What is LinkedIn Premium? Should You Buy LinkedIn Premium?

Despite being one of the most widely used social media sites, several people may not have an idea about what LinkedIn is. In simple terms, a LinkedIn profile is similar to a Facebook profile. However, it is more geared towards professionals. It is a networking site that is used by professionals, business owners and brands.

Earlier, you would need to attend several events to network with other businesses owners and brands, and build your connections. These connections would come in handy when you were looking for jobs, trying to create awareness for your brand and such. Now, you have LinkedIn where you can expand your network, and meet even more people. LinkedIn is comparable to other social media sites in terms of how it can be used; so, if you have a facebook account you will find yourself at ease with a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Premium Accounts

Should You Be On LinkedIn?

If you are a professional, or on the verge of starting your professional career than having a LinkedIn account is something that you should consider. It is an excellent way for you to showcase your abilities and communication skills along with keeping up with the latest news from the industry. Freelance worker and even recruiters find great use of LinkedIn, and it is an excellent way for people to get more information about businesses or professionals in the industry. LinkedIn is perfect for anyone who wants to build relationships and work together in a community; it helps create an awareness of the different businesses in the industry and the growing needs of the industry.

What Is LinkedIn Premium?

Nowadays, with most apps you have to pay to access certain features; with LinkedIn, it is just the same. Although as a professional you can join LinkedIn for free, and even create an account and enjoy several features at no additional cost, having a premium account may be beneficial for you. After all, there must be a reason why some people would be willing to pay somewhere $30 – $120 per month to gain access the amazing features of LinkedIn Premium.

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If you are a professional or a business owner who has been on the fence about whether or not you should opt for the LinkedIn premium pack, then read on to help you make your decision.

LinkedIn Premium: Is It Worth Your Money?

Let us start by saying that LinkedIn premium offers a lot of useful features, and it is worth looking into. Once you try out LinkedIn premium, you will find that you can achieve a lot more with the help of the site. So, what makes LinkedIn Premium worth the money?

Firstly, LinkedIn offers four different types of premium plans. They are premium career, premium business, sales navigator pro and recruiter lite. Each plan offers a set of useful features to its members and helps them in their quest to build more connections or to find a job.

LinkedIn Premium Plans

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium Account

LinkedIn premium offers several benefits that you won’t be able to find not only in free LinkedIn accounts but also in any other social media websites. Here, we are telling the top LinkedIn premium features and benefits which will be useful for you as a business or determined job seeker:

It Shows That You Are Serious

When you have a premium account, a little gold badge shows up on your profile. While this may seem to be a bit inconsequential. The gold badge helps people show that you are dedicated to your LinkedIn profile. Hence if you are a business owner, it helps people show that you are serious about your desire to build connections, and if you are business professional, then it helps you to show other companies that you are willing to do what it takes to build a successful career. Hence, while the gold badge may be a small addition to your profile in the grand scheme of things, but it does offer you an added advantage.

A Better Assessment

With the help of LinkedIn premium, you can get a comprehensive evaluation of your profile, which incorporates the number of time your profile has shown up in searches the number of times your account has been viewed in the recent past, etc. How does this help? Well, it helps you get an overall idea of how well your account is faring, and how many people are interested in your profile. If you are looking to change jobs, then this type of assessment can be extremely beneficial for you.

linkedin premium features

See Who Has Viewed Your Profile

Applied for a job recently? Then this feature will be a boon for you. This helps you not only see the number of times your profile has been viewed but also lets you know of all of the people who have viewed your profile. It helps you keep tabs on who is interested in your work, and is especially useful if you have recently applied for a position. If you are a business owner, these searches help you know how many people are interested in your business. Knowing that someone is interested in your profile gives you all of the reason that you need to get in touch with them either through a connection request or through in Mail. Even if you are not looking for a job at the moment, building connections with people who have viewed your profile will be beneficial for you in the future.

Advanced Search Filter

If you are a recruiter, or you are someone who is looking for a job, then the advanced search filter offered in the premium version will help you find exactly what you are looking for. It enables you to filter profiles based on specific requirement, which is extremely useful. If you are a recruiter, who is looking to fill a particular position.

Thus, these are a few among several important reasons why you should opt to pay for a LinkedIn premium plan. Although the website by itself can offer you a lot, a premium plan has few perks that you cannot pass up. LinkedIn also provides you with an option to try out a one-month free trial so that you can see how these feature work and then decide for yourself if you think they are worth paying for.

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