CardFunder App Review: The Best Way to Donate Unused GiftCards

Did you know millions of dollars as gift cards go wasted every year? What if you can convert unused gift cards into money and donate them to charity directly? Isn’t it a great thought? Well, CardFunder has the solution for this particular situation. CardFunder App Review will give you in-depth information about how you can donate unused or partially used gift cards to charity and other NGOs.


CardFunder App: Overview

The CardFunder app bridges the gap between non-profit organizations and donors who want to donate funds for charity. CardFunder tool comes with a brand new idea that lets donors use unused gift cards or partially used gift cards for charity. One can use this tool on a PC or a mobile phone for hassle-free donations.

According to a recent study, over $3 Billion of gift cards go unused annually. Since people started using digital platforms, they use gift cards for every occasion. What’s shocking here is millions of dollars of money stored in gift cards which are of no use.

CardFunder’s idea brings such users and non-profit organizations together. NGOs can receive funds from donors who donate money as gift cards. The platform first accepts the gift cards and then verifies them. After the verification process, the money will be transferred to the bank account of the organization.

How does the CardFunder App Work?

The CardFunder app is available for both, Android and iOS platforms. This means anyone can use this app to donate funds to charity. Since hundreds of NGOs are actively working for the welfare of society, donors transfer money directly to their bank accounts.

Now, the trick here is this platform uses unused gift cards. Donors can submit the details of their gift cards to the CardFunder app and the app then verifies the details. Upon verification, the further process takes place. This way, organizations can receive funds and the unused or unwanted gift cards’ money can be utilized. The following steps will show you how the CardFunder app works for both, donors and NGOs.

Steps to use the CardFunder App for Organizations

Step 1: Register Yourself

Go to the official website of the CardFunder app or install its mobile app on your smartphone. Once done, scroll down the main page and sign up for your account. Enter your organization details for verification.

Step 2: Get Your Profile Verified

Upon submitting the details of your organization, the team of the CardFunder platform will verify and then send you a verification email. You will get additional information along with the tools to set up your campaign and marketize it.

Step 3: Collect GiftCards

Once the campaign is launched, you will start receiving gift cards or partially used gift cards from the donors. There’s a process to send these gift cards to the CardFunder’s team.

Step 4: Validate the Gift Cards

The team at CardFunder will then validate all the gift cards received by the donors. Once the gift cards are validated, the funds will be sent to the registered bank account.

Step 5: Check Your Funds

You will receive an email upon a successful campaign. The funds will be credited back to your bank account. Now, you have the funds for your campaign.

Steps to use the CardFunder App for Donors

  • Open the app and register yourself on the app.
  • Click the Fundraiser Search option, type in the name of the organization.
  • Click Donate Gift Card option.
  • The app would like to access your camera app for the scanning of the gift cards.
  • Scan your gift card from the front and back side.
  • Enter the details of your card and submit the details.
  • Your gift card will be submitted and you will receive a confirmation message with a thank you note.

Let’s check out the key features of this platform.

CardFunder: Key Features

  • CardFunder app lets common people do charity virtually. The platform lives on the web platform, you need not visit the charity organization physically. Just make use of this platform, explore the campaigns and submit your gift card to donate.
  • The platform is designed for non-profit organizations, schools, universities, churches, ministries, and more.
  • Organizations can set up their profile and start their campaigns using the tools provided in the email. It’s a quick process and anyone can start a campaign to collect funds for the charity.
  • The validated gift cards’ money transfers to the registered bank accounts of the organizations quickly.

The Bottom Line:

The team of CardFunder comes with an innovative way of donating and receiving funds from unwanted, unused, or partially used gift cards. NGOs and other organizations need funds for their charity works. When people can utilize their unwanted gift cards for charity, they will also feel privileged. Give CardFunder a try if you have an unused gift card. Also, share the same with your friends!

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