Want to Buy Refrigerator for Garage? (Read This First!)

It often happens to most people that the largest food storage appliances of their home become too small for storing leftovers along with other several different fresh food items. It is really annoying when you can not make enough space for your essential food items. In this situation most of the house owners think of buying another refrigerator to make some extra comfortable space for the food. Therefore many people in the USA, buy their second refrigerator and simultaneously place it in the garage area. 

In this article we are going to list up a few best garage-ready refrigerators to buy followed by some buying and storing tips for garage ready refrigerators. 

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Will Refrigerator Work in Garage?

Most of the house owners prefer to keep an extra freezer or refrigerator in their garages. Keeping one more freezer in your garage also saves your energy and time that you need to spend again and again on going to the market for filling your regular grocery requirements.

But storing a freezer or refrigerator in the garage requires a few important factors to consider as garage-ready refrigerators are different in some cases that need to be taken care of. Otherwise your garage refrigerator might stop working all of a sudden. Besides, a garage refrigerator always needs regular maintenance under the supervision of a skilled refrigerator repair service technician.

Will the refrigerator work in a hot garage?

It is always suggested by the electronic expert professionals that any kind of refrigerator should not be kept in a location that exceeds the temperature of 119°F. The suitable temperature to keep your garage refrigerator to work properly should be 50° F in max. Extreme hot conditions inside the garage area during the summer season can cause the refrigerator to burn out because of overuse of the refrigerator’s compressor. 

Garage-ready Refrigerator

Refrigerators that are placed in the garage areas usually fight to become compatible with the surrounding temperature, as a result in too much hot ambient temperature refrigerators might stop working to make themselves accustomed to the temperature fluctuations in the garage.

Tips to keep your refrigerator in a hot garage

  • Always keep your garage refrigerator connected to the correct electric supply point, so that it can receive enough power and be able to produce enough cold air in hot surroundings. 
  • Any garage refrigerator should be supplied with 60Hz, AC power adapter, 115 volt power plug in outlet. So make sure your garage is electrically well-equipped before placing a refrigerator inside it.
  • Keep your refrigerator full as an empty refrigerator releases cold air faster than a full freezer. Fully stored leaves minimum space for warm air, so the refrigerator’s compressor doesn’t need to work much to produce cold air frequently. 
  • If your refrigerator is placed in an extreme ambient temperature, there is a possibility of operational failure of the appliance. It is not always possible for anyone to stay in the garage to notice any occurrence immediately.

Try eliminating perishable items from your garage refrigerator. Try to fill your garage refrigerator with items that won’t spoil easily. It will help you to prevent any massive mess.

Will the refrigerator work in a cold garage?

Any refrigerator usually stops working in the extreme winter season and if your refrigerator is placed inside your garage during excessive cold days, there is a chance of stopping the same due cold weather. It also happens if your garage remains unheated and not properly insulated during the winter season. Most of the manufacturers advise the users not to keep the refrigerators below the temperature of 50°F. Otherwise the freezer portion of the refrigerator would thaw both the frozen and other normal food items. 

The most suitable room temperature for any refrigerator that needs to fit in the garage is 68 to 71 degree F, especially for cold days. Two thermostats based refrigerators have a wider temperature range and are able to make themselves comfortable according to the temperature fluctuations. Make sure that your garage refrigerator is built-in heater-equipped with a large compressor and extra insulation. 

Best Refrigerators for Garage

There are several manufacturers who make distinctive featured garage-optimized refrigerators. Here are three of such refrigerators listed below in terms of:

Top-rated Garage Ready Refrigerator

Insignia™ – 18 Cu. Ft. Top Mount Refrigerator is the top rated garage refrigerators. The shiny stainless steel look is really eye catchy and applicable for both your kitchen and garage. The total of the refrigerator is 18 cubic feet.

The shelf arrangements are adjustable and the convenient door storage provides extra rooms for gallons of milk, butter, bottled beverages etc. This model of Insignia refrigerator has the capability of controlling the temperature according to the ambient temperature both for the freezer and refrigerator.

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Best Budget-friendly Choice

Insignia™ – 18.1 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator is popular for its budget-friendliness. Those who do not want to invest much but want a garage refrigerator with good customer reviews can opt for this one. This model of Insignia is a full-sized refrigerator that is capable of storing a large amount of food items. It also contains multiple humidity control crisper drawers that keep all the food items properly cool and confined.

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Best Overall Garage Ready Refrigerator

This model of Winia refrigerator is equipped with a temperature sensor that makes it suitable for a wide range of temperature fluctuations. Humidity control system of the refrigerator keeps the leafy vegetables and raw food items fresh for a long time. The air flow inside the refrigerator is optimized by an inbuilt multi air flow cooling system that ensures consistent temperature all over the refrigerator. This refrigerator contains an inverter compressor that assures the longevity of the appliance.

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What’s the difference between a garage-ready refrigerator and a regular refrigerator?

Garage-ready refrigerators are totally different from the regular household used ones. Garage ready refrigerators contain small heaters inside that keep the thermostat of the freezer in control. As a result of which, the refrigerators’ compressors would keep running and the freezer items of the refrigerator remain frozen. Garage ready refrigerators have the ability to operate even from 0 to 100° F. But it is recommended to the ‘garage ready’ refrigerator users to maintain the temperature as close to 72° F to 75° F.

Hope, the above discussion would help those who are interested in installing a new garage-optimized refrigerator in their garages.


Top frequently asked questions on garage-ready refrigerators that you should check.

Can you run a refrigerator in an unheated garage?

Yes, you can certainly run a refrigerator in an unheated garage BUT regular refrigerator are not meant for this. If outside temperature is cold, this can actually affect the refrigerator performance and lifespan. Instead, you can put specially built garage-ready refrigerators in an unheated garage without any issue?

Should I unplug my garage refrigerator in the winter?

If the temperature in your garage goes down below 1.5° C (35° F) and you have food inside the fridge or you if you use water dispenser then you must unplug your garage refrigerator. Otherwise, if you only use freezer, you can keep refrigerator plugged to the power source.

How do I keep my fridge from freezing in my garage?

If the temperature outside is less than one and half degree celsius, if you have food in your refrigerator, you should unplug it to protect food from getting extra cool or freeze up.

Are garage ready refrigerators worth it?

Yes, garage-ready refrigerator are totally different than regular fridge. They have temperature control and can work properly in cold as well as hot garage without any issues.

Can you insulate a refrigerator in the garage?

No, you can’t insulate regular refrigerator inside a garage. If it’s too hot or cold outside and you use your refrigerator in garage, it can affect your fridger. So, it’s better too use garage-ready refrigerator as they have there own thermostat and ventilation to work properly at any temperature.
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