10 Unique Uses for Flowers at Your Wedding

When talking about wedding preparations, flowers will always be on the list. It is something that you should not forget because flowers are not only for the bridal bouquet but also use in decorating the venue. In fact, even groomsmen wear boutonnieres. But aside from the traditional uses of flowers, you are also free to think out of the box. Maybe you just want to have a unique wedding and you can always make an experiment on how you can use the flowers. Suggested by Florist expert at Little Flower Hut, listed below are some wedding flower options for you to try to make this special moment memorable.

Flowers for Wedding

1. Bridal wear

Brides normally hold a bouquet of flowers at their wedding. However, it can also be a good idea if you will as your florist to add blooms on your bridal gown. This can make your dress look livelier and beautiful especially if it is a garden or beach wedding. In fact, flowers can be a perfect decoration on a simple gown to add beauty and twist.

2. Ceremony backdrop

Decorating the venue with flowers is not something new. However, creating a backdrop where you will say your “I do’s” can be more exciting and eye-catching in a floral backdrop. You can make use of flowers in varying colors for a livelier effect.

3. Chair decorations

Create a style on the chairs for the newlyweds by accentuating it with flowers. The new couple surely want the attention of the crowd. It is easy to design the chairs with flowers and you can even decorate the chairs of your guests. Just make sure that you’ll get rid of the pointed parts of the flowers so nobody will get hurt.

4. Floral cascade

Creating a focal point at your wedding venue is something that you have to be prepared of. If you want to add a little drama like what you see in movies or create a theatrical effect, then a floral cascade can be a good idea. You can ask your florist to make a display wherein flowers seem to be pouring out.

5. Flower garlands

You can ask someone to follow you during your wedding ceremony who will toss petals on you. Aside from that, you can also try decorating the venue with a flower garland. Hanging flower garlands look romantic and sweet. You can use it for the backdrop or hang it on the ceiling of your wedding venue. However, it will take time so you have to start creating the garlands as early as possible to have it prepared for your wedding. The good thing is that there is no need for you to use many flowers for this arrangement.

6. Monogramic Magic

If you are planning to make a floral wall nut can’t afford the cost, then why not just go for the initials and decorate it with flowers? The initial of the newlyweds in wood materials can be used as the base. Design it with fresh flowers for the ceremony.

7. Floral cocktails

Aside from offering your guests with the traditional drinks like champagne on your wedding, you can search for edible flowers that are good for cocktails. You can even adorn the drinks with wildflowers for a unique touch. You can try rose petals in varying colors. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of roses then you are free to try other blooms as long as it is edible.

8. Floral Veil

If you can design your wedding dress with flowers, then there is nothing wrong if you will also accentuate your veil with fresh blooms. Attach your favorite blooms to your veil but don’t overdo it. A few blooms can already add style to your veil.

9. Petal-covered aisle

If you want to experience a kind of weddings like what you see in movies or a fairytale-like ceremony, then why not accentuate the aisle with flower petals. It can be more romantic if the petals are in red color. It makes you feel like you are walking on a red carpet. Petal-covered aisle is perfect for a garden wedding or a beach wedding.

10. Flower arch

For an eye-catching entrance, you can create a flower arch for your wedding. Floral structures definitely have romantic effects for weddings so it is something that you have to think of many times. The structure that you will use for your wedding will depend on your chosen theme. The beauty they bring surely amaze your guests.

Flowers are always present at weddings. However, you can discover other unique uses for these blooms aside from using them for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. You are free to think outside the box especially if you love buds and stems. You can come up with flower crowns, flower walls, flower arches, and more. In fact, these flowers are not only used to decorate the venue but some can also be added to cocktails.

There are endless possibilities to how you would want to incorporate flowers at your wedding. You don’t have to look for expensive flowers to create a stunning effect instead you just have to use your imagination and be creative. There is nothing wrong for you to try new ideas. You can also ask help from a florist because they can provide you with different ideas on how to use flowers on your wedding. However, it is best that you do your preparation as early as possible if you want your wedding to be successful.

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