Benefits of off the grid Solar Power

Many more people today are becoming interested in solar power.  They are looking to switch to renewable and a cleaner energy source for their homes.  This way they can help in looking after the environment and at the same time pay less for electricity consumption.  The switch is not quite as easy as signing up for an Intertops poker bonus but it is not that complicated either.

The choice people are faced with is to remain on the grid which includes a grid-tied solar system or to choose one off- grid entirely.  Most homeowners remain with the grid-tied system and this is pretty standard because the home is then connected to the main city’s source of power.   Going completely off grid can be quite a brave thing to do, as it can be quite intimidating to be out there on your own.  But there are real benefits to be had by going off- grid.

Solar Power

Being linked to the grid-tied system you will encounter the usual problems that most homeowners experience. For example, power cuts.  When this happens, you will have to rely on professionals to deal with it and the infrastructure set up to get electricity.

If you want to avoid any power cuts then using an off- grid solar system is the way to go.  It also has the advantage of lowering electricity costs, is easy to install and offers an alternative power solution for more rural and out of the way areas.

It also has the advantage of being environmentally friendly, keeping things green and clean. An off-grid solar system is attractive to those that are interested in looking after the environment and at the same time want to save money.  Set out below are five good reasons for investing in an off-grid solar system.

Eliminating power cuts

When you go off the grid you will avoid all power cuts from occurring in your home.  You will no longer be connected to the main source of electrical power which is that of the city.  The city’s source of power is often subject to power outages owing to environmental conditions like strong winds, storms or freezing rain that often causes damage to power lines.

Having to deal with the consequences of power cuts is problematic. It disrupts productivity and is very inconvenient for homeowners.  It is true, some of these cuts can last only a matter of hours, sometimes even less.

However, there are those that can continue for days, sometimes weeks, making life incredibly difficult and making it impossible to continue with one’s usual routines.  Trying to function without electricity and having to sit around waiting for it to be returned is incredibly frustrating.

When you have an off-grid system you are independent.   It means your home is safe from power cuts and not subject to environmental conditions like storms, strong winds or even extreme heat.   The batteries charged with solar energy make sure of this.  Your home is not subject the city’s increased power demands.    You are completely independent and you have to be concerned only with your own energy needs in order to prevent power cuts from occurring.

If you are living in an area where environmental conditions often cause long term power cuts then investing in off-grid solar is a very beneficial thing and will allow you to live a more comfortable life.

Lowering electricity bills

When using an off-grid solar system you remove entirely the need to use the limited fossil fuels available which are continually rising in price as they become scarce and, of course getting rid of those electricity payments.

Notwithstanding the high initial cost of installing an off-grid solar system, the long- term benefits are huge.  Monthly rates are considerably lower as is maintenance so the long- term gain makes it worthwhile.

Your home will be serviced by the sun.  Your off-grid solar system will work via the energy from the sun which eliminates all electricity bills.  And with the introduction of LED fixtures, maintenance is easy and is just a matter of changing batteries.

Simple installation

Off-grid solar systems are not reliant on the grid and therefore to install the system is far easier than it would be if it were connected to a very complicated infrastructure.  It is not necessary to rely on the help and expertise of professionals that work with the city’s grid system.   When installing an off-grid solar system all that is needed is basic knowledge of the homeowner and an ability to use very basic tools.  No professional needs to be hired to install the system.

Installing off-grid also eliminates the trenching that would be needed if you were to go for the grid-tied system which is an expensive undertaking.

Alternative energy source for more rural locations 

It is often a problem for people in rural or out of the way locations to connect to the main power grid.  The infrastructure is often not as developed as it is in more urban areas.  These rural areas are often subject to power cuts which can make life more difficult.   In these areas, off-grid solar systems are a good and wise choice and will make life easier for those living in these areas.

Having an off grid solar system, you become independent and self-sufficient, not having to rely on the power provided by the city grid.   Not only is it less expensive it also enables you to move around and even settle in places where the city doesn’t have power lines set up.

Environmentally friendly 

There is no comparison to energy produced by fossil fuel. Solar energy is cleaner and greener.  Any kind of renewable energy is better.  Whichever you choose, off-grid or on-grid solar systems either of them is preferred to fossil fuel and is better for the environment.

With renewable energy we can all produce electricity without the use of fossil fuels. This is good for the environment and means we can reduce our carbon footprint.  If we want to reduce the harm we do to the environment, by polluting the air when burning fossil fuels, then going off-grid is an excellent choice.  It benefits us and benefits the planet.

To conclude 

So, there are many plusses to installing an off-grid solar system. Remaining with a grid-tied system means continuing with the current problems and remaining tied to the use of fossil fuels.   Installing an off-grid solar system means you are free of these problems and are self-sufficient and not subject to environmental conditions.  It is basically up to you how much power you generate with your solar panels and how much power you use.   You will enjoy lower electricity bills and know that you are making the environment safer, cleaner and more sustainable.

Lana Martinez is a freelance technical writer living in the Santa Clara. She's a gadget and tech geek who loves to write how-to articles about a wide range of topics. When she's not writing about technology, Lana loves watching and reading mysteries, cross stitching, and attending musical theatre. She's also an avid Doctor Who fan.