How to Boost Your Youtube Video Ranking

For all the beginners, Google and SEO are synonymous with each other. It is obviously due to the fact that Google is the most effective and popular search engine.

But, according to some sources, other than Google, there are several other search engines which though don’t match its size, but can compete with its usefulness. The best example of this is YouTube, which tops the list due to the availability of its own search engines and SEO practices.

One can say that, as you wish to rank your websites high on the SERPs, similarly videos also need to rank higher on YouTube. But the SEO of YouTube is not similar to the regular SEO, and it can take the user some time to get adapted to it.

So, here is a list of top SEO hacks you should follow in order to boost your YouTube video ranking, attract more views, customers and subscribers:

1. Look for the Right Keywords

The first and foremost tip to make your rankings boost high is to find the most effective keywords for your video.

But, there are some differences between the Google and YouTube keywords. For example, the “How to” is the most common keyword for the users whenever they search for anything on YouTube.

Brian Dean has recommended that with the help of Google, you can find suitable keywords for your videos, be it in any niche. This will help you know if any keyword shows the result.

For instance, if you are looking for “how to make an apple pie”, you will end up finding tons of results and out of those searches, one of them must be from YouTube. With the help of Google Keyword Planner, you can check the monthly searches of the keyword you find on that topic that you choose.

It has been suggested that the keyword you choose should have at least 700 monthly searches. The keyword search is necessary as that of regular SEO.

2. Optimize the Title of Video

As we tend to optimize the titles of the written content, similarly the YouTube video title should also be optimized. Make sure that you include the focus keywords in the title and if in case, there is any problem then you need to solve it.

You will know about the benefits of the video title after you read the writing written by Roberto Blake’s on the YouTube video title. This will make everything clear to you regarding the title of your own video.

Youtube SEO

3. Add Main Keywords in Tags Section

Tagging is YouTube’s best feature as it helps you add the related keywords, which can then help you in getting more views on your video.

Always make sure to use the tags that are relevant to your topic. You can also use the LSI keywords in your video, but do remember that excessive use of tags can be a problem. Therefore, 10-12 tags are enough for your YouTube video.

4. Encourage Viewers to Comment on your Video

Just like Google, YouTube also keeps the popular content on priority.

Hence, ask your viewers to comment on your video, since more comments will make it popular. You can say that comments are also one of the important things which will measure the success of your video.

It is always a good idea to end your video by asking your viewers to comment about the video in the comment section.

5. Request Viewers to Subscribe your Channel

Subscribing is also the next important algorithm of YouTube to improve the ranking of your videos.

Likes & Comments is a one-time thing but subscribing to your channels means that a viewer is going to watch your videos regularly. It is a huge factor that will reflect the quality of content that you provide.

Pro tip – You will find zillions of YouTubers asking their viewers to like, share, comment, and subscribe to their channel at the end of the video. However, if you want to prioritize, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

6. Design an Eye-Catching and Unique Thumbnail

Yes, we can say that making a thumbnail is not a ranking factor, but it will help you create an impact on SEO. An attractive thumbnail can get you more clicks, which will eventually help in getting a better SEO.

Also, ensure that the thumbnail you create is unique and explains the video to your viewers. It is because many people will see your thumbnail and then watch the video, so do not skip this step.

Eye Catching YouTube Thumbnails

7. Add the CCs

Want to take the edge over others, then adding the closed caption is a good hack. Till now, you must be aware that YouTube supports the CC option, which on being toggled open the captions.

These captions are for people who have the problem of hearing and can render you an unexpected benefit. The closed captions can crawl with the search engines which will get a good SEO boost to your videos.

Although, YouTube does support the automatic captioning which is imperfect, and hence you can edit these captions yourself by adding your own. Always make sure that the captions you add are correct so that viewers can understand them.

8. Create Links for your Channel and Not Just the Video

For a good SEO on your channel, you need to have the links for both your channel and videos individually. These inbound links will signify that you are an authority in the niche that you make a video on. Keep this in mind, as we will see how to get the link in the next steps.

9. Share Your Videos on Social Media

It is obvious that in these times, social media is very important and popular. YouTube is also a social channel and to maximize its visibility and SEO, you can share your videos on different social media platforms.

share youtube

  • Facebook

You can begin by sharing your videos on Facebook since it can get tons of traffic on your channel. It will surely get double dup if you also add an engaging description. Posting your video on a different channel is the best strategy for gaining maximum visibility.

  • Twitter

Then moving on to Twitter, the same idea is applicable here, as more you spread the word, more eyeballs you will attract.

Even though Twitter’s original videos are strong, the shares made from YouTube on Twitter are more, when compared to the native videos of Twitter. Tweeting videos will get your channel more views and traffic.

  • Linkedin

LinkedIn is one of the major social media platforms which have not come up with a video feature (except SlideShare). It will help you increase YouTube views and engagement.

  • Quora

Lastly, Quora is also one such social media platform where you can share your videos.

Henceforth, sharing your YouTube videos on social media will help you create links to your channels and enhance your online presence.

10. Embed the Videos

The main purpose of embedding the videos is to bring in front of the people. It is recommended to do the same on the blog posts. The next is to enhance the engagement of the viewers which will help you get more viewers.

11. Look for the Keyword Ideas

It is known that you will not be a YouTube SEO expert from day one. This is why it is better to have a look at your competitors. You can look at the keywords the channels in similar niche use. Try adding those keywords in your videos and then keep a track of the performance. This technique can get a lot of shares on your video.

YouTube Keywords

Bottom Line

There is no need for having a huge budget for making good videos. You can create a viral video with the help of a phone and a free video editing application. Always remember that the best channels stand out because of the unique content they provide to their viewers. You can become a very successful YouTuber by creating good videos that are unique and follow the tips.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.