50 Best College Subreddits That Every Student Should Follow

College life is a big challenge, even bigger for those who try to face it without the help of any friends. If your high school classmates or friends got selected in the same college then you’re a lucky one. But you are even luckier if you already have someone in that college who knows everything about administration, rules, regulations, classes & professors. Not everyone can be that fortunate. But, guess what, you don’t need to if you’re connected with important college subreddits.

There are so many important subreddits which are offering new as well as old students a lot of tips, advice and experiences to help them excel in their college life. Today, I have handpicked 50 of them. They will help you easily adapt to college environment but to ace academics, I highly recommend browsing through Tutor Hunt and booking class from a good teacher for the subject that you find yourself helpless against.

In this article, I am telling you about 50 essential college subreddits that every college student to follow.

These subreddits will guide you in admissions, exams, financial challenges, courses, scholarships, international students’ problems, accommodation, and much more.

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Admissions and Applications


Ever thought college applications were like auditioning for a reality show? Welcome to r/ApplyingToCollege, where students spill the beans, share the drama, and discuss which “team” (read: college) they’re rooting for. Here, you can chat about everything from crafting sob-worthy essays to decoding the Da Vinci Code of financial aid.


For those who think one college admissions subreddit just ain’t enough, there’s r/CollegeAdmissions. Think of it as the sibling rivalry to r/ApplyingToCollege – same family, slightly different vibes. Want the lowdown on specific colleges, sneaky admission requirements, or tips to flex that application muscle? This is your jam.


Welcome to the Who Wants to be a Collegiate? game show. On r/ChanceMe, brave souls post their academic report cards for the world to see, then sit back and let fellow Redditors play fortune-teller. But remember, just like that horoscope you read last week, don’t take everything as gospel.


If r/ChanceMe is like asking, “Will I get into Hogwarts?” r/ReverseChanceMe is more “I love magic, quidditch, and I have an owl. Which school should I go to?” Here, you spill your secrets, and the community does the matchmaking!


The X-Factor of college essays. Belt out (or, you know, type out) your latest essay and get feedback that ranges from standing ovations to “it’s a no from me.” It’s the place to get your essay ready for the limelight.

Navigating the treacherous waters of college admissions? Arm yourself with the arsenal of these subreddits! Together, they’re like the Avengers of college prep – each one bringing something unique to the table. Dive in, learn, laugh, and maybe shed a tear or two. But most importantly, remember, every hero (or student) needs a team. Get yours! 🚀🎉

II. Standardized Testing


Hollywood has the Oscars, students have the SATs! If you’re aiming to roll out the red carpet for those college admissions, r/SAT is your backstage pass. Dive into the glitz and glam of test prep: hot tips, the latest gossip on test dates, and the secrets to nailing that encore-worthy score.


If the SATs are the Oscars, consider the ACTs the Grammys. Whether you’re a solo artist or part of a band, r/ACT is the jamming session you need. Groove to the rhythm of ACT structures, get the setlist of top study hits, and prep for a performance that’ll have colleges asking for an encore.


Grad school’s calling and r/GRE is your GPS. Navigate the twisted roads of the GRE, pit stop for study snacks (aka resources), and map out your strategy. Whether it’s the pop quiz of general GRE or the niche genre of subject tests, this subreddit’s got your tour covered.


Ready to don the white coat and stethoscope? Before the big show (med school, of course), there’s the MCAT. Backstage at r/MCAT, you’ll find rehearsal schedules, a crew sharing pep talks, and advice to ensure your performance is scalpel-sharp.


Suits, courtroom drama, and… standardized tests? Before you take center stage in the legal world, r/LSAT is your rehearsal studio. Practice your legal high notes, refine your study choreography, and prep for a standing ovation on test day.

If exams were festivals, these subreddits are your VIP tickets. They’re the backstage, the soundcheck, and the afterparty. Whether you’re spotlight-ready or still rehearsing, these communities ensure you’re never solo on the stage of standardized tests. So, mic check 1, 2… Are you ready to rock? 🎤🎉

III. Financial Aid and Scholarships


Embark on the Indiana Jones adventure of funding your education with r/FinancialAid! Decode ancient financial artifacts like the FAFSA and CSS Profile, and discover the hidden treasures of grants, loans, and work-studies. Here, you’ll find a fellowship ready to help you dodge any funding boulders coming your way.


Behold, the goldmine of free cash! At r/scholarships, it’s a game of treasure hunting – seeking out scholarships, grants, and X-marks-the-spot opportunities. Need a map to navigate those tricky scholarship essays or a reminder of when the treasure chest closes? This crew’s got your back.


