Best French Movies for Beginners

France is the world’s cultural capital and hosts many film festivals. The French movie scene is glamorous and hard-hitting, with so many beautiful film festivals. Watching the best French comedies and movies to learn French can be exciting. However, with so many great movies at your fingertips, selecting what movies to watch can get a bit overwhelming. Here are some of the best French Movies that can be enjoyed by beginners and fluent speakers alike.

Movies on TV

Les Choristes

Les Choristes is a movie directed by Christophe Barratier, and it is generally regarded as a decent introduction to the heaven of French cinema. The language of the film is conversational, and the storyline is simplistic enough for you to understand. It is a story about a group of unruly schoolboys under the influence of a new music teacher, Clement Mathieu, who develops a special relationship with one of the troubled boys.

The film is food for the soul as the teacher refocuses his attention on the choir to build a framework within the narrative. Even though some moments may seem complex, the simple plot line will keep your heart looking for more.

La Gloire de Mon Père

The movie is adapted from a classic French novel under the same name. It is a tale of rural French history that is set in the heart of a farming community during the 20th century. The movie received various accolades as it is presented simplistically yet has a traditional feel to it. If you want to learn French with Lingopie, you can also check out various videos and classic novels while you browse through the movies.

Un air de Famille

Un air de Famille is a family drama that primarily focuses on a typical French family. The film is set over a course of one night, where the tensions of the family are revealed one by one. As you understand the facade of normalcy fading away, you realize the brilliance of the family drama and actual domestic tensions. As a beginner, you can follow the dialogue even without subtitles. The film’s conversational tone will help you familiarise yourself with French banter. However, you must brace yourself to sit through some intense arguments in the film.

Le Jouet

The film is made by the genius Francis Veber, who has mastered the art of telling stories. Even though the dialogues are a little on the speedier side, you will enjoy the relevant dialogues within the context of the film. The film sets the story of a young boy hiring a journalist to expose his father’s misdeeds. If the story intrigues you, you can recommend the English remake of the movie “The Toy” to your friends.

Although it could be a challenge to watch a slow-paced movie, you can grasp the essence and dialogues of the story after the initial dullness.

Être et Avoir

The movie is a beautiful exhibition of the relationship between a diligent school teacher and his students. The film takes place in the French countryside where the scenes cover the teacher and his students over the course of one year. As a beginner, you will enjoy the poetic movie as it peels the relationship layer with time. The subtlety of the movie is enjoyed by viewers and critics as it provides an insight into the French schooling system.

The scenes also have numerous French lessons from the teacher; therefore, it is a great opportunity for you to learn the intricacies of the French language. You can also improve your French learning through the sober scenes of the film.

Kirikou et la Sorcière

The film is a classic for all French learners as it is a simple and light-hearted movie. The movie, made by Michel Ocelot, blends rural life, magic, and poetry to perfection. Even though the children’s film is set in an African village, you can get the African and French dialects that are soothing to your ears. As this cinematic offering is simple, it should be on your list.


The movie is set in 1977 and spins a feminist tale of a feminist wife turned factory worker. The film remains intriguing until the end and is easy for all beginners to understand. The conversational tone of the film provides a superior understanding of human relationships and the workplace.

Final Thoughts

Although French cinema is vast, you can enjoy these beautiful films while taking a break from your study sessions. Even if you fail to understand the movie, you have subtitles to your rescue. You can take notes while watching and make a routine to watch a weekly film.

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