10 Quick Ways to Clear Space on an Overstuffed Android device

Smartphones and tablets have become indispensable devices for many people. We all listen to music, watch streaming video, and download gigabytes of data. Many vendors install more than 32GB drives or more. It’s OK for regular users, but what if you only have a couple of megabytes left? Can you find a place for a new application? We think you already know the answer. First of all, we advise you to use Ccleaner as one of the most straightforward and most comprehensive smartphone cleaning applications. You can download Ccleaner or many other most used apps on android by visiting APKsitory. We have also prepared ten tips for optimizing your disk space.

1. Clear cached app data

You should go into the settings of your smartphone and find the section with the application cache. You will be surprised how much unnecessary information your suggestions store. It is especially true of social networks, YouTube, and various streaming services. This cache can occupy up to 50% of the total disk space.

Select any application and click clear cache. It is equivalent to garbage removal. After that, you can see how much your disk space has expanded. Do not be afraid to perform this function. You will not harm your smartphone in any way.

2. Clean up the Downloads folder

Do not forget that your smartphone is a mini-computer, which means it has a Download folder. All files that you have ever downloaded from the Internet are collected here. Imagine how much unnecessary information is cluttering up your smartphone. Open this folder and delete everything manually that you will never need. You can also use CCleaner APK for this option.

Believe us; it can free up to 90% of your total disk space. It seems like a joke, but many people never clear this folder. Use your smartphone for at least a year, and you will see how much your disk space will decrease.

3. Dump photos that backed up

Do not forget that all Android smartphones have access to Google photos. Why do you need to store files on your smartphone if you can make a backup in the cloud? Use this function, and you can free up a massive amount of space on your smartphone. If necessary, you can always download your photos and use them locally.

4. Manage downloaded music and podcasts

If you use Google Play Music, you can configure the storage option for your music files. For example, you can set up Cloud Play without saving music to your smartphone. It will save you enough space to install additional applications and data. It is worth noting that many streaming services allow you to perform the same function to save space on your smartphone.

5. Erase offline areas in Google Maps

It is worth noting that you can delete some offline maps from your device and keep enough space to download more critical files. It is worth noting that one section of the card can take up to a gigabyte of memory. It is a significant amount of data that can spend on more important details. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that you will lose the possibility of offline navigation in this area.

6. Unload your least-used apps

It is worth noting that most users have at least several applications that they almost do not use. It is a waste of megabytes that can eliminate quickly. Remove all unnecessary apps to free up enough space for more critical content. It is worth noting that you can always re-download the vital app for you.

7. Use Oreo’s storage tools

It is worth noting that you can use the Oreo storage manager if your smartphone supports this version of the operating system. You can see all the additional files that take up extra space on your smartphone. This feature has a significant effect on increasing disk space. You can see how much space this or that application takes and can easily remove it to free up additional space.

8. Turn on smart storage

If you have the appropriate version of the Android operating system, you can control your files and adjust the space occupied. Select various options to remove unnecessary data and clean your file system. Otherwise, you will need to use Ccleaner APK.

9. Get an SD card

One of the most effective methods of expanding memory is an SD card. It is a permanent solution to most problems since most smartphones support the installation of memory cards up to 512 GB. Some versions of Samsung and other smartphones support up to 1 terabyte of memory. It is more than enough to solve the problem of lack of disk space for a long time.

10. Use Google Drive

Each user of Google Drive can store up to 15 GB of data for free. Nowadays it’s not too impressive, but it’s free. You can also use additional paid options to expand the exact storage up to 200 GB. Such a decision provided with a monthly subscription. Nevertheless, even the basic 16 GB of memory will help you save data with quick access.

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