Picture a modern-day pirate ship, but for financial adulting! Though not strictly about education doubloons, r/personalfinance is your compass for hoarding savings, plundering debt, and understanding the mystic scrolls of student loans.


Into the depths of the sea known as student debt, r/StudentLoans is your trusty submarine. Chart the murky waters of loan types, repayments, and get those loan-sharks off your back. With this crew by your side, you’ll be shouting “Debt be gone!” in no time.


It’s the gold rush, and you’re the prospector! At r/ApplyingForScholarships, you’ll strike rich with the right techniques, tools, and tenacity to mine those scholarship gems. Got your pan and ready to sift through? Join this community for a golden journey!

Whether you’re hunting for buried tuition treasures or charting unexplored financial seas, these subreddits are the trusty maps in your pocket. Dive deep, explore, and unearth the wealth that’ll set sail to your academic adventures. Yo ho ho, education doesn’t have to cost a pot of gold! 🏴‍☠️🎉

IV. International Students


All aboard the USA-bound ship! 🗽 r/IntlToUSA is like a mix between a global cafe and an embassy for international students eyeing Uncle Sam’s land. From decoding the enigma of visa forms to swapping tales of “Wait, Americans really do that?”, this is your one-stop-shop for all things Yankee Doodle Dandy.


Pack your bags and grab your passport for r/studyAbroad – your ticket to, well, everywhere! Whether you’re a US student craving some paella in Spain or an Aussie eager for the Northern Lights, this is your travel agency, cultural guide, and homesick hotline rolled into one.


Welcome to the United Nations of Students! 🌏 At r/InternationalStudents, it’s a melting pot of global learners, all sharing their “Lost in Translation” moments, visa victory dances, and tips to be the coolest foreigner on campus.


Fancy a spot of tea with your studies? 🇬🇧 If Hogwarts is fully booked, r/UKUniversity is your guide to all other magical places in the UK. Navigate the British educational maze, debate over “biscuits or cookies?”, and prepare for misty mornings on centuries-old campuses.


Down Under dreaming? 🦘 From the outback to the opera, r/AustralianStudent is your guide to the land of koalas, kangaroos, and killer universities. Dive into discussions about Aussie unis, Vegemite breakfasts, and mastering the art of saying, “G’day, mate!”

So, whether you’re jet-setting across the globe or just armchair travelling through these subreddits, one thing’s for sure: the world is your classroom! Swap stories, exchange advice, and make sure your academic journey is more fun-fare than airport snare. Happy globe-trotting, scholars! 🎒🌍🎉

V. Graduate School


If there’s one place that’s got the lowdown on surviving the academic gauntlet, it’s r/GradSchool. Debating if you should dive into the deep end of research or just master out? Or maybe you’re just here for some solid thesis meme therapy. Whether you’re in the throes of research or mulling over admissions, this is the digital campus café where grad students gather, trade tales of conference calamities, and occasionally cry over post-graduation job prospects. Pull up a chair!


Embarking on a Ph.D.? Brace yourself, it’s not just about donning those cool graduation hats. At r/PhD, it’s all about that doctorate life – from picking the right program to the joy (and tears) of dissertation drafts. Dive in for a look at the academic roller coaster and get insights straight from the horse’s mouth. Lab disasters, research revelations, and the ever-elusive academic job hunt, they’ve got you covered!


If the world of spreadsheets and strategy thrills you, then r/MBA might just be your jam. From the mysteries of admissions to the art of schmoozing, this subreddit dishes out the A to Z of MBA life. Curious about post-MBA careers? Looking for networking ninjas? Or just want to flex your business school swag? Step right in!


The journey to lawyerdom can feel like one long episode of Suits (minus the glamour, plus a ton of reading). Over at r/LawSchool, future legal masterminds dissect admissions drama, exchange internship intel, and share the unwritten rules of the legal game. Ready to object, learn, or just find the best caffeine fix for late-night case readings? Make your case here!


Scrubs, scalpel, and… memes? Yep, the med school life isn’t all Grey’s Anatomy. At r/MedicalSchool, you’ll get a dose of reality mixed with a sprinkle of humor. Whether you’re dissecting bodies or admissions processes, the gang here has got the prescription for all your med school woes. Dive in for stories from the ER, MCAT meltdowns, and tips to not faint during your first surgery watch.

