Automate Instagram Presence with Combin Scheduler

Nowadays online marketing is what people are focusing on. Internet marketing has become quite popular and beneficial for all marketers to promote their services and products all over the world. Social media sites and applications play an important role in internet marketing. People mostly engage in these platforms on a daily basis.

And the thing which comes first when talking about social media platforms is Instagram. Instagram has left behind most of the social media platforms even Facebook for internet marketing promotions. There are about billions of active users on Instagram.

So, the thing which makes a huge difference in your Instagram account is your audience. You need to gather a lot of right audience for your services and products or any normal account. You can get a head-start with SimplyGram as it provides you with some high-quality Instagram followers for cheap. Now, with natural ways, to gather the audience you need to create engaging and attractive content so that you can draw the attention of people towards your content. And after gathering audience you also need to keep them engaged and for the same, you need to keep posting on your Instagram account as posts or stories.

But none has got that much time to manually post huge content and that’s when automation tools come in handy. There are so many Instagram automation tools available on the internet. Combin Scheduler is the best Instagram scheduler. With this free Instagram Scheduler, you can schedule your posts and stores directly from your desktop. So, let’s get to know a lot more about the Combin scheduler.

What You Can Do With Combin Scheduler

Scheduling And Instant Posting

Posting regularly on Instagram is pretty important as you need to keep your audience engaged with your content otherwise you would start losing your followers. But posting daily and that with your phone becomes a tedious and time-consuming task. But not if you have Combin Scheduler. This free Instagram Scheduler helps you in content managing and lets you schedule your posts.

With the help of Instagram Scheduler, you can schedule posts for the whole week or even for months. Just schedule the posts and you are free to utilize your time on other tasks. This way you would also never forget about posting on your Instagram account. It also allows you to instantly posts on Instagram directly from your computer which is much easy and convenient than doing on mobile.

Fully Automated Publishing

Combin Scheduler offers you fully automated publishing. When you schedule your posts for sone day it doesn’t provide you any reminder instead, automatically post it on the mentioned day and time. This automaton is superb as it frees you from any kind of issue regarding posting the content on Instagram as all you have to do is to schedule the post and the rest of the work will be done by Combin Scheduler itself.

Edit Image Size

Image editing is also necessary on Instagram. Instagram doesn’ t let you post images with just any size, your mage must be compatible with the Instagram post size. So, Combin Scheduler allows you to edit the image size right in the app. You can zoom in the image, change the size to vertical, square, landscape and portrait,  or crop it. It helps you to fit image with the aspect ratio.

Tag Location

You can even attract the Instagram account from your area just by tagging the location. So, how can Combin Scheduler forget this feature? It allows you to tag your location just by one click.

Hashtags And Account Mentioning

Hashtags are awesome to attract more audience and engagement to your Instagram account. To make a post quite successful on Instagram you need to add the relevant hashtags to it. So, with Combin Scheduler you can easily use hashtags and tag other accounts on your Instagram post.

Upload Stories In Bulk

Uploading stories on Instagram is such a heavy task. You can post one story at a time. So, for multiple stories uploading, you would have to do them one-by-one. Combin makes this thing easier too for you. You can upload stories in bulk with the help of this tool.

Getting Started With Combin Scheduler

Getting started with Combin Scheduler is quite easy. You can start scheduling your Instagram post in no time. Below is the complete process to schedule your future Instagram posts. Let’s have a look.

  1. First, you need to download Combin Scheduler. You can find it on its official website. It is available for free also. So, go to the website and download the software.
  2. Now install the software and launch it.
  3. After that, you simply have to log in to the Instagram account of your choice. Also, don’t worry about your account details as it doesn’t save them at all. So, it is safe to use.
  4. It provides you two options Posts and stories at the left sidebar. If you want to schedule post then choose post option otherwise the Stories one.
  5. Now you would see a date with the days clicking which you would be able to create a post or story.
  6. You can even click on Add New Post and it would provide you a whole interface for creating a post. you can upload the image, add a caption, specify the publish date, time, and tag location.
  7. This way you can schedule as many posts as you want. The same applies to the stories.


  • Starter – Free
  • Personal – $7/month
  • Business – $21/month


No doubt Combin Scheduler is the best Instagram scheduler. This amazing tool is totally safe to use and has great features. Comin Scheduler is all you need to have for all the Instagram post related things. This Instagram post automation tool saves a lot of time and all your posts would be posted on the exact date and at the right time. You would also never miss posting content on your Instagram account as it lets you schedule them weeks and months before. The free version is also available and the paid version of this best Instagram scheduler is worth every penny.