Do Refrigerator Water Filters Expire? (Solved & Explained)

This question needs to clear out as most people sometimes wonder if the water filter serves for a great time or not. Well! The answer to this question is No.

A water filter serves when it is left without any usage. However, it starts to cleanse if it resides in the filter and not used again. Maybe you do not feel the taste to be bad, but changing the filter is important as it holds many contaminants that do not have any taste.

Here’s how Refrigerator Water Filters Expire

Your refrigerator water filter usually lasts up to 6 months in perfect condition. Refrigerator water filters don’t terminate completely, but replacing them from time to time is good for safety because, with time, their efficiency decreases. Old refrigerator water filters will remove less contamination from water, their filters get blocked which results in slow filtration of water and more wastage of water.

However, your refrigerator water filter can go bad sooner or it can last till later. So, to know exactly what is the current condition of refrigerator water filters and also learn 5 very important facts about water filters, read below!

Refrigerator Water Filter

How to know if the Refrigerator Water Filter turned bad?

Your refrigerator water filter doesn’t work according to any exact expiration date. Depending on usage, it can expire quickly or later.

So, the best way to know if your refrigerator water filter has turned bad is to understand its symptoms. Here, we’ll talk about the most common issues you face when your refrigerator water filter turned bad –

Dispensed Water Senses Bad

You will note that the water arising from your Freezer has a fresh taste. Maybe it is looking like plastic. Therefore, having a check on this is essential. If you observe that the water does not have a satisfying taste, something is faulty with the Refrigerator, mostly it’s your refrigerator water filter that is not working properly.

Ensure that the water channels in the refrigerator are clean because the linear filter does not stop and proceeds to grow, which holds a few toxins.

Ice has an Odd Smell.

Another thing you can do is to fill the glass with ice and raise it to your face. As soon as the ice starts to liquefy, put it near to your nose and, accordingly, smell. If you see any sour and metallic smell coming from that ice glass, it indicates that ice smells bad for several reasons.

If you wonder that you have cleaned both the ice bin and the freezer, then more chances are your water filter is turning old and needs replacement.

Black Specks in Water or Ice

Some filters are charcoal ones that carry little charcoal residue inside them, which are used to eliminate the water contaminants. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you see that these minuscule black specks got away.

Since it is common for a new refrigerator water filter to release some black specks, if your filter is not new and the black specs are apparent to your eyes, you should keep in mind that it needs to change.

Can Unused Water Filters Expire?

Most of the time, people prefer buying refrigerator water filters in good volume, keeping in mind that they will work for a long time. Though unused filters don’t expire, there is no fixed shelf life of water filters until now as long as they contact Moisture.

Dampness enables the water filter to work, and if it is not available, they are ready to use any time. On the opposite, if you used a filter once and didn’t use it again for a long time, the possibility arises that you need to replace it eventually.

When should you change your Refrigerator Water Filter?

The makers suggest changing your Refrigerator’s water filter in six months. Still, several factors emerge that add to the recurrence of the water filter replacement.

Also, changing the refrigerator water filter from time to time will help your refrigerator water dispenser stay maintained and provide the best quality water always.

What happens if you don’t change the Refrigerator Water Filter?

It is crucial to change the water filter of your refrigerator from time to time. If you are the Refrigerator owner and avoid doing so, you may invite serious consequences.

Suppose that you get back to your home after a long workday, tired, and looking for some rest. When you move towards Refrigerator to drink a glass of water, and in your first sip of cool water, you feel like you should have stored the bucks and changed the water filter instead of spending.

The refrigerator water filter that does not change for a long time begins to give a nasty smell and an abnormal taste.

Simultaneously, a clogged water filter will also influence the other functioning of the Refrigerator, like an Ice dispenser; therefore, keeping control over your Refrigerator and letting the new water dispenser function will work, and this is a good way to treat it.

Also, keep in mind that you are supplanting the refrigerator water filter with a quality one.

Can I use a Refrigerator without Water Filter?

Some latest Refrigerators that hold an icemaker and a water dispenser are supposed to change after like clockwork for their successful working. Spending bucks for replacing the water filter of your Refrigerator is worth it.

Some people think changing the water filter is miscellaneous when safe, sifted water comes into their home, while some barely think to supplant it. Then, you can go to add water filter bypass, which will save you a ton of money. Some people do not use a water filter to check out if their icemaker and Refrigerator functions well.

Though both the icemaker and water dispenser work great without adding any water filter, some need to add a filter bypass to make it work. Let us get clear with what Filter bypass is and how long it functions.

What is a filter bypass?

A water filter bypass is seen as a little plastic cup, a channel molded cartridge, or a fitting that eliminates the particles that, in one or the other way, stunt out the Refrigerator to imagine that it has a customary filter in its place.

The shape of the Filter bypass is similar to the shaped of a regular refrigerator filter, which you will attach to the same location. This Filter bypass really comes in handy if you don’t want to use a refrigerator water filter for any reason but removing it is stopping the refrigerator to continue certain operations. For ex, icemaker function or water dispenser operation.

Filter bypass is really cheap and everyone should have it for the situations when refrigerator water filter is not working and stopping other functions of your refrigerator. You can get filter bypass cap for your refrigerator from Amazon here.

filter bypass

How long can I use the Refrigerator without Water Filter?

If you think you can use the Refrigerator without any water filter usage, keep in mind that several icemakers and dispensers contain water filters that need to change after every six months.

The lifespan of your refrigerator water filter also depends on the usage. You have to keep in mind to change the filter whenever you observe its different taste or smell. Do not worry; your health won’t affect if you don’t change the filter immediately.

However, if you leave the filter for an extended period, this can leave you with unfiltered water, and depending on your location, underlying health condition of you or your family members, this can be risky!

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