Top Celebrities Who Have Invested Huge in Cryptocurrency

A few years before, only a few people were aware of cryptocurrency. It was so difficult for the person to understand what crypto was at that time. If a person does not know what it is and how it can benefit them, how can they invest it? But with time, cryptocurrency has gained so much popularity, and it gets expanded with time. As a result, many entrepreneurs, engineers, and developers started investing in crypto and getting profits.

They were the only ones who had invested the money in the past. But if you will talk about today, then it won’t be easy to find a person who does not have any idea about crypto. No one has ever expected that crypto would become so expensive, and the person who will have this will become a billionaire. Some have even used automated trading such as this trading bot to make money in crypto trading without putting any time or skill.

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Since it has passed 60,000 USD, people have started investing in crypto. You will be surprised to know that many celebrities have invested the money and there is no doubt that it is a wise decision. So now, let’s dig a little more and learn about the celebrities who have invested in cryptocurrency.

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the CEO and founder of Tesla, promoting cryptocurrency, especially Dogecoin and Bitcoin. He is the biggest cryptocurrency influencer who has 50+ million followers on Twitter. But the thing changed in January 2021 when Tesla King added #Bitcoin to his Twitter account, and then the prices of Bitcoin increased by 25%.

Moreover, he also stated that his company purchased about $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin, which is almost equal to 7.7% of the overall cash position of Tesla.

2. Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a billionaire shark. He has a different relationship with Bitcoin because there was a time when he advised people to invest 10% of their portfolio into Bitcoin. Still, there was also a one-time point in his life when he said he would have an investment in Banana instead of Bitcoin.

Later, he also explained that he had invested in numerous types of crypto from an exchange called Coinbase.

3. Snoop Dogg

Another celebrity who has invested in crypto is Snoop Dogg; he started his journey in the year 2012 with Bitcoin when it was at its early stage. With the help of the BTC, he made his songs available for purchase, and each of his poster albums was around 0.3 Bitcoin which means they have earned $14000 from each of his albums.

But he has never told anyone how many CDs he sold or how much BTC he has earned from them. So the information regarding this is still unknown.

4. Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is one of the most famous aikido martial arts inspectors and actors who have become a well-known figure in cryptocurrency too. However, the exact amount of Bitcoin he holds is still unknown. In the year 2020, US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Steven for unlawfully promoting the rival of BTC.

Later for that, he promised that he would pay a punishment of $314,000.

5. Lionel Messi

Who does not know Lionel Messi? He is one of the best football players of all time. In 2003, when he arrived in Barcelona, Messi generated his magic on the field with dribbles, goals, and talents. In addition, he is well-known for blockchain technology. He is a prominent figure on the planet and is a hero to people worldwide.

He even expressed his enthusiasm for the blockchain with his Instagram posts after he started posting on Instagram and had quite a different perspective on blockchain technology.

6. Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a fantastic YouTuber, influencer, and content creator who have become popular with the craze of NFT. He has also partnered with Bitcoin and influenced the people in many ways. The tokens which Paul sold came in the digital Pokemon cards, and in the Polkadot-based NFT market, these cards were auctioned.

7. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is a professional boxer and a celebrity on social media. He was the first celebrity who invested in Bitcoin and was so pleased when he decided to become a part of the digital revolution.

You may be surprised to know that he collaborated with the ATM makers of Bitcoin and also created a machine tattoo on his face. His collaboration was the one that offered a BTC mobile wallet.

The Final Words

The future of Bitcoin is quite bright, and more and more celebrities are coming up and endorsing cryptocurrencies. However, people still do not know that Bitcoin will be widely used as a digital currency accepted everywhere and for how long it can be maintained.

But in the eyes of the influential individuals of the world, Bitcoin has a huge worth and will be used in the market for a long time. Therefore, it will not lose value shortly.

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