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Did you know video content earns 12 times more share than images and text combined? Every year, videos are poised to become the NEXT big thing in the marketing industry. This is the reason almost every business looks to create a YouTube channel or other type of video for their promotion. Even according to a report, people view 1 billion hours of YouTube per day.

A video is a powerful marketing tool and as a digital marketer, you should have a complete understanding of video marketing power. You need to learn how to incorporate videos into your content in order to be competitive and maintain your position in the marketplace. You also need to have knowledge of the latest technology as you know most of your work depends on technology. For the technological updates and interesting ideas, you can browse websites like Supportive Guru.

Why Video?

A video is a branded content that helps you depict your brand message more clearly and concisely among your prospective audience. Video content is an engaging and versatile content format and is the most powerful part of an article or a blog. A video not only offers you a real-life image of what’s going on but it is easy to share across different platforms as well.

Customers like videos because they are easy to digest, engaging and entertaining, and digital marketers like videos because they offer potentially huge ROI (Return On Investment) through different channels. In this blog, you will find some stats that prove marketers need video content to make their brand a success.

Stats that Prove Digital Marketers Need Videos

1. Search Engine Optimization

According to a survey conducted by Cisco, over 80% of internet traffic will consist of video by 2021.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines love videos as according to them videos offer quality content. Adding videos on your web page can do wonders for your website SEO. For the best results, make sure the videos you are using consist of high-quality content and are optimized properly. It means you need to incorporate a solid title, a strong meta description, and the right keywords to your video.

2. Informing and Educating

As per the HubSpot report, 87% of digital marketers claim that videos help consumers understand services and products.

Most of the digital marketers focus mainly on sales through their brand videos. Now, this is where they are going wrong in terms of business operations. Being a marketer, you need to understand that people prefer to watch informative videos than viewing videos that focus just on sales. So as a marketer, you need to approach your visitors with value-based and informative offers instead of a sale. You need to make certain that the videos you’re creating are able to give your audience a close look at your services and products.

3. Boosting Conversion Rate

A report by Social Media Today stated that 90% of people claim a video help them make a buying decision.

Boosting Conversion

There are reports that claim that 74% of customers who watch an explainer video of a product will surely purchase it. Your landing page is a great place to upload your videos and boosting your business conversion rate by up to 80%.

Videos are great for boosting the conversion rate as they help you keep the audience on your website for a long time and encourage them to browse the complete website. This is true for people who don’t love to read and most people prefer watching videos rather than reading the information available in lengthy text. Upload engaging videos and encourage your visitors to spend more time on your page.

4. Staying Competitive

A HubSpot survey stated that 81% of businesses are using videos for their brand marketing.


A video is an amazing way to spread your brand message more clearly and effectively. When it comes to educating your audience on the ins and outs of a certain product, a unique and short explainer video can work wonder. By using attractive media types and storytelling, you can grab the attention of viewers out there. Depending on how your video matches your service, you can stand out among your competitors by creating innovative explainer videos. Create engaging videos relevant to your services/products and stay competitive.

These are some interesting reasons for incorporating videos into your marketing activities. There is no wonder that video marketing is a great way to sell your services and products successfully.

5. Create Videos for Your Brand Marketing

Looking to start making effective and quick videos to market your brand in the industry? Great. But, video creation can be an expensive affair if you don’t have the right source. Thanks to the internet – a magical place. Here, you can find tools for practically everything, even free and easy video making tools. These tools help you create videos that are both optimized and engaging.

6. Renderforest: Create a Professional Brand Video in Minutes


Renderforest is the best online video making tool available on the internet. The tool offers a unique way to depict your brand story to the audience in an interesting way. This is an easy and inexpensive way to make and edit videos online. With the help of this tool, you can bring even your complex ideas to reality and make them easy to understand for visitors.

With Renderforest video making tool, you can create videos for your brand using built-in templates, social scenes, animated scenes, and logo animations. This tool helps you in creating quality videos for your brand promotion without video editing skills and any additional software installation.

7. Features of Renderforest

  • An intuitive and simple user interface
  • Built-in templates
  • Time-saving or quick approach
  • Clear video pitch
  • Free video making tool
  • A great way to explain your brand idea clearly
  • Create clear and concise videos for your brand
  • Helps you in creating logo animations, slideshows, and intro videos, and more
  • A unique way to build an emotional connection with your audience
  • Boosts your brand conversion rate and sales

You can create professional looking videos in no time with this tool. Present your business in a unique way among the audience and get ready to achieve your business goals.


Author: Roman Daneghyan
Roman Daneghyan

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