How to Buy a Company Car in 2022

Buying a company car can prove very beneficial to your business. You get to present a professional look and have your branding and advertising put on the vehicle. Your business can also enjoy tax benefits and deductions from things like maintenance costs, car loan payments, and depreciation. However, you need to know how to buy a company car in 2022 first.

Company Car

How to Buy a Company Car in 2022

Buying a company car in 2022 isn’t quite the same as it has been in years past. Knowing certain pointers will help you navigate this modern business task.

  • Pay Attention to Your Competitors: If you have competition in your local market, pay attention to their company cars. Consumers do notice such things, and you don’t want to pick something that makes you appear out of place, weaker than your competitors, or behind the times.
  • Go Green When You Can: A totally electric vehicle might not work for your business, but eco-conscious consumers might not appreciate seeing you driving a gas-guzzling tank around town.
  • Get the Right Insurance: The insurance requirements of a company car are going to be different and often higher than a personal or private vehicle insurance policy. Make sure your company car is protected adequately.
  • Don’t Just Look at New Vehicles: New cars, trucks, and SUVs are very expensive right now. Prices are expected to come down over the course of the year, but they might not stabilize until well into 2023. Keep your eyes open for used vehicles still in great condition. If you run a small business or work for yourself, you might even want to consider buying your own vehicle and use it as a company car instead of driving it personally.
  • Remember to Register the Vehicle: Even company cars have to be registered with the department of motor vehicles in your state where you do business.

Look Everywhere

The auto market is a very volatile place in 2022, and prices are rather high on many makes and models. This is why it makes sense to check out options to purchase from coast to coast. One thing that can help make company vehicle shopping more affordable, is car transport services in Arizona or other major US states. You can buy a car from practically anywhere in the country and have it shipped to your business. This can be useful if you already have one or more company vehicles and are looking for a specific make and model to match your current fleet.

What to Look for in a Company Car

There can be many different factors to consider when looking for a company car, and some of them might be very specific to your needs and circumstances. However, there are certain factors that any business should think about when hunting for vehicles.

  • Aesthetics: Your vehicle will represent your business, so you want something that not only grabs attention but commands respect. Be sure to get something you can either paint your logo and colors on or at least attach magnetic signing to.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Many company cars are used quite a lot for shuttling around between various offices, clients, and tasks. Fuel economy isn’t an area you want to skimp on considering how much you’ll be spending on fuel while you own the company car.
  • Options: Extras that might come with the company car can help you customize it to cater to your needs. You might choose particular options that even help with prestige and fight depreciation.
  • Size: Will it usually just be you running around town? Or do you need space for multiple people and even cargo?

Get Something Good

When you own a company car, it is a physical part of your business. Make sure you get something good and then take great care of it. How well it runs and how it looks are going to be things employees and customers alike associate with your business just as much as any branding you put on the sides.

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