand how they deal with it.

Craiglist turns to be an online warehouse for Old appliances.

The one that you are not using might turn to be a necessity for someone. You might be using it as garbage. However, someone requires one as shifted recently. A new one is not a choice for all at times. It also saves money from getting a new one instead of finding the best at a low cost.

You can list your item with Craiglist for sale. The price that you mention with all the conditions might be the choice of a buyer. He is ready to pay for a similar model. It might help someone to find a great deal online. Online portals like gumtree, Squarespace, Shopify that hold forums to buy or sell online appliances. The sites practice their best ways to get the best deals. The sellers would create an account and post the item. They would select the option to sell the item. They can upload pictures that they want to sell.

Some portals act as auction bid portals. They can post the item and start bidding with the aging of the product.

Online Forums or Facebook groups can turn into a marketplace.

If you are active in social media, then your page turns to be a marketplace. You can post images of your Old Refrigerator and ask for buyers. Your friends, family, and followers would turn to be your buyer. Upload the desired price that you want instead of the product.

You can also post your contact details as a point of contact to become the liaison of sales. People may contact through email or contact number. However, the contact number would help to draw more customers.

The Scrap can become the best way to earn.

Some companies can pay you well for the scrap materials. They would take the product from the sellers and recycle the item. There are metal companies and individual recyclers who buy old appliances and break them down into pieces. They would sell them to other companies who would convert those pieces into other items.

There are websites like GotScrap that help people to get a larger audience with the same interest. The sellers can choose the item that they want to recycle and mention the Zip code. Once you hit the search button, you would get all the companies enlisted that take old refrigerators nearest to your place.

If you don’t find the best choice in GotScrap, you may check out the Yellow pages or websites like Yelp. These websites share information about scrap recycler companies. You can also see the reviews of the companies in Yelp. It would help you with an idea about the best place that would pay you good as well.

How to Sell Your Second-hand Fridge Offline

Offline ways can help you to get rid of the old one that might be a burden for you at times. You can drop off your second-hand fridge from your garage. Your word of mouth can stand as the most common way to sell the product. Your family, friends or the close ones can get to know each other. Negotiation happens, and the item goes to a person who heard about the sale.

There are also other ways to make it happen.

Local Power companies can help you.

There are programs where local power companies pay you well for your Old Refrigerator. They can pay you to take it from you if you are wasting energy by not using it at home. If you are looking for an energy-efficient new model, local power companies can help you with the best deal to replace it

If you are looking for a rebate or cash payments for your old appliances, you may also reach out to your local power companies. You can visit the Energy Star website to find the places currently available nearest to your location that provides rebates on appliances. It is a Government website. Reviews say that they pay USD 35 for old refrigerators. They would also reach out to your place to pick the Old Refrigerator. However, one condition is the appliance should be in working condition. It is a recommendation one should contact the local powerhouse companies for the deals that they are running.

Best Buy happens to be the best choice for any appliance.

If you are buying a new Refrigerator from Best Buy, they help you a way out of the old one at your home. Best Buy picks up the old one from your home at USD 14.99 when you replace the one by purchasing a new refrigerator from them. If you are not purchasing it, they pick it up by taking a fee of USD 99.99.

How Much I Earn by Recycling Old Fridge?

Your Old Refrigerator can be an opportunity to earn cash. The power and electric companies throughout the United States offer various best deals to gain from Old Refrigerators.

There are recycling programs that reward the citizens with the best deals. If you are staying in Missouri, they are paying USD 50 for 2001 or earlier model fridges. Ameren’s Act on Energy is paying USD 50 in Illinois as well. Efficiency United in Michigan would haul away your Old Refrigerator free of cost and pay you USD 50 for your old appliance.

Duke Energy in North Carolina would pick up the old fridge from your home and give away a check of USD 50. CPS Energy credits USD 65 to the CPS Energy account in San Antonio. They pick up, haul away, and recycles the old one free of cost.

How to Pawn Refrigerator for Most Money

You can use online portals like PawnGuru to create a listing and earn cash from multiple pawn shops in your locality. You would also get the best deals and can compare the offers that you receive. Once the price satisfies you, you can accept it and bring the appliance to the pawnshop that offers the highest deal for the Old Refrigerator.

Usually, if you sell your old refrigerator to pawn shop, they will give you maximum 30-40% value of your refrigerator but, if you know correct tips then you can get 50% and more for your refrigerator.

Our sister site Finest Info has recently published a detailed guide on how to sell an item to pawn shop for best price. Here are some relevant tips that will help you raise price of your refrigerator 10-20% easily – 

  • Do your homework and know your refrigerator’s current market value
  • Check out the top pawn shop and get the quote.
  • Don’t appear too nice and show indirectly that you know your refrigerator’s real value. 
  • Stay confident. Show you’re in n rush. Don’t let them persuade you. Be prepared to turn down a deal if you don’t like it.
  • Compare quotes and also see if you should pawn or sell your fridge.


So, we’ve provided the best ways to sell your refrigerator at very good price. Try these platforms and tips we’ve mentioned whether you’re willing to sell your fridge online or offline. I’m sure you’ll quickly find a buyer who is willng to give you the best price for your fridge. 

And, if its a comming problem such as constant humming/popping sound of your fridge or gloomy water from refrigerator dispenser then, these issues as easily fixable. You won’t need to get rid of your fridge just for that as we’ve provided articles to help you fix these problems.

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