The Definitive Guide To Buy High Quality Expired Domain Names at Cheap Rates

If you’re into niche blogging, you already know that the more the reputation a domain has, the easily you can rank it for your event or keyword. If you register a brand new domain and try to build its reputation either for your niche business or targeted keyword(s) or creating a branded website, it’s going to take a lot of time and efforts especially when the domain age is now among most powerful SEO factors.

So, if you can think out of the box and instead of buying a new domain, if you consider buying an expired domain name, then choosing it smartly can provide you many important SEO benefits inherently.

Expired Domains Cheap Rates

According to your requirement, you can buy expired/deleted domain names with high Google PageRank (PR), Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF), MozRank, High Traffic, long domain age. Several other factors are outlined here.

And if you’ve already researched about expired domains you know the struggle, right? Firstly, finding a reputed expired or deleted domain is though and if you conquer this problem then the next problem is the budget. Reputed expired domains are either already open to purchase at very high price or available at domain auction portals where either you’re getting outbid.

If the above para describes your situation appropriately then to ease your situation, I am here providing some cool ways to buy expired and deleted domains at very cheap rate. You don’t need to pay thousands or even hundreds of dollars, you can get a reputed, authority expired domain at the price as low as the price of a new domain name (around $10).

From Expired Domain Names Search Engine

Domain names which gets expired and don’t get renewed with slowly start fading from normal search engines. Their search results will start going down and within few weeks, all the links from that domain to search engine is gone. So, you can’t use or any other smart search query in Google or any other search engine to know if a domain has been expired or what domain names have been expired for a specific extension. So, normal search engines will not going to help you in this.

Luckily, there is an expired domain name search engine which keeps track of expired/deleted domain names for every domain extension exist. The search engine is called It currently have over 62 million expired domain names in its database among them, 53 million domains are deleted domains. Even for single .com gTLD, it has over 2 million deleted domain names in its database.

And, the best thing about is that, it is allowing everyone to search for deleted domain names from its database for free. The site is frequently updated. Under “Deleted Domains” section, users can search for deleted .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, Archive .com and regional domain names. They can sort domain names by domain length, number of backlinks, registered year, DMOZ listing, drop date, etc. and also apply filters over name (characters, number, hyphen), traffic, ranking (Quantcast, Alexa, SimilarWeb), etc.


For any deleted domain you choose, if it’s available to register, you can register it at the cost of new domain name, independent of its traffic, ranking or other authority metrics. also features marketplace domains which are placed with additional charge. They either have a fixed charge or a starting price owners have put for its auction. You can find them in “Marketplace Domains” section.

Moonsy Expired Domains

If you’ve read my article where I outlined 15 essential factors to appraise a website, I have put great focus on DA, PA, TF and CF because they are essentially important SEO factors you should consider before buying a domain name. doesn’t show these essential SEO metrics but Moonsy Expired Domains portal display them. So, if you want to buy expired domains names with good DA, PA, CF and TF, head over to expired domains listing and sign up there.

After logging in, you can see a list of expired domains from Godaddy Auction with their Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow and many other important SEO metrics. Search them with desired keywords, sort or apply filters, refine your search and buy the best expired domain name available for your purpose.


You can bookmark good domains to your favorite list, choose buy now domains which you can instantly purchase or sort the Moonsy Expired domains list table to so only bidding domains with Time Left information to set your alarm for the time and try to win bid for that domain at last moment. But make sure you have Godaddy Auction’s account because without it, you cannot bid and win.

Note – Unlike “Deleted Domains” which are available at same price of new domain , “Marketplace Domains” of and domains from Expired Domains list will have the sum of base price and renewal charge as the total cost you need to pay for selected domains from these places.

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