Best Used Cars to Buy under $10,000 in the USA

Nowadays buying a car for yourself in a country like the USA is not a big deal. There are many used cars available on the market at a budget-friendly cost. Plus, you won’t have to compromise with the quality. After narrowing down a list of features, to be discussed, including the fuel economy, availability, and reliability ratings of the used cars, we have compiled some under $10,000 used cars that you can buy in the USA below. Each of these cars is affordable for your wallet. You can also expect a wide variety of styles and other benefits; starting from high utility value to a fun riding experience. So, let’s begin!

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List of Used Cars Under $10,000

1. Kia Soul

Kia Soul includes a box-type silhouette if compared with the other hatchbacks. The car has a seating capacity of 5 people (at max.). Kia Soul features numerous practical utilities in terms of carrying you along with your stuff to wherever you go. The amazing contrast of high-end safety features and top gas mileage on each model year of Kia Soul is what makes the car a reasonable choice to buy at any price range, despite being a used car.   

There are levels of Kia Soul available on the market; the Base, the Plus, and the Exclaim. So, there is a wider variety of Souls to choose from. People who are all fine to go with a slightly outdated model of Soul can save more by choosing the economical 2013 Soul model.

Buy Used Kia Soul Car

2. Honda Accord

Honda Accord is a reputed firm, known for its incomparable reliability. As per Autotrader, the Honda 2011 model still remains as one of the leading medium-sized used cars under $10,000. It features a cozy cabin followed by smooth handling capability; which makes it a driver-friendly option. Every Accord model is developed with an impressive design and dependability. Moreover, with the rapidly rising popularity of SUVs as daily-use cars, these midsize used sedans are often found available at sizable discounts.

Buy Used Honda Accord Car in the USA

3. Ford Focus

Ford Focus is a leading car option under the compact car category. The recent generation of Ford has been into manufacturing since 2011, with the debut of a sporty upgrade in 2015. Talking about the user Ford purchase, whether you buy one that is an older model or is just a couple of years old, Focus is the top cum reliable choice to go with. Just make sure to select the one that matches your storage requirement; like the practical hatchback model or classic sedan version. You can also avail the one laden with premium features including sporty outlook and rear parking sensors, that too at an affordable cost, by buying a used model of Focus SE. 

Buy Used Ford Focus Car Second Hand

4. Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra is yet another great car coming under the compact car category. It is available in two body styles: the stylish coupe and the classic sedan. The Elantra offers a basic 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty that ensures whether or not the used car was well-maintained by its previous owner. Note that, this facility is available to those who are more into buying a less old model; all the credit goes to its longer warranty period.

Buy Used Hyundai Elantra in USA

5. Mazda Mazda 3

For the sporty car enthusiasts where the car features a powerful engine, the Mazda Mazda3 is a cost-effective choice. Mazda3 can travel up to 22 miles per gallon for driving within a city, and 29 miles per gallon of fuel on the highway. Plus, it also promises safety and dependability across the board. The later Mazda3 generations also feature quality interior and dynamic handling while providing a premium ride, all under $10,000. 

Mazda 3 Second Hand Car Price USA

6. Toyota Avalon

Known for its outstanding reliability, Toyota’s mid-size sedan Toyota Avalon is currently one of the most sought options available on the market at a cheap price. The combination of a subtle exterior with a luxury cum spacious interior, followed by a sizable trunk are some of the few reasons why it should be your next budget car. The powerful V-6 engine with a power output of 268 HP, incomparable safety ratings, and solid gas mileage, and incredible safety ratings are the other considerable factors of Toyota Avalon. Although the older Avalon versions are not powered by modern technology, the quality construction and premium craftsmanship of these models are still surprisingly available at a low price.

Used Toyota Avalon Car Usa Second Hand Price

7. Honda Fit

Honda Fit is a perfect fit for one who is looking for a subcompact and hatchback styled vehicle. Fit’s spacious cabin with a better reliability rating, attractive fuel economy, and other versatile factors make it a good family-car choice that comes under $10,000. Fit is well-suited for city driving with four-cylinder engines arranged in a line. Features including power windows,  cruise control, good air conditioning, and power locks are the other added options in this car. Fit’s low-cost superpowered engine makes it a great daily-driving vehicle.

Honda Fit USA

8. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is for those who are looking for a used car with an impressive fuel efficiency under $10,000. The car renders considerable mileage for both cities as well as highway driving. Despite featuring a less powerful engine, Prius is a reliable option under the above price range. It is fit for drivers who value the roomy, coziness of the car interior, cargo functions such as Bluetooth, rear viewing camera navigation, and automatic headlights.

Toyota Prius Used Car USA

9. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback is a high utility station wagon, available under $10,000. It features all the top characteristics of an SUV, like an all-wheel-drive and other durable features that let the car drive through every sort of weather. If you are looking for plenty of interior space for carrying cargo to places for sports, camping trips, and other outdoor adventures, then Outback is for you. 

Used Subaru Outback Car Second Hand USA


Well, you may get a plethora of used cars under $10,000 to choose from, make sure to pick the one that meets your priorities, comfort, safety, and performance requirements. The ones listed above have different plus points. However, all of them feature noticeable qualities that are value for money. 

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