Why You Should Consider Traveling by Cruise Ship

Traveling by ship is an iconic way to see the world. Early travelers used the oceans and waterways as highways to bring goods and materials back and forth to their mainlands. Towns and cities grew along rivers to accommodate this merchant traffic. Depending on where you decide to go and how long a trip you desire to take, you can see some of the most historically exciting areas of the world

Cruise ships take breathtaking journeys along scenic waterways around the globe. If you’ve never taken a cruise ship before, here are some of the reasons you might end up loving this mode of travel.

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Cruise ships are known for their food. Some of the best cruise ships have an incredible variety of food choices available at every meal and throughout the day. Meals are included in the cruise price, so you don’t need to budget for meals. On-board food choices are one thing that makes traveling on a cruise ship such a great way to travel

Most cruise ships offer sit-down dining where you dress for dinner and select your meal from a menu. And they also have buffets, often themed, such as seafood buffets. With all the food choices, it can seem like all your favorite high-end restaurants have come along with you on your vacation.


The evenings are rarely dull. When traveling between ports, the cruise ships provide entertainment. Entertainment on cruises can be themed, such as a New Orleans’ party, children’s themes, or Las Vegas-style. Magic shows, variety acts, music, and theatre are standard programs. When booking a cruise, see what is offered in the way of on-ship entertainment. In addition, many ships have casinos, several bars, and of course, free wi-fi.


Excursions are those off-ship experiences. When you go to a new port of interest, the cruise ship will offer sightseeing packages ensuring you see all the points of interest. If you are traveling through warm or tropical areas, common excursions are diving, snorkeling, or whale watching.  Smaller ships go through rivers and by-ways and take you into exotic locales like the Panama Canal or the Rhine River. Decide before you book what you are interested in.


The actual rooms on cruise ships range from small to spacious, depending on the level of the vessel and price. Going up higher can get you a double room with beautiful water views. Cruise ships offer elevators and stairs, plenty of restrooms, bars, and dining areas. Many have pools on top with full bar service. Don’t let the room size you can afford dissuade you; you won’t spend much time in the room.


If you’ve eaten way more than you usually do, you can visit the gym. Most ships have gyms, spa services, and exercise classes available. You can also climb the stairs and walk the ships’ parameters. There is plenty of space and ways to keep up with your fitness routine on a cruise.

Ease of Use

Your luggage will be brought to your room by a porter. Once your luggage is in the room, you can hang up your clothing and put things away in drawers, and never have to pack up again until you leave. On a cruise, you will visit several towns or countries, depending on your cruise, and only have to manage your luggage once on the trip.

Traveling on a cruise ship is one of the easiest ways to see certain parts of the world. Many of the world’s ancient cities are built along waterways, making this an exciting way to get to those ports. If you’re afraid of flying, many leave directly from the United States. Cruise ships leave from Florida, California, Seattle, New York, ports along the Mississippi River, and the Great Lakes. With all the choices, you can take an enjoyable vacation and never take a flight. Get some brochures and explore this easy way to travel.

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