If you’re in the market for grad-level advice, camaraderie, or just plain old academic banter, Reddit’s got a hub for you. These subreddits are your lifelines, your lighthouses in the choppy waters of academia. Dive in and may the academic odds be ever in your favor! 📚🔥

VI. Specific Fields of Study


Ever feel like you’re on a never-ending quest to find that missing screw? Welcome to r/engineeringstudents, where every thread (see what we did there?) dives deep into the world of engineering! Whether you’re a budding mechanical genius, a civil whiz, or an electric enthusiast, there’s something for you. Dive into topics ranging from coursework that’ll have you pulling out your hair to internships that sometimes don’t involve coffee runs. Prepare to engineer your future!


So you’ve decided you want to be the next McDreamy or Meredith Grey? Stop by r/premed, where the drama is less about steamy hospital romances and more about MCAT scores. From pre-med coursework to the chaos of med school applications and the never-ending quest for the perfect extracurricular, here’s where you’ll find your support group. Stethoscopes not included!


Red pill or blue pill? Neither. Just lots of Java, Python, and C++. At r/ComputerScience, dive deep into the matrix of coding, algorithms, and those internships that hopefully won’t ask you to fix someone’s printer. Whether you’re binary-bewildered or an algorithm-ace, here’s your hub to navigate the vast world of tech.


If you thought politics was just about election season drama, think again. Say hello to r/PoliticalScience, where heated debates meet intellectual banter. Dive into the world of political theory, international relations, and the occasional conspiracy theory. It’s like House of Cards but with more citations!


Get ready for a time warp! At r/History, members whip out their magnifying glasses, poring over epochs, dynasties, and revolutions. Discuss everything from Ancient Rome’s latest fashion trends to which medieval monarch had the most epic beard. Time-travelers and history buffs, here’s your playground!


Ever wonder why we dream, or why your friend’s obsession with collecting rubber ducks is a “thing”? Welcome to r/psychology, where the brain is the star of the show! Dive into the mysterious realms of the mind, exploring topics from therapy techniques to Freud’s mom issues. Warning: Analyzing fellow Redditors not recommended!

Whatever your academic jam is, Reddit’s got a cozy corner tailored just for you. These communities are your lifelines, your study buddies, and sometimes, your therapists. Dive into these subs and get ready to geek out in style! 🎉🤓

VII. Academic Support and Resources


If you’ve ever thought about the mysterious sorcery that lies behind academics, this is the place to go backstage. Researchers, academics as well as students gather on this subreddit to offer information about everything from research voodoo to mastering your academic catwalk. Engage in discussions on research methods as well as the art of publishing creating effective teaching strategies or even how to get through the crowded academic job market. It’s akin to a think tank meets a support group and it’s taking place right now.


Are you having a burning issue with your work that’s hotter than dragon’s breath? Write it down here and let the power of the community calm the flame. They’re like academic firefighters, armed with solutions, explanations, and tips for all kinds of topics. If it’s algebra or zoology they’ve covered it all.


In the past, if you’ve felt that you’re playing chess against your textbooks this is the perfect place to level up. On r/StudyTips, students share tips, strategies and tricks to boost the brain cells. From time management tips to note-taking tricks This community functions as a dojo for academic Ninja-training. Prepare to maximize your learning experience and conquer the exams.


The ultimate studying group hangout! Students meet here to discuss strategies for tackling their academics. Discuss your schedules for studying as well as productivity potion recipes and motivational spells to aid each other in achieving academic excellence. It’s similar to a boot camp for brains and everyone is encouraged to improve their game in the classroom.


All physics enthusiasts are invited! This is the place for you to play. Engage in discussions on all kinds of topics from mind-blowing coursework to interstellar opportunities for research. Are you interested in career options in the physics world? There are answers too. It’s like a clubhouse to the top physics experts that helps them explore all the mystery of learning within the realm of Physics.

These subreddits aren’t just support groups; they’re like the Avengers of academia, here to save the day. They’re your go-to spots for homework rescue missions, leveling up your study skills, and finding your way in the academic jungle. Plus, they’re like a secret society of scholars, sharing knowledge and making academic life a tad more awesome. So, dive in and let the academic adventure begin!

VIII. General College Life


Ah, r/College, the virtual quad of the internet! Here, students from all walks of academic life gather to swap tales of their exploits in the realm of higher education. From unraveling the mysteries of the library’s Dewey Decimal System to deciphering the strange customs of campus culture, no stone is left unturned. It’s a hub for sharing the highs, lows, and everything in between of the college experience.


