Best Places to Buy Your First Home in Calgary

You might be new to the city or you might realize it’s time for you to settle down and create some roots for the long haul. If either of those sounds like you, there are plenty of great options when looking at Calgary Homes for Sale. With all the city has going for it, there are no wrong options. 

The right place is all going to come down to what you are looking for in life. Have a few kids or plan to soon? Is the action of the city the most important thing to you outside of your commute? Those are some of the biggest factors when choosing where in the city is right for you, but if you are looking for suggestions keep reading to see which neighborhoods we love the most. 

Calgary Homes

The Beltline

Are you that type where the more lively the neighborhood the better? For some of us, the nightlife is just a certain point in our lives, there are also those that can’t imagine being far from it for years to come. If the latter sounds like you, settle into the Beltline and never look back. 

No matter the time that you love to be out of the house, there’s somewhere in the Beltline for you from cafes for the early risers to the best bars for those night owls. It’s considered the heart of the city, so don’t feel like it’s a poor choice professionally to move here either.

Odds are, if you have a corporate job, you won’t be too far away and if you’re looking for new work, there shouldn’t be an issue finding something nearby.

West Springs 

If you are craving something with a more suburban feeling while still remaining within the city, West Springs might be the right move for you as it’s a place where everything you might need will always feel around the corner. Just because it’s a great place for a family, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. 

You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to having a week-night out or a special weekend with the kids. From diners to high-end options for food, and even local art studios, if you settle into West Springs, you might just never feel the need to leave. 


Not only is this one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, but it’s also still being actively developed thanks to its popularity. The popularity of Inglewood stems from its perfect mixture of hip, yet historic. That means you’ll be able to relish in old-world charm as you dine at some of the best restaurants throughout the city. 

Don’t think food is the only way to enjoy the neighborhood. You’ll also have tons of options when it comes to shopping and plenty of outdoor festivals during the warmer parts of the year. Given the area is still being developed, that means your investment should yield a safe return as the years go on and the popularity of the neighborhood continues to rise. 

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