Get Your Head in the Clouds: What Is Cloud Security and Why Is It Important?

Ahh, the cloud.

It’s mind-boggling to think of how this simple concept has completely altered the landscape of standard business operations for good. Ever since cloud computing was introduced to the business world, many companies have been able to significantly streamline operations.

However, there are negative side effects of cloud computing. One such disadvantage is the growing need for cybersecurity. Hackers with less-than-above-board intentions can take advantage of the online channels that run from your devices to your cloud storage solution.

That’s where cloud security comes in, however.

What is cloud security, you ask?

That’s exactly what we’ll answer in this article. You’ll learn all about cloud network security and why you need it to protect your business from harm.

What Is the Cloud?

Before we start talking about cloud security, it’s important that you have a fundamental understanding of what the cloud is first. Only then you can understand the value of keeping it secure to your business.

To understand the cloud, first remember what happens when you save something like a Word document on your computer. It goes on your hard drive, right?

Well, what if you want to save something that can be accessed by folks across the world? That’s where the cloud comes in.

Think of the cloud as the storage space created by massive hard drives located elsewhere. This cloud can store data like those Word documents you create. You send the data to the cloud via the Internet, and then the cloud stores it until you need it.

What Is Cloud Security and Why Is It Important?

Cloud security is the art of protecting your data in the cloud. Because it isn’t just physically on your computer anymore, that means that it is more open for attack from those who are trying to steal your data.

If you have proprietary data that gives you an edge over your competition, then rest assured that there will be attempts made on your data. Other hackers seeking to ransom your data may also make their moves.

Not only so, but consider the regulatory bodies. There are a lot of different government ordinances that require web-based businesses to protect their customers and their data. For you to pass these security audits, you will need to have security measures set up.

The best way to ensure that happens is to hire a service like Sonrai Security. They can take care of any firewall construction, password maintenance, or other security tasks that you may need to be addressed.

Implement Cloud Security Today

Now that you know the answer to the question, “what is cloud security?”, you should have a much better appreciation for why you need to secure the data that you have stored on the cloud.

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