A Guide to Choosing a Family Car

Parents rely very heavily on their vehicle to keep up the demands of the family. On a typical day, they might use the car to take the kids to school, drive to work, go, grocery shopping and pick their kids up from a friend’s house. As such an important asset of family life, it is vital that every parent makes sure that they have the right automobile for their particular family. Additionally, if your family is growing then it might be time to think about purchasing a larger car. So, how do you decide on a suitable family car?

Family Car


First, you need to think about what the maximum number of passengers that you might have. If you plan on adding to your family in the near future then you should factor this into your decision as you do not want to have to be changing vehicles every few years with every new addition. For small families, a small hatchback or even city car will suffice but if you have or plan on having 2+ children then you may want to look into other vehicle types. Good options include large hatchbacks, estates, MPVs and SUVs.


Storage is another key aspect to consider and most parents will require a fair amount of storage space when they have a family. Everyone will need to be able to sit comfortably and safely but you may also need space for school bags, shopping, strollers, sports equipment and anything else that you or members of the family need to take with them. Larger vehicles tend to have more storage room but you can find smaller vehicles with a surprising amount of space which can be much more affordable.


You also need to think about how easy it is for everyone to get into and out of the car. A 5-door car with large doors is the best option as this can make it easy for everyone to access the car and to put a bumper seat in when they are little. If 3-door is the only option then you should at least make sure that the doors are large so that it is easier for people to get into and out of the car.

Finance Options

Of course, upgrading your automobile will be a huge expense which can be difficult to factor into a family budget. Fortunately, there are a range of finance options available from places like AA Cars which can make it easier to budget for a car and find one that will tick all of the boxes.

It is important that parents have a car that will meet the demands of the family. These are the main factors to consider which should help you to find a suitable car that you can rely on day in day out.

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