5 Contractor Marketing Ideas to Implement in 2021

2021 is the year to build yourself as a business.

It’s no secret that 2020 hasn’t been the most exciting year for a lot of people. If you’re an independent contractor, you may have found yourself struggling to pick up new projects in the midst of the pandemic.

This new year is your chance to boost your income. How exactly do you do that? You have to create a marketing plan for yourself.

If you’re unsure on how to market yourself, make sure to keep reading below. There are 5 contractor marketing ideas to try out for yourself.


1. Create/Update Your Website

Do you have a website? Is it updated? If you answered ‘no’ to either of those questions, it’s time to add this task to your contractor marketing strategy.

Most of what we do is online now. We are constantly surfing the web for new restaurants to try or crafts to do at home. Make yourself available through the power of the internet.

As you create your website, develop a cohesive brand. Create a blog section, and type up some customer testimonies. You’ll also want to include pictures and videos for an SEO boost.

2. Spend on SEO Services

Investing in local SEO services will automatically bring you stronger contractor leads.

Don’t let the algorithm beat you. Play the game by creating stronger keyword strategies and reaching wider audiences. It’s time the people in your area know about your services.

3. Encourage Reviews

Because you provide quality work, you shouldn’t be shy about people talking about it. Encourage everyone you’ve completed work for to leave a review on Google.

These good reviews will quickly attract the eyes of other potential customers. They’ll also drive your name to the top of the list of search engines.

If a negative review does pop up, privately reach out to the disgruntled customer to make amends.

4. Volunteer With Community Organizations

Put your skills to use for the good of the community—volunteer with different organizations around town. You’ll be able to develop a strong list of contacts that may want to pay for your services in the future.

5. Give Social Media a Try

Whether it’s creating a Facebook page or an Instagram account, social media should be included in your contractor marketing strategy.

Once your accounts are created, don’t forget to update people daily and engage with comments. You can post project updates on your Instagram story or check into different locations on Facebook.

social media

Boost Your Business in 2021: Contractor Marketing

Contractor marketing isn’t discussed enough so we are here to help with the quick tips above. Make sure to give each tip a try for a business boost in the new year.

Make yourself known online with an amazing website and an investment in local SEO services. You’ll also want to create social media pages to share with family and friends. Don’t forget to ask people to leave reviews along the way.

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