Picture this: You, donned in a metaphorical suit of armor, battling the dragons of deadlines and juggling relationships like a pro. That’s what r/StudentLife is all about! Dive into discussions about mastering the art of time management, maintaining a healthy balance, and navigating the treacherous waters of personal development. It’s the ultimate guide for every student seeking to conquer the challenges of academic and personal life.


Ever wished you had a lightsaber to slice through the complexities of college life? Well, r/collegehacks might be the closest thing to it! This is where members share their secret weapons—life hacks, study techniques, and productivity tools. They’ve got strategies to optimize every aspect of the college experience. Think of it as your arsenal for making higher education feel like a breeze.


Let’s face it, being a student doesn’t mean surviving on instant noodles alone. At r/collegecooking, members come together to discuss the fine art of culinary conquests. They swap easy, budget-friendly recipes and dish out cooking tips that even the most culinary-challenged can conquer. It’s like a culinary boot camp for students looking to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet without breaking the bank.


Lightsabers aside, becoming a college Jedi involves more than just wielding a weapon. In r/collegeinfogeek, members share the wisdom of the ages—study tips, productivity techniques, and career advice. It’s the ultimate guide to unlocking your full potential in college and beyond. Consider it your personal mentor in the journey of academic and personal growth.

IX. Mental Health and Well-being

Navigating the twists and turns of mental health can be a bit like trying to fold a fitted sheet—tricky, but not impossible. These subreddits are your companions on this adventure, offering support, advice, and even a few laughs along the way.


Ah, r/mentalhealth, where hearts come out to play! This is the watering hole for all things related to mental well-being. Members spill their hearts out, share experiences, and offer advice in a warm and understanding environment. From anxiety to stress-busting strategies, it’s a treasure trove of mental health insights.


For those facing the stormy seas of depression, this subreddit is your lighthouse. Here, members share their tales of triumph over the gloomy waves, offering coping mechanisms and a boatload of empathy. It’s a safe haven where you’ll find comfort in knowing you’re not sailing this ship alone.


Imagine a place where anxiety isn’t a dragon breathing down your neck, but a puzzle waiting to be solved. That’s r/Anxiety! Here, individuals facing anxiety disorders gather to swap secrets of serenity. From coping strategies to self-care rituals, this community is your sanctuary for unraveling the mysteries of anxiety.


While it’s not exclusively a mental health hub, r/GetMotivated is like a shot of espresso for your soul. Need a pep talk? Members here dish out motivation and inspirational stories that could power a rocket. It’s a place where positivity flows freely, helping you supercharge your mental well-being and conquer your goals.


Picture this subreddit as your mental gym, complete with dumbbells of positivity and treadmills of self-awareness. At r/selfimprovement, members gather to flex their personal growth muscles. From nurturing well-being to cultivating positive habits, this is your dojo for becoming the best version of yourself.

X. Career Opportunities

Embarking on the quest for a career or internship can feel like navigating a dense jungle, but fear not! These subreddits are your trusty compasses, leading the way with advice, support, and a touch of humor.


Welcome to r/jobs, the bustling marketplace of career wisdom! Need advice on hunting down elusive job opportunities or sprucing up that resume? This is the place. From interview jitters to salary negotiation ninja moves, they’ve got your back. It’s like a career fair but without uncomfortable dress shoes.


In the wilderness of career choices, r/careerguidance is your trusty guide. Whether you’re plotting a grand career conquest or just looking for a change of scenery, this is where you get your bearings. From skill-building to plotting strategic career moves, this community is your compass for a successful professional journey.


Ahoy, interns-to-be! r/internships is your treasure map to the world of practical work experience. From deciphering internship listings to making the most of your internship adventure, they’ve got the tips and tricks. It’s like having a seasoned captain show you the ropes in the vast sea of internships.


Ever felt like your resume needed a bit of a makeover? r/Resume is your personal stylist for that all-important job-seeking outfit. Post your resume, and let the community work their magic. They’ll help you shine like a diamond in the eyes of potential employers. It’s like a makeover montage but for your professional life!


Step right up, folks! r/JobFair is where employers and job seekers gather for a good old-fashioned job carnival. Employers showcase their offerings, and members can snag a front-row seat to potential employment opportunities. It’s like a job fair, minus the stuffy blazers and awkward handshakes.


These subreddits are essential if you want to make your college life efficient and enjoyable. On these subreddits, you won’t even find the opportunities you otherwise would have missed to excel in career or assignments but you will also find like-minded college students whom you can actually meet in real life and make great friends out of some of them.

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